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Enterprises Resource Planning & Enterprise Architecture

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Discuss about the Enterprises resource planning in (choose one manufacturing company in Australia).



In the year of 1984 Dell was established by Michael Dell in City of Austin, Texas. He had started this with capital investment of 1000 dollars and has a unique idea of what should be considered for the technology and how it can be manufactured and sold (Ahlemann et al., 2012). This particular organization created a landmark in the computer world by drawing more than 5.4 million customers and the budget of 1 billion dollars was expected. This particular firm claims to run business in more than 180 countries of the world and provides shipments of more than 10000 systems on a daily basis (Bente, Bombosch & Langade, 2012). Apart from the production of systems, this firm has expanded its business by production of multi-national hardware and various kinds of infrastructure, IT services and solution. In the end the organization ended up in manufacturing of various facilities, order management system in a region and variety of system across the globe.

In the coming pages of the report the current process of Dell has been discussed in brief. All the gaps in the present functioning of Dell has been identified and discussed in details. The issues overcome by the implementation of new system has been identified and discussed in details. The constituents of information system strategy and reason behind the adaptation of this strategy has been discussed in details. The issue behind the adaptation of information system strategy has been discussed in brief. Possible solution to the problems involved implementation of information system strategy has been provided in details. With respect to problems a possible list of recommendation has been provided.


Current process

Rhonda Gass is the present vice president of IT strategy, Governance and Technology and is responsible for changing the direction of this IT giant. It has a three-year roadmap which is generally driven by Dell’s enterprise Architecture (EA) team (Bernard, 2012). There are large number of programs which are generally included in the enterprise level of about ten to hundred million dollars. There are some roadmaps which are Global Service Delivery, selling of solution, Execution on basis of Global manufacturing and Recurring and usage based on transaction. Proper guidance has been provided by Oracle in the total journey of transformation and currently it is working with DELL for the aim of building or establishing a long term solution for the process system and other technologies related to it (Bernus, Nemes & Schmidt, 2012).  For the idea of building long term capabilities the projects are generally undertaken by a particular individual.


Any Gap

In the beginning Dell started with the production of Hardware but later on with the passage of time it started to shift towards the production of hardware, generation of possible solution for various kinds of software and services for various organization (Bradley et al., 2012).  Dell has now moved towards as a vendor for rapid domestic PC products, embraced in other countries and various kinds of products. In the year of 2010, the situation comes out to be more complicated as Dell decided to take over various other large organization (Fischer, Aier & Winter, 2015). Dell included Perot system and later in the coming years it included various other organization. As per Gass the simple and easy existing system will not tend to work for the capability of handling very other capabilities. Dell needs to have solid technology for this particular base. Firstly, Dell implemented a common payment of method for all online and offline sales across the various regions of the globe. As per some research IT engineers of Dell needed 18 to 24 months for implementation of a particular services. IT engineers also realized the fact the need of twelve various kind of order management, 27 different kind of interfaces for products and data of customer (Foorthuis & Brinkkemper, 2015). It also focusses on the fact of disparate representation of data in the warehouse of Dell which ultimately acts like a barrier for performance of Dell.  It ultimately led to management and business leaders to come close and take help from each other so that they can behave as a joint venture for overcoming the issue. Dell also came across the fact that globalization, consolidation and proper standardization which will ultimately help in the upgradation of the organization.

Specific Issue which the new system will overcome

Establishment of architecture of business is generally inclusive of various factors namely business strategy, capabilities of business and knowledge and many other things related to it. Information which are involved in Enterprise Architecture are as follows:

  • Proper Identification of various business and other IT owners who provide sponsorship and can take active part in analyzing the architecture along with process of transformation.
  • Areas which are needed to be prioritize mainly focus on rationalization of efforts.
  • Capturing of capabilities of various business and other insight related to business.
  • Removal of error and various other gaps in the working portfolio of application.
  • IT initiatives with various strategies and goals of the organization.

A proper approach is a system approach needed to be taken by Dell for aim for approaching the proper objectives. Team of business architecture needs have a meeting on a regular basis so that it can provide essential capabilities which are required for proper completion of various plans of the organization.  This plan generally focusses on the idea that working for future for coming future (Franke, Johnson & König, 2014). A map can be easily created which can provide logic model of the working of Dell.  Business, architecture team will mainly address the gaps of capabilities and other teams for overcoming those gaps.

