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Question: Write an essay on Food Service Management.   Answer: My perspective about the on-site food service management has been improved after watching the video and going through the power point presentation. In the power point presentation, I became aware of the fact that there are seven different segments within the entire on-site food service management industry. I had a knowledge that the on-site food service was only provided to the office premises and health care sectors. I was not fully aware of their services and involvement in diverse field. From the knowledge I have gained in the power point. The commercial food services which I had expected to be better than the onsite food services, I have revealed that the service providers need to take more care upon the food quality and customer satisfaction of the on-site food services. I have a perception that as people receives food at lower cost in on-site food services compared to the commercial food services, the food quality and safety concerns might be lower (Karaman and Ayse Demet).   However, my perception has been changed after going through the power point presentation. I have understood that as same customers are using the service every day, there is more chance to lose the brand image on providing bad quality of food. In addition, as the on-site food services provide their services to the educational institute as well as to the health care facilities, for these services, the quality, safety measures as well as price are more important. I have gained knowledge about two main players in on-site market, the contractors and self operators.  I had no idea about the level of market penetration by this business and after going through the presentation, I came to know that around 90% business and industry locations uses on site food services (Walker et al.). I have also come to know about some key terms related to food service management including HFM, NACUFS and SFM. I had a very poor concept of on-site management of food service. However, after reading the power point presentation, I got to know about the history of the on-site food service industry. From the video and power point presentation, the challenges which sh

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Explain Why Firms’ Marginal Cost Curves Become Upward Sloping After A Certain Level Of Output Has Been Reached.

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  Explain why firms’ marginal cost curves become upward sloping after a certain level of output has been reached. test While for the marginal item for consumption, marginal cost is equivalent to “increase” (the raise in total cost) alienated by “sprint” (the augment in the number of items). As a result presently like marginal produce is the same as the tilt of the whole manufactured goods curve, m...

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Professional Developers Comprehend Software

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Question: Discuss about the professional developers comprehend software?   Answer: I have been working in the USA Technologies for nine months now, and it has been one of my best working experiences so far in my professional career. It has been a valuable learning experience for me regarding acquiring useful practical skills to apply in the particular field of my specialization. I have learned about various applications and software us...

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Rethinking Oil Nationalism

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Question: Describe about the Rethinking Oil Nationalism?   Answer: 1. The engineering discipline that I have chosen is Mechanical Engineering and I have selected Engineering technology management as my major. I have chosen Mechanical Engineering as my major, as I have always been interested in Mechanical Engineering. Moreover, with Mechanical Engineering, there is huge growth opportunity in my professional career through which I will ...

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Advertising: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective

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Question: Explain about the Advertising for An integrated marketing communication perspective?   Answer: Introduction: Social media has become the part of the daily life of the common people all over the world. It has changed the lifestyle of the common population as well as the environment of the business related communication. Use of the Social Media platform for the business communication is helping the business organization to dev...

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Toulin Method Of Argumentation

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You are required to write a researched argument essay that convinces persuades the reader of your position / stance. This is an academic, researched and referenced document that demonstrates your understanding of the objectives of the course. The structure of the argument will follow the TOULMIN METHOD of argumentation.

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