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Environmental Management For Human Medical Conditions

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Discuss about the Environmental Management for Human Medical Conditions.



Introduction and Background

The report is based on the CSL limited. It tells that how the company is managing and controlling its strategies in order to maintain sustainability around the world. It describes the planning process, human resource management, and leadership. It describes that how the value chain process increases the profit and revenue of the firm. It explains that how the firm is becoming one of the biggest brands in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in Australia. In additions, it explains the promotional mix of the company and it tells that how the company is maintaining the sustainability within the organization. Along with this, the report describes the future strategies which should be used by the firm.

CSL limited company is engaged and occupied in the manufacture, development, and marketing of biopharmaceutical products for the prevention and treatment of dangerous and serious human medical conditions (Vicente, Ikuyo, Mota, and Hasegawa, 2013).  It was established in 1916 under the name commonwealth serum laboratories. It was one of the biggest leaders in Australia who work for the life of the patients. It is the first public company in Australia who supply and deals in life-saving products such as penicillin, insulin, drugs and polio vaccine. The company’s registered head office is situated in Parkville, Victoria. Mainly it provides basic facilities in Australia, United States, Germany, Switzerland, and America (Buckley, Forsans, and Munjal, 2012). 

CSL limited specializes in plasma protein therapies and vaccine. Further, it provides various types of antivenoms, vaccines and pharmaceutical products in New Zealand and Australia. The organizations continuously improve and develop product lifecycle through global collaboration and innovation.   Rewards have been given to the CSL limited company for its solid growth and progress in the biotechnology industry in Australia. The products of the company can be separated by the company division (Shahhosseini and Ardahaey, 2011). The firm is listed on the Australian securities exchange. Further, the company employed talented and dedicated employees within the organization. In addition, the company focuses on the external environment to manage and control the external risk and challenges which are faced by the company while conducting business activities and operations across the world. It monitors and evaluates various exterior factors such as political, legal, socio-cultural, technological factors and environmental factors. In this way, the company is able to manage the risk and key challenges of the company. The company is operating and exploring its business activities and operations around the world to gain development and progress (Vicente, Ikuyo, Mota, and Hasegawa, 2013).



Planning is an integral part of the each and every business. The company cannot explore its business across the world without effective planning process. It is the process of making effective plans and policies in order to attain the course of action within the organization (Durst, Edvardsson and Bruns, 2015). In other words, planning is the process to determine the long-term goals and objectives of the firm. It formulates, directs and implements various rules and policies for achieving the mission and vision of the firm. CSL limited company do effective planning to derive and serve various patients across the world. Through the effective planning process, the company is able to fulfill the needs, requirements, and expectations of the employees. In this way, planning plays a commercial role in order to increase the sales of the company in the universal market. In today’s era, the company is developing contingency planning and risk mitigation around the world. Planning is done by the company to create innovative reimbursement support programs for external and internal customers (Petcharat and Mula, 2010). Planning will also help to ensure the legal and regulatory requirements within the organization and it will also assist to prepare a budget for the company. It is the continuous process which provides direction and guidance to the people. Through the planning process, long-term mission and vision of the company can be achieved easily. Along with this, the company is using effective strategies for preventing and reducing hazardous and serious diseases and illness. The main aim of the company is to provide good quality of therapies and services to the people across the world. The firm focuses on the patients, life-threatening conditions, and passion. The commitment of the company is to save and protect the life of the people around the world. Patient focus, integrity, collaboration, innovation and superior performance are the core values of the Global biotechnology company. These core values play a vital and integral role in order to attain the course of actions. Patient focus is the primary and important core value of the company (Daizell, 2010). CSL limited company develops and builds their mission and vision to gain the adequate and separate position in the universal market. In addition, they utilize their natural resources for producing drugs, medicines and other types of biotechnology products across the world. The holistic approach and eco-friendly packaging strategy are being used by the company to maintain and protect the good environment. In additions, it represents the values and culture of the company towards society as well as customers in the market. The company is using planning process to improve the customer's experience across the world. Along with this, business ethics and code of conducts are followed by the company to achieve the sustainability at the workplace. In this way, the company is managing its business activities and operations in an appropriate and effective manner for enhancing their goodwill in the global target market. On the other side, the firm is updating its marketing strategies on daily basis to improve the performance of the firm as well as employees. Now it can be said that the organization cannot reach its target market without effective planning process in the international market (Krätke, 2014).


Sustainable human resource management

Managing and controlling the available human resources within the organization is quite complex and hard procedure to meet long-term targets. HRM maintains integrity and dignity within the organization. Entire activities and operations are performed by the HRM in an effective and adequate manner. Through effective and sustainable human resource management, the company could be able to appoint a right and suitable person for the employment. It uses effective recruitment and selection methods and techniques to recruit candidate within the organization. Apart from this, the company maintains a research and development team for inventing and implementing new technologies. Further, various models and procedures have been developed by the firm to gain desired results and outputs in near future. HRM team checks and evaluates the capabilities and potentials of the candidates to gain various growth opportunities in the market across the world (Sudin, 2011).

Further, training and development, coaching and counseling are provided by the human resource management to handle and manage the complaints and queries of the customers. Effective planning and HRM are compulsory to understand and observe the expectations, values, needs, and requirements of the consumers within the organization (Durst, Edvardsson and Bruns, 2015). In addition, HRM team is accountable to maintain ethical and healthy working environment in the organization. They are also answerable to provide proper remuneration and rewards to the capable and skilled employees who are performing task and duties efficiently and effectively (Bstieler, Hemmert, and Barczak, 2015). They should resolve conflicts and issues which are faced by the people within the organization while performing jobs and duties effectively and efficiently. Now it is assumed that HRM is the core and essential function of each and every organization to run the business process and activities smoothly. The firm cannot appoint right and suitable candidates for the employment without effective and sustainable human resource management. HR team is accountable to maintain proper communication and cooperation among the different department of the firm. They provide motivation to the workers to fulfill their duties at the workplace. Further, they are accountable to keep proper record and information about the qualification, background, and experience of the employees. Further, various performance appraisal methods and techniques to analyze and evaluate the performance and efficiency of the workers within the organization (Quirós, and Ronda, 2011).


