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Event Management Plan

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Event management plan is a process of planning festival, ceremony, competition, concert, party or any celebration. Various types of event management can be created like birthday, reunion, marriage etc this planning consist of a proper management which includes budgeting, establishing dates, reserving the place for event and other necessary works (Masterman, 2004). Even planning may include budgeting, group discussion, arranging decor, catering, emergency plans, direct or alternate speakers, coordinating location support etc. Even the event management is also considered as the best way of communication and marketing options that many of clubs and companies use. This works as a communication tool as it deals with various promotional clients that may be asked for music’s, live entertainment etc.

Project objective

The main objective of the event management plan is to provide all sorts of information’s to every people, to introduce all types of cultures through out our world, a club named ‘MAEJESTRO’ have created an event management plan where the event sets to create a nationalism and revealing all different cultures of all countries present all over the world. Not only this is the main factor of the event, it also shows the unity among all countries present in the world, it plans for showing all beautiful heritages present then introducing all types of cultures, creativities, foods, songs and even all types of languages present all over the world. It organized a complete relationship and memoranda of the world (Whitford, Dunn and Cooper, 2013).

Project Scope

The scope of the project is just to create a complete festival based on merging of different culture present all over the world. I organised an even of one month in the month of February and i will continue till the end of the month. Chief guests and famous stars of different countries will come and gather to persist the live show. Event planning also includes budgeting, create dates and alternate dates, contasting and reserving the event site, acquiring permitt and alcohols permits, insurance licenses, coordinating transportation and parking all things are done in a proper manner. Throughout the time the event will take place all the day and all the night for that the passes are made for the show.


A stakeholder is a accountant, organisation, share holder, people, labour or an other people those who are present at the event management plan and work hard to give the plan a life. They may also exert influence over the project’s objectives and outcomes (Masterman, 2004). The event management team must clarify the stakeholders, ascertain their necessities and expectations and to the coverage probable, administer their inspiration in relation to the prerequisites to make sure a flourishing project. All stakeholders present in the club have an adorable impact until the last day of the event, and the contribution of all the people is unspeaking and unbelievable.

Action Plan

Strong security systems are created during the show is organized, arrangement of medicines emergencies are also created. Not only this emergency entry and exit are also being created, hygienic foods, drinks and places are made. All sorts of safety precautions are done just to avoid any sorts of accidents or problems or difficulties. Police force will be very active such that the criminals and any bad peoples cannot enter into the event area.











Target Date







Human Resource Volunteer








First Month







Proper Budget Allocation








Second Month







Selecting Location








First Month















Fifth Month







Gantt chart















































Month before the event











































Initial Planning Meeting















Write the budget















Entertainments Bookings





























Publicity Design















Publicity Printing















Publicity Distribution















Set Price/ Review budget















Ticket Printing





























Ticket Selling















Press Release Written















Facebook Event Page set up















Tech & Decoration Planning















On the night management















































Multicultural festival

Human Resource Volunteering






Event management Expenses











$ 50,000


Communication methods

Various procedures are being made for the advertisement of the event, firstly it can be founded on all websites as ads and all coupons will be available there (Getz, 1997). The event will be forecasted on ever TV channels and advertisements are done and various hand leaves were made. Various sponsors were also pointed for the show, in every high ways and bridges large posters were made through all this things it would definitely move to ever people.

Risk Analysis

















Capital Allocation



Proper Planning and






Relevant legislation

During organising, the event management related to the multicultural festival several law and legislation are followed which help to maintain the legal issue related with the project. The law applicable in this case according to the Australia law is social security act 1991, which help to keep and preserve the security of social issue and society in the Australia (Getz, 1997).


Multicultural festival is a place for public celebration, which represent displaying the ethnic culture of local and domestic communities resettled due to migration. The report help to provide a clear and precise idea about the event management and how a project manager should evaluate and execute the event, and side by side helps to make the event one of the successful events. The report also suggests that multicultural festival consist of three key characteristic cultural celebration, cultural identity and expression. With the help if event organization of multicultural festival allow both ethnic minorities and dominant population the option and opportunity to mix with the family and friend (Bamford, 1991).


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