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Enterprise Business Architecture Strategy

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Discuss about the Enterprise Business Architecture Strategy.



Business information strategy is vital to be considered for an organization for providing business time in order get a sense of the process of promoting and identifying their capabilities. There are natural drawbacks with each organization for having several reasons. The business strategy helps to minimize the weakness. Thus, the companies do not trip up as well as suffer for impact. Present study deals with identifying the current problems faced by Bristan and critically analyze its current practices. Recent problems faced by the company are analyzed in the study with the help of SWOT analysis. In addition, impact of the information systems on performance of business as well as development are discussed in the paper. Along with these, alternative strategies in order to encounter the operational and strategic needs for effective resource management system are presented in the study.

Bristan Group Limited is one of the largest bathroom suppliers in the UK. It is the parent organization of Heritage Bathroom brands as well as Bristan. The company is a part of Masco Corporation and one of the largest manufacturers of brand named products for customers in the purpose of home improvement as well as new market for home constructions across the world ( 2017). With increasing number of key trading partners, Bristan Group Limited in the present case scenario is struggling with highly manual procedure that is engaged with dealing mountain of paperwork as well as thousands of incoming fax orders (Walker 2014). It is generally resulting in the processing of slow order along with large number of errors.

Bristan Group Limited had experienced several issues with the existing supply chain system. It was not reliable and support were slow that are inconsistent sometimes. In addition, there is lacked resilience in the system that results changing conditions of the particular market as well as demands of the customers of Bristan Group Limited. Leading time for the process of on boarding a new partner for trading was lengthy in the process of the company (Galliers and Leidner 2014). In addition, every customers wish to trade electronically with the organization. The great deal of time as well as resources was needed within the process of internal IT team in order to facilitate the process of transactions that was impacting negatively to the core activities of business.

In addition, there are lacks of visibility of information about supply chain across the base of customers. It was caused for having poor communication with the customers for slow service as well as inaccuracies of the information. On contrary, the company looked for solutions that would allow communicating with the customers in effective way. This process enhances the visibility of supply chain information ( 2017). It minimizes the errors as well as speed the procedure of adding new customers along with responding to the changing needs of the customers.

The organization requires enhancing the efficiencies in the order process for the customers. The target of Bristan Group Limited is to remove the errors that are generated during the process of manual administration of the orders through post, fax as well as email. The company has elected to outsource their B2B electronic trading needs to Wesupply (Bharadwa et al. 2013). It allows connectivity to their base of customers through single platform. It enables the process of greater visibility as well as control of their ordering process of customers.


Analysis of current practices

Drnevich and Croson (2013) commented that one of the major reasons for evaluating performance of the business is customer service. It has been experienced awareness among the companies about the capability of using proper method and technology so that it can exploit as well as apply the elected things effectively. Bristan Group Limited did not plan for using new method as well as technology for fulfilling the strategic purposes. The errors are generally captured in the processing of orders before that have an impact on the overall performance as well as costs of the organization, which is related to the previous manual process that has been minimized. Bristan Group Limited has made improvement in the customer service (Schaper et al. 2014). An organization does not have appropriate plans for using information system in order to fulfil the strategic purposes effectively. However, it wastes the resources through using the modern IS planning system. Customer service has an important role in order to enhance performance of business for Bristan Group Limited ( 2017). If the company uses customer service system in effective way, the flow of services for customers as well as major roles in the business would improve the service.

The major aim of the company is to improve the services for customers as well as remove the errors from manual administration process. In addition, it is required to improve the service for customer in effective way. However, customer service is a broad idea, which primarily fulfils the requirements of understanding the customers. Thus, the best service is offered to the requirements of clients and successfully dealing with important moment of customer life cycle (Albeladi, et al. 2014). Therefore, better customer is appeared in order to influence the advantages in the manufacturing process as well as delivery to customer services. In order to analyze the current issues, SWOT analysis would be helpful.


  • Strong as well as leading position in the UK (Al-Mudimigh 2015)
  • Britain Group is one of the largest suppliers of bathroom
  • There are several outlet for selling products of the company
  • High degree of flexibility as well as making fast decisions
  • Experienced management team
  • Sound capital base for being part of Masco Corporation
  • Conservative as well as sustainable business policy


  • Lack of improvement in customer order process
  • Less use of modern technology
  • Slow process of receiving order via post, fax and email
  • Lack of use in B2B electronic trading needs
  • Weak management information system ( 2017)
  • Require resources of high staffs


  • Looking for outsourced solution
  • A future design of the whole market would fulfill the needs of customers
  • Introducing B2B electronic device procedure
  • Effective communication method with stakeholders (Spil et al. 2016)


  • Increasing competitions from foreign markets as well as domestic markets
  • Change of customer requirements
  • Longer than expected term in order to success economies of scales
  • Other companies use faster process for delivery
  • Increase of raw material prices

Table 1: SWOT analysis

(Source: Created by Author)

Analyze current problems

Whittle and Myrick (2016) commented that it is important to analyze the recent problems faced by the company for finding the core strengths as well as existing loopholes of the company. Bristan Group Limited has strengthened for being strong as well as leading position across the country as well as the world. The company is one of the largest suppliers of bathroom in the UK. In addition, various outlet of the company helps to increase business of the organization. There is also high degree of making flexibility and make fast decisions in management of the organization. It is important to have experienced management team to deploy effective methodology in the organization ( 2017). Hence, it is important to make sound capital base as the part of Masco Corporation. There is also conservative and sustainable policy for business.