Leadership strategy

Leadership is the important and foremost function of the CSL limited company. The firm cannot control the various activities and operations without effective leadership. It is the process to manage and control the activities of subordinates in order to meet the desired results and outcomes. HRM appoints an effective and potential person to manage and handle the entire team in the firm. Leaders are the essential and foremost part of the CSL limited. Through effective leadership, employees get appropriate direction and guidance for doing task effectively in the global market. They could be able to maintain rules, regulations, and code of conducts of the business (Durst, Edvardsson and Bruns, 2015).

Various effective leadership styles and approaches have been adopted by the corporation to take an effective decision in the organization. Mostly, democratic leadership style is being used by the company to enhance and increase the growth and sustainability in the market (Patwary and Rahman, 2015). Employees, managers and top management participate in democratic leadership style to take an effective decision within the organization. In this way, the company is able to maintain effective goodwill around the world. To gain the growth and success in the competitive market, the players focus on the attributes and aspects of the workers as well as company (Lindgren and Packendorff, 2011). It will also help to maintain a balance among the different departments of the company. The democratic leadership style which is used by the company is unique and impressive to attain the long-term competitive advantages in the market. Through this strategy, the company could be able to maximize its profit and revenue and it will also improve the productivity of the organization and workers as well. Leaders give effective contribution to accomplishing the desired goals and objectives of the firm. The company cannot measure the performance and efficiency of the subordinates without effective leaders. They help to take various important decisions that are related to growth and success of the company. They provide training to the employees to handle and manage various wrong full activities and key issues of the market (Kessel, 2014).


Managing value chain and technology

It is considered the significant part of the CSL limited company to deliver various biotechnology products, drugs, and vaccines around the world. The value chain process helps to reduce the cost of products and it increases the net worth of the shareholders in the organization (Aggarwal, 2014). Further, it helps to maximize the revenue and profits of the firm by controlling value chain process within the organization. It will also help to gain various benefits in the competitive environment. Further, it prevents and reduces the various risks and challenges which are existed in the market. Up gradation and alteration is mandatory in the value chain process to improve the quality of the products. Further, technology is also an effective and integral part of the company (Realini and Marcos, 2014).

The business activities and operations of the CSL limited depend on the innovative technologies which have been implemented by the firm to develop various medicines, vaccines, and biotechnology products. By implementing innovative and modern technologies, the company can take various benefits in the market (Patwary and Rahman, 2015). Technology is an important aspect to explore and flourish its business operations and activities across the world. It uses innovative technologies to improve the various types of therapies to provide satisfaction to the people (Abou-Gharbia and Childers, 2014). Innovative technologies will also help to reduce and prevent various harmful illness and diseases around the world. Now a day’s, CSL limited is exploring its business activities in the various countries across the world by adopting effective and innovative technologies. It also helps to increase and enhance the supply of the products around the world. Further, the company should monitors and analyzes advanced technologies that are being used by the firm to fulfill the requirements and expectations of patients. It also helps to enhance and encourage the level of confidence of the people. It assists to build and develop integrity, honesty, and loyalty among the employees of the firm. In this way, the firm is proving innovative and new biotechnology products to its customers in the global market (Patwary and Rahman, 2015).

Recommendations and future managerial strategies

The below described future managerial strategies are used by the CSL limited that have been discussed below.

Pricing strategy: It is the important strategy of the company. The suitable and appropriate prices of biotechnology medicines and drugs are fixed by the company. The main aim of this strategy is to provide good quality of products at appropriate prices in the global market (Wilson, 2011).

Product strategy: The firm uses product strategy to ensure the good quality of products. The company is offering innovative products in the global market (Smith, 2015). The main aim of this strategy is to save the lives of the people by providing various types of biotechnology products around the world. The company analyzes and monitors the activities, plans, and policies of the competitors to manufacture and produce the unique and effective products in the market (White, Lim and Lee, 2012).

Advertisement and distribution strategy: It is one of the biggest strategies of the company to increase and enhance the supply of the biotechnology products. This strategy helps to attract more customers in the universal market. Through this strategy, the company can attract more customers in the international market. None of the company can maximize its profits and revenue without using effective advertisement and promotional strategy. Various natural resources and environment must be utilized to enhance and increase the quality of therapies and biotechnology products and services (Sambandan and Hernandez Raja, 2015).

Now it has been recommended that the company should focus on the quality of products which are being used by the company. Further, various shops and stores should be opened by the company. In addition, it should use various societal and quality approaches to enhance and encourage attributes of the products across the world. In addition, the company should improve in advertisement and promotion strategy in order to increase the demand for the company. Along with these things, various marketing strategies must be used by the firm (Smith, 2015).


On the above discussion, it has been noticed that CSL is one of the biggest players who is offering various biotechnology products and services in the global market across the world. The company is responsible to provide proper care and safety to the people at the workplace. In addition, it should focus on the leadership, planning and value chain process and technology. They help to attain the long-term mission and vision of the firm in the market across the world. It is one of the leading biotechnology industries in Australia who is providing good quality of products to the customers. It will also help to maintain sustainability and cooperation at the workplace in the company. It must improve the marketing, promotional and advertisement strategies to gain the various competitive benefits in the global market.



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