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Foundation The Human Services Disciplines

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Discuss About The Foundation The Human Services Disciplines?




The following report intends to review the positioning of a local enterprise in Australia in the sector of health and their functions. The selected organizations for the report include National Rural Health Alliance Inc. and Carers Victoria. The prominent highlights that could be observed in the report refer to the implications of organization description and the underpinning values for the operations for the organizations (Battistoni, 2017). Other prominent dimensions that are addressed in the report also refer to the identification of challenges and risk factors for the organization in the domain of providing healthcare services (Boley, et al., 2014). The concluding section of the report would evaluate the ability of the two organizations to address the future trends that could be anticipated in context of the health sector and the suitable positioning of the organizations in accordance with references to relevant theory and empirical data.


Description of organizations:

The description of the organizations that are considered for evaluation in this report refer to the observation of their legal structure, nature of organization and the management structures implemented by them. National Rural Health Alliance Inc (NRHA) could be classified as a non-government organization intended for promoting healthcare initiatives in rural and remote areas (Buchbinder, Rivkin-Fish & Walker, 2016).

The NRHA is formed from the alliance of 37 member bodies which are national organizations comprising of examples such as consumer groups, health professional associations, service providers and representatives from the aboriginal health sector. The organization renders its operations through a comprehensive management structure implying the involvement of council, board and staff in accomplishing the organization’s objectives. The structure of NRHA’s operations is characterized by the role of The Board in governance. Furthermore, the implications of managing staff in the organization could be accounted as feasible description of the management style of the organization in which the principle responsibility for management is vested in the Chief Executive Officer of the organization (Burger, 2013).

The staff of NRHA is facilitated with the opportunities to provide their contributions in terms of progress policy development and preparing discussion papers regarding the collaboration and advocacy implications integral for the alliance.

Carers Victoria could be assumed as a non-profit organization inclined to deliver care and support services to individuals suffering from disabilities, chronic condition, terminal illness or elderly individuals. The activities of the organization are coordinated with different government initiatives alongside support from organizations required for improving the lives of families which avail care services across Victoria (Gitlin & Lyons, 2013).

The organization was established in 1992 and presently the organization has over 5000 members that comprise of carers, support groups, organizations and former carers. The organization’s legal typology can be described as a non-profit organization which is dependent on an assorted funding base that is facilitated primarily by the Australian Government and Victorian state government (Lecca, et al., 2014).

The organization also obtains substantial support from the government in terms of financial grants through the approaches of supported accommodation and effective consultation. The management structure of the organization is supervised by a board of directors while the workforce is liable to report to the CEO of the agency.


Underpinning values:

The underpinning values or motivation for the organizations to deliver care services could be identified in context of inferences drawn from the vision statement of the organizations. The primary underpinning value that can be observed in the case of Carers Australia is the vision for an Australia where the activities of carers are valued and supported. The organization recognizes the large scale transformational change in the community sector that is derived from the drastic changes introduced in the contexts of disability, mental health, non-profit sectors and elderly care (Lucas & Villegas, 2013).

The organization’s determination for increase political as well as public awareness pertaining to issues involved in care services is responsible for developing advocacy for personal care services alongside provision of support to carers in order to look after their loved ones. The type of program delivery in the health sector adopted by Carers Victoria could be described through a depiction of essential elements such as geographical areas, client groups and the associated demographic details. The geographical area served by the organization is observed in the state of Victoria (Manlove, et al., 2016).

The classification of client groups could be identified among individuals that are afflicted with disabilities, mental illness, elderly individuals and chronic illnesses. The strategic approach followed by Carers Victoria presently is aligned with five basic priorities which help the organization to support the health and wellbeing of service users. The strategic priorities established by the organization refer to the creation of a flexible system for care service providers, facilitating support to care providers and develop their competences for care and development of expert knowledge pertaining to carers and the services included in care and implementing it appropriately (Martin, 2016).

The abilities of the organization to improve community awareness and involvement in order to pave amiable paths for care givers to provide services effectively should also be developed as a part of the strategic goals of the organization (Monette, Sullivan & DeJong, 2013). The requirement for sustainable growth is ensured by Carers Victoria through acquisition and retention of a competent workforce and the use of contemporary agile systems.

The underpinning value that can be identified in context of National Rural Health Alliance Inc. (NRHA) is vested in the vision statement of the organization to establish good health and wellbeing in rural and remote areas of Australia. The program delivery of NRHA is primarily vested for client groups identified in the rural areas of Australia (Neukrug, 2016).

