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Evolution Of Cool-Roof Standards In The US Add in library

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Discuss the following points...

Industry Analysis plus Trends

Apartment plus condominium construction industry

Factors which affect sizes of dissimilar elasticity of the demand for the houses?


Industry Analysis plus Trends

In wake of the economic recovery, some decreased vacancy also rates as well as lowers the rent prices that have facilitated development and growth in the complex starts. Additionally, declining the homeownership rates and aggressive lending to multifamily sector as well as gains within both employment as well as disposable income also have boosted the demand for apartments plus condominiums (Akbari & Levinson, 2008).

What industry comprises of:

Apartment as well as industry for Condominium Construction is also primarily self-possessed of common contractors as well as construction management firms that also build multifamily sectors for varied range of dissimilar markets all across United States, also including the real estate investment firms, investors of individual property, developers of the real estate, tourism sector as well as federal plus state governments (Holden & Kamenka, 1948). The industry also operators characteristically act as GC for the project, which also entails total planning plus organization of build-out, comprising of securing materials and also hiring subcontractors as well as complying with regional regulations.

Apartment plus condominium construction industry:

This industry actually comprises of common contractors accountable for the constructing novel multifamily units that are residential, including some high-rise apartments and also townhouses, condominiums as well as medium-till-high units i.e. units that are never separated from the  ground-towards-roof wall ('How does advertising affect the price elasticity of lodging demand? Evidence from Taiwan', n.d.).

Supply of the substitutes:

If the supply of substitutes such as rented lodging decreases or descends then there exits a net augment in the demand for the houses plus vice versa. If supply of the rented house is less, also then there exists an enhancement in price and cost of the rented apartments. Thus, in long term people also find that this is cheaper and buying houses cost less than to own and live in any rented accommodation. Therefore, then these people tend to buy a house. Thus, they tend to increase the net demand of the houses (Lee & Ha, 2013).


Factors which affect sizes of dissimilar elasticity of the demand for the houses

Responsiveness of quantity of the houses demanded towards change in the prices, income and also price of some other goods, and many more is even measured through corresponding elasticity which is Price elasticity for the demand of the houses, Income elasticity for demand of the houses, otherwise the Cross prices and its elasticity of the demand of the houses (Millichap, 2011).

Demands for houses are increasing:

With enhancement and development of more and more urban locations and growing demand of concrete the actual demand for houses are increasing and this has lead to growth in making of apartments and other big accommodations (Millichap, Stack & Millichap, 2010). This even enhances the lifestyle of people staying thereby. This enhancement in demand will keep on growing with each passing year.




Baltimore employers of metro would later on add to the positions in government as well as education plus health services segment, drawing extra college-educated and also young workers that also seeks to the rent apartments within the live-work ecologies

Charlotte’s developing the economy also has made this as an attractive aim and destination for some young professionals and also increasing the apartment demand as well as encouraging growth of the rent and also development of the same.


Because novel residents actually enter market, developers that are optimistic as well as continue towards delivering the apartments, along with a proper focus upon the downtown Baltimore which is very close to entertainment hubs and universities, plus hospitals as well as some other vital employers.


Though construction pipeline also thought of to become slow considerably from the last years increased pace, some three years of the elevated ending volumes would also push up the vacancy into low 5% range.

Despite of the positive or optimistic demographic trends as well as public works also projects that would lift local economy, this city has slipped within NAI because of the job growth more or less below projected rate.


This city slid a single spot in NAI all behind the high vacancy as well as below-average growth of the rent

Employers in this city would increase the jobs by some 1.6 percent, also adding about 22,000 to the payrolls in the year 2015

Charlotte employers would also create some 22,000 jobs in the current year and also expanding the total employment to some 2.4 percent.


Keeping speed with the housing demand, makers would also add some 2,150 units every year and lifting the supply by some 1.1 percent.


After the delivery of 7,800 units in the last year, construction pipeline would then slow down considerably as some 4,600 rentals will be delivered in the current year.

(Tough & MacDonald, 1953), ('US to resume building nuclear reactors', 2012)



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