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Evaluation Of The Five Dimensions Add in library

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Evaluate yourself in terms of cognitive moral development and locus of control, eithical decision-making style, Moral disengagement, and Machiavellianism what does this tell you about your own ethical decision making?



The study is based on business ethics and the various sections that it consists, which can be at times of huge significance on the personality of the individual. Moreover, the study will also help the learner gain excessive amount of knowledge regarding the five dimensions that has been stated within the assignment. Meanwhile, the five dimensions of cognitive moral development, locus of control, ethical decision making style, moral disengagement, and Machiavellianism have been studied broadly within the assignment in the desired divisions and as per the need of the assignment (Moon, 2009, p. 27). Furthermore, these five dimensions are demonstrated and experienced on a known person and his reactions to these are stated within the study as well.

Evaluation of the five dimensions

Cognitive moral development – This section determines that the moral development matures with the maturity of the individual. Moreover, it can also be referred as the surviving through the various stages of maturity and getting capable of making ethical decisions (Castro, 2012, p. 181).

One of my close friends, who have grown with me from childhood and I have noticed that he had some massive good habits which even lead him to a respected man in the society. This came to my notice when he helped one of the flood victims whom we meet during our journey to office. However, helping the victim is not that a huge deed but the amount he paid to the victim was quiet big and the most pivotal element in this is everyone was facing a inflation at that span of time.

Locus of control – This section indicates the kind of positive and negative reactions that an individual makes during various events of life (Garaventa, 2014, p. 535).

My friend who is quiet polite and helpful in nature believes in the various sections of luck, time etc. However, once in school days, he was punished for not doing the homework, despite he has done it. The event occurred as he lost the home work copy on his way to school and afterwards he said to me that he was unlucky regarding the happening of this event.

Ethical decision making style – Though my friend is polite and positive in nature, but on the other hand he just does not stand any kind of nonsense regarding the professional life. One of the events cleared this fact regarding him. The event started in the business section that he has, as he once got excessively angry and fired one of the employee of his firm due to the sick attitude of that employee. However, the employee pleaded for apology but still he never listed to the employee and stuck to his decision though he is one of the most pleasant and kind human being I have ever meet.


Moral disengagement – The section of moral disengagement can prove my friend of huge negative in nature as he has a bad habit of consuming alcohol. He is not at all addictive to smoking but at the same time he has an intense habit of consuming alcohol. These got even excessive when he was going through a bad phase of life. Though the situation has improved a lot but this habit of him has not improved. He also says that people should do what they like and alcohol is not that damageable as smoking to human health. Hence, it can be stated that my friend has a huge negative nature in regards to the section of moral disengagement (Goodpaster, 2009, p. 53).

Machiavellianism – This section of Machiavellianism refers the kind of persons who can do anything to reach their goals or persons who can do whatever it takes to make the things go their way and in their directed way as well (, 2015).

My friend is one of the stubborn people that I have meet still date as he makes things happen which he thinks or wants to achieve in life. Moreover, these practices have even led him to negative as well as positive results in life. Once, in his business some dealer wanted some time to deliver goods but he wanted the goods within four hours which the dealer denied. Then he cancelled out all the other orders that he has previously made to the dealer. The dealer hence became bound to listen to him and deliver within four hours as cancelling the other orders means a lot of loss to the dealer.


The study brings us to the conclusion that people are of types and can never be judged by any one element of characteristics. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the evaluation of the major dimensions should be made which is learnt throughout the study.


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