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1. What is prime reality?

2. What is a human being?

3. Why is it possible to know anything at all?

4. What happens to a person at death?

6. How do we know what is right or wrong?

7. What is the meaning of human history?





This report basically describes the spirituality and the seven questions related to spirituality as it is really important to understand that how spirituality can be used to make a human being peaceful and the world that is going towards devastation, can be saved.

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is not simple to understand. There are various perspectives famous about spirituality. Generally, we can say that the spirituality is the way of creating connection with someone who made the entire world along with the human beings. This also includes finding the meaning of life and purpose of the human life (Krentzman, 2013). Sociological aspect of spirituality includes the practices related to culture; spirituality also includes finding answers of questions like the meaning of merely mundane, God and human being (Colemn, 2014). Philosophically, spirituality is finding the answers of the questions, like purpose of human life, meaning of human life, creator of the world, connecting to the creator, situation of a human being before birth and after death etc. (Philosophy of spirituality, 2011)

1. Prime reality of spirituality

According to spirituality, human being is the creation of God. Thus, they are the children of God. Before the creation of human being, various substances were present in an unmanaged way which were organized by God. According to the spirituality, absolute destruction as well as the absolute creation of the world is impossible. Till the God is present in the world, the substances in the heart of all things in world can’t be destroyed (Tayson, 2014). This is described in the Newton’s law as well according to which, the energy can’t be created nor be destroyed; it only changes its form.

2. Human being according to spirituality

According to spirituality, human beings are nothing but the creation of god. It is not the body which is called a human being, but an energy called the soul is actually a human being. Soul is a bond of energy which can’t be destroyed and even after the death of body the soul remains alive. According to spirituality, there are three levels of human mind, unconscious mind, subconscious mind and conscious mind. Conscious mind stores the present experience of a human being; subconscious mind stores the experiences of the present birth while the unconscious mind has the bulk of data and can be called a database of all the births of a human being. There are a lot of memories in the unconscious mind (Devis, 2009).

3. Possibility of knowing anything at all

As described above, the unconscious mind of a human being has the experiences of the years. There are a lot of memories in it. Thus, a human being simply needs to access its unconscious mind and he only needs to believe. People need to believe in all things like abstract and material present in the world. The logical concepts present in the world limits the human being to find the answers of various questions but there is a lot to know which can’t be understood by the logical concept (Greaves, 2013). People need to believe that the answers of everything is present in this world and one can find the answer easily by using the spirituality.


4. What happens to a person at death?

At the time of death, the physical body of the human being remains on the earth while the vital energy called the soul, is released into the universe. The person with diverse mind remains on the earth in the form of ghosts while all others go to heaven or hell according to their positive or negative deeds (Spiritual Science Research Foundation, 2013).

5. Getting answers of right and wrong

According to spirituality, there are some principles of God for finding the right or wrong of everything. The first principle is finding whether the concern is helpful or not. God tells that all things are designed according to the law. Thus, everything follows the law but they are not profitable unless it is helpful to the humans (McAllister, 2010). The second principle is finding that whether the human being is a master or slave of any situation. This can be understood by the example of addiction that makes the human being slave. Thus, the concerns which make the human being a master, are right. The third principle is to find that whether the concern is harmful to anyone and finally, the fourth principle is finding whether the concern glorifies the God or not?

6. Meaning of human history

According to Pantheism, history is cyclical as the human being gets the chance of getting right multiple times which means making mind cosmic conscious. According to Naturalism, history is linear. Thus, a serial of natural event creates the history (Lossky, 2007).


According to the above essay, it can be concluded that the spirituality is actually finding the answers of various unsolved questions which makes the human mind peaceful.



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