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Provide a paragraph describing the movement/protest you are looking at and provide the link to the Facebook page/group that you are observing?



The protest selected for the assignment is about abortion rights which are focused on women. The face book page selected for the same is Abortion Rights Campaign which has more than 10000 likes. This campaign is started for women’s rights. This campaign mainly focused on removing inequalities among boys and girls of the nation and to remove social and cultural barriers for women. The respect of women’s rights still remains an aspiration in modern era and has does not turned into reality till now. To achieve this equality is the greatest ethical challenge for the world. These words are said by Mr. Higgins in a conference where he was invited by the UN.

The link to the face book page:



  • This campaign aims at providing reproductive freedom to women. This focuses on educating policy makers to include laws and legislation when can an abortion should be done if there is a need to save the women’s life or a risk of suicide. Various awareness programs have been conducted by the campaign to help people share their abortion experiences in a supportive way. This also ensures that health of the women is protected in case of pregnancy. This basically aims at ensuring basic healthcare options for women regardless of their citizenship and financial capacity.

  • The users have posted altogether different messages. Some have said in favour of while some are against the abortion. One of the user who posted her message was that abortion is women’s choice. If she is comfortable with it, her body lets her do so she can preferably abort a child. No one has a right to force her to give birth to a child if she is not ready for the same and has not planned yet. Moreover in a different post, a user mentioned that a girl who was 15 years old concealed her pregnancy from others because of hypocrite nature of the society. There is no trend in the number of posts being posted by individual users.

  • There is one user who is more active compared to others. He has mentioned in his posts about the activists who got arrested for the harassing women to abort and they are confronted as criminals. He also shared event in his timeline to stop abortion in the nation. Many people participated in the event and posted comments on his posts. Yes, he has supported for the campaign by his posts on Facebook.

  • Some information about the user has been found that they are working in Ireland where these protests are going on. The events took place in Dublin and many people went for the same which shows that they ultimately live where the campaign is going on.

  • The users took part in offline action by attending the events and programs conducted by the campaign as they had posted pictures with the campaign events held in their place. They also posted on their timeline about the date and time when and where the events will be held and the interest of the members is also seen by the comments on their posts.


  • There were different messages posted for each point. Some are against the situation while some are in favour of that. Multiple users have posted new messages where there is a discussion that church doesn’t think abortion was sin full. People posted and supported that religion has no place in case of abortion. Saint also supported the same and people started respecting them. There has been a trend in the number of posts. People protested that women are not vessels and they have the human rights.
  • All the posts in the face book have been commented upon by others and it received many comments because people are protesting for women safety. In many countries, laws of abortion are very restrictive and government does not support them but it allows women to abort during the first three months and it is really difficult for pregnant women when she doesn’t want to be pregnant. It is really difficult and challenging for her to deal with the stressful situation.
  • With the use of texts and images, it has been recognized that the major goal of the protest is to save the life of the women.

With the below image, it has been discussed that the abortion rights campaign collects signatures to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution of the Ireland Republic.

(, 2015)

  • To discuss the themes, no, the conversation is covering the sole issue every time i.e. to provide the equal rights to women. Women should have the right to take the decision for them. People also observed and shared that this is not the safest country to birth the child. Also the protest have been supported the view that women should not be forced to die before giving birth to a child. The theme is to create the healthy and safe environment and to promote the justice for women. Discrimination should be promoted against race, class, ethnicity for women. (Marcotte, 2014)

Therefore, every woman has the decision to remain in complete control of her body. Men do not have any right to oppose this and they may wait for the perfect time for a child with regards to economy etc. (, 2012)


The specific purpose of the above campaign was to develop the more equal and healthy as well as safe country. As per the campaign, women have rights to live the way she wants. It’s her body and she has the right to decide about the same.

People posted messages such as great initiatives taken for the campaign and people wished them good luck. Therefore Facebook page or group had added to the well being of the women and they feel more secured as they can consult to anyone for their problems online. The awareness programs are also educating people about the risk of abortion and bringing equality for the women along with men.


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