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Evidence Based Acute Care Nursing Add in library

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Evidence based acute care practice is a nothing but the way of utilizing available evidence at best level or we can say knowledge about the needs of individual patients and accomplishing the decisions over it regarding to improve outcomes. While research, benchmarking and clinical expertise all together it will form best evidence. It is also proved by researchers that when decisions are based on expert nursing experiences and also have scientific evidence behind their concluded decision then it will generate best result for patient’s health and their families (Berke et al., 2011). It is always being expected from the nurses that during their clinical decision making nurses have to use the best available evidence. According to discussion over International Council of Nurses, It was discussed that nurses have a professional obligation towards society for providing care which has to be reviewed constantly along with researching and validating on it.

Standard of care for acute care nursing practice:

It is intended that standard of care should used with the expertise scope because they are related to the role and limitations of acute care nurses practice. The acute and critical care nurses provide care to their patient on appropriate standard. How the standards have to be met is described by the measurement criteria of nursing practice. Relevant theories, researches and evidence characterize the acute care nursing’s professional practice as well as they provide guidelines in order to explain human behavior and related phenomena. It is identified that the acute care nurses needs various resources during their practice setting, support and in order to get access for education program continuation which is equivalent to research and the practice which is based on evidences (Hjorland and Birger, 2011).


Standard 1: Assessment

The nurses attending the acute ill patient collects relevant data required and necessary regarding to the patient situation.

Criteria of measurement:

  • Nurses collect the data from the patient, their family, health care professionals and also from the people as and where required in order to create chart of patient needs
  • According to patient’s characteristics priorities of data collection are decided, it is also based on immediate condition and anticipated needs.
  • Particular evidence based techniques and instrument are used in terms of collecting pertinent and sufficient information.
  • To make decisions on patient conditions formal knowledge matching is necessary along with clinical findings.
  • After all the process appropriate data are recorded as a document
  • That recorded data are discussed with the healthcare professionals to conclude more evidence based decision.

Standard 2: Diagnosis

The nurses attending the acute ill patient analyze the collected data through assessment to determine diagnosis and care issues.

Measurement criteria:

The assessment document is used in order to diagnose and care issues

These diagnosis and care issue are then validated and discussed throughout the treatment by nurses with the patient, or their family and whenever required also validated through other health care professionals across the healthcare system.

The issues related to diagnosis and health of patient are then categorize according to priority and recorded for facilitating the prioritized outcome and to develop or modify the plan.

Standard 3: Outcome determination

Nurses attending to the patients who are acutely ill identify outcomes for the patient depending on their current health circumstances.

Measurement criteria:

  • Whatever outcome is derived is absolutely based upon the actual diagnoses and the issues occur during the care
  • Outcomes are formulated in conjunction with the patient clinical history, health examination, functional and risk assessment, also with their family and other health provider which is related to their level of response when decision making is conducted (Dale, 2005).
  • Outcomes are recognized, appreciated and incorporated with differences.
  • Outcomes are based upon different factors such as resource available, risk associated with it, current evidences and clinical expertise and cost.
  • In order to continue care outcome plays important role and also provides evidence.
  • Outcomes include a target date for attainment.

Standard 4: Planning

Plan has been developed by nurses who attends acutely ill patient with given interventions to get appropriate result

Measurement criteria:

  • The plan includes characteristics of patients health and current situation
  • To develop the plan patient, their family and healthcare providers has been concerned and also collaborate with them in terms of promoting contributions of each member for achieving good health outcome.
  • Current best evidence is reflected by the plan
  • Continuity of care is provided by the plan and it proceeds along with matching nurses competencies with the characteristics of patients.
  • Priorities of care have been established by the healthcare plan
  • It is taken care that plan should provide strategies for promoting and restoring good health of patient and prevent the acutely ill patient from further illness, injuries and disease
  • Available resources and economic condition effect the plan

Standard 5: Implementation

Plan implementation, coordination of care delivery and strategies employment are accomplishes by the nurse caring for acutely ill patient, intended to encourage healthy and safe atmosphere around the patient, so that they can feel better and respond quickly to given treatment.

Measurement criteria:

  • During implementation intervention are delivered for reducing the complication and avoiding critical condition
  • To implement the plan contribution of patient and family is very important as per their capabilities
  • All the things that is the plan has to implement and modifications are documented

Standard 6: Evaluation

Progress has been evaluated by nurses attending and caring the acutely ill patients for getting best health outcomes.

Measurement criteria:

  • If there is requirement then the patient, their family members and professionals are involved in the process of evaluation and decision making
  • After initiating the interventions evaluation has been occur during appropriate time frame

Professional performance standards:

Competent level of behavior has been described by the standard of professional performance in the professional role; it includes activities which relate to professional care quality, its evaluation, education and other standards (French, 2002). Measurement criteria are given to describe and evaluate for meeting appropriate standard of professional performance. Though it explains entire expectation of nurses who handles acutely ill patients, their certification they demonstrates additional methods of professionalism.


Reference List:

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