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Its consequences.describe work permit in australia, USA, UK . the tax evasion, business fraud, immigration, penalties ,etc. complication in us and uk and australia. how they are differ from another country,complication in adoting work permit visa in uk and usa and australia. diagram to support this aticles, conclusion and references . but in simple text as a student did work.





The following assignment will focus on the issue of mistreating of foreign employees and labors in the host country. This issue is considered to be one of the most significant issues nowadays. As it is clear from the article that a Chinese cook in a takeaway noodle bar was underpaid and that payment was $100,000 in less than three years. However, those who pay less claim that such migrant workers don’t have any awareness regarding the Australian standards, rules and regulations. More than this, they don’t have the ability to speak English and that is why, fines are imposed on them. There are several incidents that have been noted out in the article which clearly provides us an evidence as to the mistreatment of migrant workers. And, through this severe consequences can arise which would then discourage the migrant workers to stop their working proceedings in such countries. But almost all of them are then forced enough to work there because they are mostly from the developing countries due to which they don’t have much employment opportunities. The following section will focus on the work permit issues in Australia and then make a comparison of it with another country. Some other components will also be considered that would include business fraud, penalties and immigration etc.

Comparison of Issues

A work license is for the most part a legitimate approval from a nation's legislature which permits a non-resident to accept a vocation within that nation. It might likewise be a grant given to minors permitting them to work lawfully under labors laws of a child. Inside an industry, a work license may be obliged to make an execution of several function inside a manufacturing plant outside ordinary operational tasks, (for example, maintenance related tasks), in a few places they may be called Permit to Work (PTW).


The only issue that has proved to be fatal is the mistreatment of such workers. They face harsh conditions while working in another country (Berdahi, 2013). Such workers that have migrated to Australia and UK are consistently being exploited, threatened and mistreated in Australian and UK work environments on the grounds that they don't have a clue about their rights. Human traffickers utilize a scope of coercive methods to endeavor their exploited people. These can range from threats about expelling, to trickery about the legitimate outcomes of making any particular complaint regarding this matter and risks for the personal safety of workers or their families. While the definite number of trafficked individuals in Australia and UK is obscure, human trafficking does happen here. In the recent years, more than 100 individuals have been recognized by the Australian government police as could be expected under the circumstances of being victimized for this particular matter. Obviously, not every migrant laborer having a bad employment in Australia has been oppressed or trafficked. Some of the court decisions in recent have helped draw the line between brutal conditions of employment and criminal abuse, for example, servitude and trafficking. One cannot remark on where the strawberry picker's experience lies on the range of exploitation. Then again, one also believes that individuals need to be more cautious to the issue. As legal counselors at the Anti-Slavery Project, one is found to have experienced cases in the hospitality industry, the sex industry and in residential work - where worldwide research proposes that women are particularly defenseless against misuse. As opposed to the famous presumption that trafficking is associated with the sex industry only, trafficking and subjugation can happen in a scope of commercial enterprises to men and women of any nationality and of any age. Businesses, workers and the Australian group need better data about how to spot labor signs of exploitation and trafficking. Sometimes, the exploitation may be so serious it falls inside the criminal offenses of slavery and trafficking. In different cases, the Fair Work Ombudsman may be the best port of call. People who are abused at work have a privilege to lawful remedies and ought to have entry to legitimate exhortation. As the US State Department has made clear, compelling anticipation of human trafficking must address the labor exploitation of continuum and incorporate ''focused on activities to ensure the privileges of minimized, low-pay laborers, for example, local servants, ranch specialists, garment workers and miners''. There is also one evidence found from the article that workers are not paid their hourly rates that they truly deserve, and that the legal proceedings have placed a heavy penalty on such companies that have been involved in these underpayments. The core thing to be noticed here is that the workers are helpless in this matter because they cannot do anything regarding this as they will get deported to their local country where they cannot get the employment due to their current qualification or their country does not offer jobs for such individuals. That is why, they have to tolerate all this. They don’t have their own ability to take legal action against all this. Same is the issue with the UK (Jacoby, 2011). In UK, workers are physically assaulted and hence, they were not paid but were mistreated with two issues that included payment issues and the other one was psychological mistreatment which would be the most significant one because this would make sure that their self will then be addicted to all this just to get some amount of money for their work. This is truly disgusting and inhumane. Almost 20% of among the mistreated ones are assaulted or physically abused that includes being threatened with knives, burnt with irons and then being brought in contact with the boiling water.