On the other hand, there are lacks in enhancing the order processed by the company and less utilization of modern technology. In addition, slow procedures of receiving the orders via post, fax and email. It makes slow process in delivering orders to the customers. There are also lacks of use in B2B electronic trading requirements (Grover and Kohli 2013). Moreover, weak management information system and lack of resources for high staffs are considered as one of the major weakness of the organization.


The company looks for outsourced solution. In addition, there are future designs of entire market that can fulfil the requirements of the customers. Future designs of entire markets would have potentiality to meet the demands of customers. Introducing the B2B electronic devices process would be helpful to open up a great opportunity for Bristan Group Limited in the market. In addition, effective communication method with several stakeholders would be helpful to achieve organizational target of the organization. It is important to analyze threats of an organization so that management of the organization that can be achieved through SWOT analysis. Increasing number of competitors from domestic as well as foreign markets is considered as major threats for the organization. The requirements of customers are changing (Veit et al. 2014). There are no longer things than expected ones in order to get success of the economies of the scales. Different companies utilize faster procedure for delivery, which is one of the major threats considered for the organization.

Impact of the information system on business performance and development

The significance of information system has dramatically increased the performance as well as development of an organization. A modern organization like Bristan Group Limited cannot be imagined without efficient information system. On the other hand, it is required to develop subsequent to several researches and there has not any doubt that can bring several advantages to the system ( 2017). Constant development in technology does not result only in increasing performance of entire system that can be helpful to offer greater selection of information system in Bristan Group Limited. The organizations across the world have requirements for the information system in the field of business (Li et al. 2014). It is observed that performance though proper investment would be helpful in the business to fasten the process and reduce cost as well.

Increasing business performance through effective adoption of information technology solution is one of the common processes in the organization. However, there is an increase in the business performance that cannot be expressed through steps between business strategy and information technology. In addition, it is required to ensure that new customers of the company concentrates on the core responsibilities that would be helpful to control all process ongoing in the organization and improve the process as well so that the company can retain in the market with respective position.

The above figure gives a suggestion that performance of business is increased through pursuing the strategic targets of the business with the help of information technology. The usage of information technologies in the business has an impact on the performance that could assist in achieving the strategic targets of the organization. Information system can be defined as the set of elements, which helps collecting procedure of collecting data. In addition, there are some of definitions states that combination of information technology and human resource utilize the technology in order to perform actions in the organization. It is important to give name of the application. Baporikar (2015) commented that enterprise resource planning is one of the system through which an organization can gain competitive advantages. It is also required to adopt proper method of information system in Bristan Group Limited.

As defined by Dundon and Wilkinson (2014), based on the analysis of theoretical approaches are pertaining to make influence of the information system in the organization. B2B solutions would be helpful to stay connected with the supply chain. In addition, enjoying reliable as well as are easy in deploying the information system in Bristan Group Limited. Consumers of the organization are needed to be reliable and extended across the base of customers (Priyanka and Srinivasan 2015). Bristan Group Limited takes care of new customers. Adoption of the information system would give some advantages such as significantly minimization of the administrative costs. It gains increased control as well as visibility across the supply chain ( 2017). Moreover, time for resolving invoice errors and order queries. It is required to enhance service of the customers across the whole customer base. It would give an impact on the process of particular system. Along with these, electronically trade helps to fulfil demands of the customers. Qrunfleh and Tarafdar (2014) stated that Bristan Group Limited takes care of all transactions and seamless on-board customers with the service. In this aspect, it is required to allow the team and use the internal resources effectively so that organization can be helpful to meet target of the organization In order to solve the issues faced by Bristan Group Limited, the organization has decided to look forward that could offer flexibility as well as offer a standard method to trade with all customers (Österle 2013). In addition, Wesupply made an innovation regarding B2B process. It is also important to consider the process in managing resources of the company. It is important to manage the resources of the organization.


Alternative strategies to meet operational as well as strategic requirements

In the present case scenario, it is required to enhance the efficiencies in the order process for customers. Hence, it is required for the organization to make strategic planning that would be helpful to encounter operational and strategic requirements of the company.

Strategic questions

Proposed system

How Bristan Group Limited compete in the market?

 The company needs to make faster process through adopting advanced technology such as B2B electronic business process.

What unique value the company can bring to the market?

 The company requires to actively working with Wesupply in order to collaborate with thee customers through implementing plans that would be helpful to make the system reliable as well as easy for deploying the solution.

What resources as well as capabilities will the company use?

The company needs to use the resources and makes confidentiality of using the process as well as make extension according to the customers’ base.

