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Write a summary on Fighting Marketing Fatigue?




An article named recent research has published a journal which includes the analysis of the some consumers’ behaviour regarding marketing. The numbers of the customers are almost 15,000. The time span of the analysis was more than 3 month. The research was made to find the role of the marketing messages in case of sales promotion and the other facts regarding the market. More particularly, this is an overview of the marketing messages. The study shows that in this advanced age of communication where email is the most important thing in case of the online business the use of marketing message is still lower than this mailing system(Ojha et al., 2010).

The marketing messages are the main items in the world of commerce. These are the modern tools of the communication. There are many modes of the marketing message. The managers are used use these things to communicate with their customers. The main objective of the managers is to connect with the customers 24*7 and send them quality messages. The marketing messages are plays a crucial role in the world of communication. They can use the internet media or the simple messaging or to connect with them directly. These helps a lot when it is time to communicate with the common people (Temple, 2013).

Marketing message

The total process needs some specification to process this with a great quality. The main points are discussed below

Be Concise: the messages have to contain some quality information. This will help the consumers to get the accurate news or the perfect information. The companies have to avoid the rubbish from the messages. Consumers have their precious time. They don’t want to lose their time behind these things. So, the managers have to make such messages which the main information in them.

 Be consistent: the consumers are having special offers from various companies almost every day,. So, looking at the increasing market the companies have to try to be consistent when they are offering these messages. They have to knock the door of the customer daily.

Focus on the customer: the companies have to study the customers. According to them they have to make the messages. There are various types of customers in the market, to reach at them them have to make various types of messages.

 The main difficulty is the customers keep connected with the customers and they all send them the messages. Some they are angry with the suppliers that they sends too amny messages and they began to reject those messages.


From theory to practice: 5 rules for managing marketing pressure

These are five important factors which are mentioned are not avoiding the golden rule are very helpful to the marketers in case of increasing the total sale

  1. Individualise the approach: The marketers have to know about the individual customer by nature. Then they can drop the message according to the nature of the customer. This approach will definitely help the seller to increase the total sale (Cope and Kalantzis, 2009).
  2. Focus on message relevance: the marketers have to make such messages which are containing useful information. The messages should not carry such messages which are not relevant. This can attract more than before.
  3. Increase message volume: if the marketer feels that there is any information which is missing or which is important, they can send that message frequently.
  4. Provide guidance: It is the duty of the marketers to identify the impotence of the message and which point is the most valuable one(Guidance on comparative assessment, 2011).
  5. When in doubt, simplify: it is natural that the customers is unable to read the message or to understand the message. Then the marketers have to make them understand the message. The reason is they are the assets and they will increase the total sale. So, it is very important that they have to read the message properly and understand the whole message.

Taking Action

Proper actions have to take to increase the sale. The marketers can keep their record and they can grade them according to their performance. They can use different colours to mark them as their performance like relevant one, average one or finally the poor relevant one. To make this into action they have to go through each message minutely.

The action plans can be like this:

  • 360-degree view of the customer: The marketers have to read their customer minutely to know everything about him. According to their study they can take proper actions.
  • Analytic and predictive functionalities: The customers have to take the proper data from the customers to know the review and their experience(Editorial Board, 2012).
  • Seamless integration between customer knowledge & campaign execution: Two kinds of messages can be dropped, the first one is timeliness and the personalisation. The can send a lot of message with full of information. It is a proper action to be taken.
  • Real-time recommendation and personalisation engines: they can use those engines which allow the marketers to know about the demands of the customers. These are very useful tools.
  • Cross-channel capabilities: they have to allow such channels which can follow the customers. If they are in trouble they can help the customers immediately.


From the above discussion it is clear that the use of Real-time recommendation and personalisation engines is the most important one and the 360-degree view of the customer is the worst one. the use of Real-time recommendation and personalisation engines is the most valuable one because the problem can be sort out within a second and oral and real time conversation gives the perfect idea to the customer. 360-degree view of the customer is the worst one because this takes too time and they don’t have that time(Weaver, 2006).



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