Tax Evasion

The concept tax evasion is a general term regularly utilized as a part of situations where in an individual or an organization sidesteps charges taxes on an aggregate basis. Here for this situation an individual or an organization deliberately hides his or her pay from the authorities of tax to decrease the liability of tax or not to make the payment of taxes on an aggregate basis. The tax haven exploitation by deceptive or reckless citizens will result in the tax evasion. This sort of tax criminal is hitting all the nations having the tax haven including Australia and the UK. Despite the fact that the aftereffect of an analysis led by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) demonstrates the risk of the exploitation of tax haven does not seem to be extraordinary as different nations, but the number of cases in that nation has increased considerably. Because of the concerned circumstance, the ATO continue attempting to discover the most ideal approach to decrease for the present and eradicate this menace in future (Joel, 2010). Within the UK, the quantity of criminal indictments for tax evasion hopped by almost a third a year ago, as HM Revenue & Customs ventures up its crusade against the individuals who neglect to disclose offshore salary and profits. Such of the prosecutions rose from 617 in 2012/13 to 795 in 2013/14, an increment of 29%, as indicated by figures acquired by information provider Thomson Reuters. The number will climb again by 50% one year from now, if HMRC meets the target zone of prosecutions numbered 1165 it has set for 2014/15. In accordance with the public attention that has as of late been centered on the planning of tax by the wealthy and professional corporates, the legitimate profession is seeing a remarkable increase in criminal cases. Before, HMRC would rarely bring such types of prosecutions for tax evasion on account of the high expenses of a legal action contrasted with the totals likely with be recouped. At the same time it’s harder stance reflects a drive to develop a closure of the tax gap worth GBP 35bn – the contrast between the tax amount that ought to in principle be gathered and what is paid – and a solidifying of the political mind-set against such tax evasion.


Business Fraud

Fraud has been distinguished as the most lavish category of crime in Australia with misrepresentation and trickery related offenses that are accepted to be the biggest category of all offenses at the federal level that is further emulated by all levels of Australian courts. The estimates demonstrated that roughly 25 percent of all the cases related to fraud are really reported. This type of estimation can be ascribed to some individuals accepting that extortion is a crime that is victimless, or that it’s not as genuine as other different violation of laws. This is not genuine. Fraudsters are regularly a part of such genuine criminal gangs that are organized and that they utilize the amount of money to fund different wrongdoings, for example, illegal firearms trade, terrorism and trafficking. Numerous frauds unfortunately are unreported by exploited people in light of the fact that an individual might get embarrassed. It is likely that if a misrepresentation has been perpetrated against anyone else, another person may have endured a comparative wrongdoing. The more people who report misrepresentation offenses, the more probable it is that fraudsters will be charged, arrested and indicted. It should be kept in mind that fraud is a genuine crime and that fraudsters will always re-explore the better approaches for deceiving individuals. Anybody could be an exploited person. Another country UK is also reported to face the same challenge related to business fraud. On the other hand, fraud costs British business £72 billion a year. In spite of the warnings issued by corporate outrages including Refco, Parmalat, WorldCom and Enron, UK organizations are still evaluated to be losing 6% of their yearly income to extortion and debasement. Such extortion or fraud takes numerous structures however normally incorporates exaggerating profits, making complex schemes related to accounting that include money siphoning into offshore accounts, tax evasion and intricate cover ups by senior supervisors intended to ensure merchants who exchange equities or derivatives. Organizations are not giving careful consideration to the human element (Adebisi, 2013). Regardless of what number of boxes one ticks, and regardless of how optimistic a company's auditors are, some of the corrupt practices are ignored in light of the fact that few individuals inside firms make the right determinations from individual conduct. For instance, an official is drinking a great deal, never takes holidays and is tetchy. Requiring significant investment off for these individuals is unsafe in light of the fact that it frequently means giving his or her customer business to associates who would definitely blow off the whistle.' Regardless of the desolate discoveries, mandates granted to firms, for example, Advisory group, Kroll and Control Risks have expanded throughout the years. In any case Corporate Britain is neglecting to precisely assess and adequately deal with the dangers of extortion or fraud. Organizations need to build legitimate plans related to the protection of fraud adopt a more rigorous approach. The groups need to make more noteworthy utilization of independent specialists.



Almost both the countries face the work permit issues since the workers are not given their due rights. They face the sensitivity of all these issues because they are helpless in this particular case. They are not provided with the pay they truly deserve due to which the rate of such mistreatment keeps on increasing for both the countries. Almost all types of business in UK and Australia are the victim of extortion and fraud. This ranges from the smallest enterprise to the biggest multinationals in both the countries. This is completely adverse and results in the unfavorable circumstances. This is because the economy of the countries is dependent on the business of corporations as well which means that some of economic indicators can be thoroughly affected in the worst possible manner. This should be corrected and that federal laws should be regulated in such a way that they provide protection to all this while guaranteeing a complete safety for workers, business fraud, tax evasion etc. Tax evasion exploits the benefits of poor working class and results in the provision to the super rich class which should be controlled as well.


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