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Ethical Business Management: CSU Add in library

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Discuss the ethical business management in CSU global career service?



CSU global career service actually serves the students to find their jobs in their favorable area. According to the coordinator, it is never too early to start thinking about the career.

There are some steps to find and get jobs through CSU global career service. Those steps are written here bellow:

Information about the field of job:

The employees generally provide the tricks and tips about the creation of resume, how to find and get job in respective field, how to be successful in the job, internships etc. (Corfield, 2010)

Resume interview:

Optimal resume tool provides access to any students for creating the resume, portfolio as well as cover letters etc. Now, online supports are also available for creating resumes.

Meeting with a coach in the comfortable field of career:

The client students are allowed and facilitated to meet with coaches of career in their respective field of interest (Cosentino, 2010). They are allowed to meet up to three times with the coaches about any topics related to their career in respective fields of interest. Those topics are increase networking, strategy for searching job etc.

Getting reference letter from the member of a faculty:

To get any reference letter from any faculty member, one has to send a request letter first.

A resume maker helps to sharpen the interview skills. After the virtual program of interview, one can get more confidence about giving interview. A practicing in interview helps anyone to achieve better skills (Gardner, 2011).

Interview preparation

 Here some interview question samples are given for understanding of the interview. (Krarti, 2011)

Questions regarding resume; Questions regarding working styles; Questions regarding the individual’s skill; Questions regarding goal of the career; Questions regarding accomplishment; Questions regarding education; Questions regarding the company; Questions regarding the industry; Questions regarding salary and benefits; Questions regarding the strength and weaknesses and much more. (Corfield, 2010)

Resume builder

A good resume format is very important in getting a job properly. A good resume covers the educational attainments in details. Then the experiences should be shown. The goals, that means an individual wants to stay in the same field or innovate. Then the current job is a reason of pride etc. (Salvador, 2011)


The result of the job search:

 Searching jobs in the interested field offers many jobs. Those jobs are in the field of interest of an individual. After finding the jobs, one can apply in those jobs. Then if the criteria are fulfilled, then the student will be eligible for an interview. After conducting interview, the eligible candidates get jobs (Salvador, 2011). Therefore, without changing the goals and fields, an individual can get jobs. That will be very helpful for anyone’s career. In the same method, an individual can have better job offers and thus will be able to lift up the career.

Learning from the building if resumes:

The format of a best resume for any job seeker is a very important thing. Resume is the one, on which the jobs are offered. It reveals the entire career history as well as the field of interest and the goals of any individual. One can capture quickly any employer’s eye by giving the best format of resume (Krarti, 2011). The best format of a resume is build depending on the work history of the individual, job objectives etc. a best resume format may ne of three types, such as functional, chronological and combination.  When one’s resume is presented in the front off any recruiter or interviewer or a hiring manager, it takes a few seconds to decide about that individual is in or out. So, for being the top candidate for a job post, one needs to right and perfect resume format.

Assessment of experience:

 An experience is discussed here in this section. I applied for a job through Indeed and they called me for interview (Salvador, 2011). I went for the interview and faced several questions in the interview. I used to practice through the CSU global and had some knowledge about the types of questions can be faced in an interview. The recruiter asked me some questions about myself, about my past education, about my other job experiences, about my weaknesses as well as my strength areas, about whether I can do work in team or I like to work individually. Lastly, they asked about the salary and benefits.

A discussion of what you would include on a resume for a job outside the United States:

If anyone wants to change the career or wants to do jobs outside the United States, then some more things should be included in resume, such as experience in abroad or about the desired educational qualifications etc. (Krarti, 2011)


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