Completive area: It is important for an organization to identify the strategic areas that helps to ensure unique functionalities of the products. In addition, the business related issues are required to provide setups for gaining competitive advantages of the organization. At present, there is deliberate cash exchanger in the organization in order to pay cost for business (McGrath 2013). In addition, the situation of the area requires making the organization to follow appropriate framework that can be helpful for the organization, which is truly awful and not up to dated with the coming as well as recent innovation in making the process for gaining competitive advantages in the market.

Unique value processed by Bristan Group Limited: The organization has a development plan that is reliable as well as easy in order to deploy some solutions that are confidently utilizes and extend customer base. In addition, the organization likes to make the customers quickly as well as professional support from the supply team. It is vital to make proper things that can be helpful for the organization to gain competitive advantages for the company. It is crucial to swiftly make the requests to enable the thing more agile within the environment of business. In addition, it is required to take care of on boarding of new customers to Bristan Group Limited to manage the internal resources. In addition, allowing IT team of the company to concentrate on core responsibilities. It is crucial for the company to understand their responsibilities in the organization.

Use of the resources as well as capabilities: Human resource is one of vital elements of an organization. In addition, there is adequate time for resolving the issues with the help of making proper costs in administration. In addition, integrating of new technology as well as innovation in customer service sector would assist to advance the system.

Special and unique assets are the advancement of the innovations has given the permission for fulfilling desire of the organization. The quantity of customer service is required to make some expansions. In addition, implementation of the system would be helpful to involve in 95 % reduction in the order of admin errors (Zhang et al. 2015). In addition, there would be improvement in customer service across entire customer base of the organization.



In order to overcome the issues faced by the organization, it is required to wind up the collection of framework and use suitable as well as effective technology that can have to get to communicate with the customers, understand their demands and solve the issues. Illustration is one of the arrangements for actualizing the applications that are undertaking and the issues that would be helpful to actualize the applications that are undertaking for adopting the technology. The organization needs to take care of all transactions and seamlessly onboard for the new customers. In addition, it is required to provide service to the customers that are hustle free and unique as well. In addition, Bristan Group Limited needs to set the goal that needs to remove the errors which are resulting from manual administration.

In addition, revelled in the particular situation, management of the organization needs to understand proper use of framework. It would be helpful to solve several issues that make the process secure and faster to the customers. The absence of innovation as well as securities, the company gets wring ideas regarding the framework. It is important to incorporate with the database and originate from the specific client. In addition, it is required to ensure that there would be set up of stream for circulation of data accumulation. In this purpose, it is required to use the framework as one of the vital parts of the organization.

The company can use customer relation management system for improving performance of the organization. In addition, there are several issues related to the light of certain bolsters on the particular situation. However, misconception can bring many of the issues amongst the framework and absence of security framework to the system. On contrary, there are poor government approaches that are required to tackle the certain issues. In addition, more efficient innovation is using the framework so that arrangement of the company would meet to the demands of the customers.

Organization structure: Bristan Group Limited needs to make effective organizational structure that makes the points of interest simpler regarding the primary leadership and bring down cost as well. The data frameworks can be introduced with huge administration that levels the required association in the procedures that would stream the précised as well as quick levels without much control. This way would assist to ought in applying the straightened chain of the framework in order to provide proficiency in the operation frameworks. In addition, it is required to ensure that hierarchical culture is properly maintained in the organization. It shares the qualities and suppositions along with the process of controlling the work of individuals in the organization. The shared values have a great impact on the general population in making the association as well as the process of acting in the present case. The associations are required to develop basic culture that can execute the rules as well as external potential for executing the process by individuals in the organization. Along with these, there are elements of five elements in order to compose the hierarchical culture as well as flexibility and coordination in the organization.

The company needs to follow the customer service framework that is ought to be better techniques in order to match the technology with the new system. It is important to stay up to dated with extending the benefits of interest of data frameworks inside the framework of the organization. In this perspective, there would be clear process and helpful to attract more number of customers. Bristan Group Limited has elected the outsourced B2B technique with the trading needs to Wesupply. It is important to make growing number of the key trading partners that has struggling with high manual procedure and involved with dealing the mountain of paperwork as well as thousands of incoming fax orders. All these errors are generated through processing of large number of errors.

Bristan Group Limited was experiencing the issues by existing supply chain system. As the company deals with the huge amounts of paperwork and causing throughout on the fax gateway, it is vital to provide electronic system with EDI capabilities. There are services for the fax gateway to be extremely high. Furthermore, fax to email connector allows trading electronically with several smaller customers. It is important to make great success and important impact on minimizing the administration costs.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the organization needs to improve overall procedure with the customers through trusted outsourced solution. It helps to exchange the real-time supply o f data that are combined with flexible as well as agile approach in order to solve the complex issues of business. In addition, management of the organization needs to analyze the benefits after deploying new system and approach in the organization. It is required to reduce costs in overall processing of order and enhance the process properly. In addition, it improves customer service, which is considered as one of the vial stakeholders followed by the organization in order to get competitive advantages.



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