Information System Strategy

Architecture of Dell generally comprises of information architecture, business architecture, application for architecture and many kind of other specialist for the infrastructure. After the successful completion of processes, they will now focus to move into the next process for the transformation of business. This method is generally inclusive of technical as well as cultural one. Centre of excellence will ultimately result in five key areas and this comprises of five areas of process which generally involves the development, market, satisfying the needs and in the end support (Gibson & Akhgar, 2017). The organization used to be involved in the physical process which is required for running Dell. This can be understanding in a better way by providing a suitable example regarding the logistic domain which is similar to the idea that whether the organization provide necessary technician on the calls of service or providing the warranty for repair depot. This will ultimately relate to the fact or idea which can help dell to identify the markets or defines some strategy for IT department which will work for different units so that proper solution can be provided very easily. Dell can easily overcome certain number of process by making use of architecture driven process (Iacob et al., 2014). Dell needs to provide some idea regarding the supporting tools which can be used in various products by making use of some common design and process of support after analyzing the viewpoint of various customers which is generally inclusive of consistency which is considered to be vital factor. 


Need of such strategy

Investment of Dell needs to be put at first in preference with the suitable references for architecture and by properly identifying the capabilities which can be obtained by highest rate of return. The idea of governing the efforts which are needed for transformation and large number of team at Dell which has generally enforced various models and has built a proper revenue regarding it. A proper idea should be provided regarding the managers and various process of business that they are not the owners of the firm (Jallow et al., 2017). Enterprise architecture should properly look and ask for defining or optimizing the process of business with each and every and every process of business. The idea of architecture will ensure the fact that all the respective departments are used for consistent practice of business with various processes and standards related to it (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2014). A vice-versa relationship is generally maintained by various architecture of enterprise with various vision and requirements for various kinds of organization. Process of Business is not generally inclusive of business process optimization and generally inclusive of various architecture of enterprise which provides a clear idea about proper governing and analyzation of processes which generally involves cross domain capabilities of IT. The ultimate goal is to define the method in which a process interacts with the other core process and possible effect which provide possible effect regarding it (Närman, Buschle & Ekstedt, 2014). After performing this activity, they need to an idea regarding external and internal factors which have compliance and various things similar to it. The internal factors are generally inclusive of some particular IT standard and requirements for various kinds of business. Having a proper idea regarding this particular organization will ultimately help in analyzing the requirements of the business. IT risk is considered to be an easy way which helps in understanding the requirements of the business with various parameters like strategy of corporation, various policies and regulation related to it.


Revenue Cycle

Dell system generally understand the requirements of revenue cycle and it needs certain amount of break. Revenue Cycle transformation generally provides engagement which will ultimately increase the net cash for customer in a proper method (Simon, Fischbach & Schoder, 2013). This improvement can easily add millions of dollars to the provided bottom line. Dell service can provide an experience team which consist of high skilled revenue. Revenue cycle generally consist of onsite recovery of projects, conversion of solution, providing staffing of solution. 

Expenditure Cycle

Dell claim to spend around 350 billion dollars which is considered to be amount spend on healthcare industry which generally focus on the idea to submit various process. It also focusses on certain number of possible solution namely

  • Onsite A/R recovery of possible solution
  • Possible solution of office programs
  • Outsourcing of revenue cycle
  • Healthcare information management system
  • Programs related to self-pay.

Conversion Cycle

Cash flow conversion cycle is generally considered on a monthly basis which generally represents the difference between total expected cash in a year and total value of expected cash used for spending on other side.


Financial Cycle

Technology generally aims in providing better performance and aims in providing much better efficiency with the help of certain function like big data, mobility and cloud and many other parameters have been considered to be a vital factor for the future organization and various kinds of future parameters (Zarvi? & Wieringa, 2014). It only focus on three parameters making employees ready for future, improving security and saving money.


From the above discussion it can be easily concluded that this report focuses on the identification and discussion of the structure Dell. Various kinds of product and Services offered by Dell has been discussed in detail. All the current process in Dell has been discussed in detail in the coming pages of the report. All the present gap has been discussed in detail in coming pages of the report. Particular issues which this system will fix in Dell has been discussed in details. The constituents of Information system strategy have been discussed in details and need of information system strategy has been discussed in details. All four types of possible type of issues of identification process that are identification of business and IT owners, areas which are needed to be put into priority, capabilities of capturing of the business and lastly elimination of various kinds of errors. The enterprise architecture which is generally associated with the organization generally focus on various processes of business and infrastructure of IT. 



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