The strategic approach followed by NRHA is based on certain specific priorities which could be identified in the implementation of evidence based approaches, improvement of health outcomes for aboriginal communities, acquisition of long term funding that could sustain the core activities of the organization in context of influence, advocacy and policy development as well as reduction of the improving statistics in suicides, mental health and suicide attempts observed in rural and remote areas of Australia. The examples of activities implemented by the organization to deliver its programs in the health sector through a long term rural and remote health plan characterized with performance indicators to observe and report the changes observed in the health sector in rural and remote Australia (Oberle, et al., 2013).          

Challenges and risk factors:

The challenges and risk factors that could influence the operations of Carers Victoria and NRHA could be identified through a detailed analysis of the macro environment for the organizations in the healthcare industry in Australia.

The instability in the political framework presents formidable concerns for organizations in the sector of healthcare that can be validated on the grounds of the dependency of healthcare industry on the combined efforts of the state as well as federal governments. The probabilities of conflicts between state and federal government could lead to the concerns of limited accountability of agencies and formidable pressure in terms of cost on the organizations.

Political reforms could imply the shifting of cost responsibility to state governments thereby creating disruption in provision of voluntary and non-profit care services (Schoech, et al., 2013). Furthermore, organizations such as NRHA and Carers Australia should anticipate the impact that can be rendered by the introduction of regulatory policies or legislations according to the Commonwealth state agreements on order to address the associated risks effectively (Smith, et al., 2013).

The challenges posed for the healthcare industry in Australia from the perspective of economic aspects of the macro environment could be identified in the consistently increasing costs of medical improvements and the concerns for managing the distribution of funds in public and private sector organizations.

Another challenging factor that could be perceived in the social aspect of the macro environment for the healthcare industry in Australia could be observed in the concerns of the sector to maintain the health and well being of an ageing population. The major constraint in this case could be identified in the formal restriction of budgets as well as the increasing costs for healthcare services (Summers, 2015).

The projected estimates of population in Australia suggest that by 2053, almost 21% of the population would be aged over 65. The demographic variations noted in a specific population alongside the proliferation of new disease patterns with an ageing population alongside the growth in the prominence of chronic diseases.  

Technological breakthroughs, on the other hand present feasible opportunities in the form of sophisticated diagnostic facilities, resources for care services and management of serious afflictions. However, it is imperative to observe the challenges in context of technology aspect of the macro environment which include cost as well as the integration of technology into the existing infrastructure of care service provision (Woodside & McClam, 2014). The impact of healthcare technologies as a burden on the federal budgets could also be accounted as a profound technological risk factor for non-profit organizations associated with the healthcare sector.              

The legal changes pertaining to operations of non profit organizations in the healthcare sector, the distribution of funding and precedents for employment of care service providers can be assumed as risk factors for the two organizations identified for this report. Environmental changes would have minimal impact on the performance of Carers Victoria and NRHA apart from the effect of global climate change on the national economy thereby causing roadblocks for efficient operations of the healthcare industry.

The review of issues from the macro environment of healthcare industry in Australia could also be complemented with an illustration of other probable risk factors for the two organizations such as the issues with supply and distribution of workforce in the healthcare sector that could lead to depreciation in the quality and safety of health services.


Predictions and organizational planning:

Based on the analysis of the healthcare sector in Australia, certain significant trends could be derived for the future. The primary factors which would be driving change in the future scenarios of the healthcare industry refer to the development of technological advancements in medical devices and related apparatus as well as the ageing population of the country. Furthermore the distribution of healthcare budgets between state and federal governments could lead to formidable challenges for focussing on the specific requirements of population. The ageing population would lead to explicit outcomes in the future such as escalation in the demand for services and utilization of resources (Schoech, et al., 2013).

The future predictions in context of the healthcare industry in Australia could also imply a drastic shift towards provision of resources for chronic diseases from the provision of acute care resources which could lead to the proliferation of risk factors especially among younger population and lower socio-economic regions. The implications of cost and restrictions on time would be responsible for the inclination of the propensity of care service providers towards providing care services rather than emphasizing on the risk factors and associated challenges. The complexity of technological advancements integrated in the healthcare sector in Australia could be problematic for care service providers especially in context of managing holistic requirements of the patient alongside maintaining updated knowledge of the distinct specialities (Monette, Sullivan & DeJong, 2013). The information asymmetry could lead to prominent issues such as confusion among care service providers for referring to specialists as well as the competence and quality of service facilitated by them.

The positioning of the individual organizations for addressing the challenges, risk factors and future trends in the healthcare sector in Australia could be illustrated as follows.

NRHA is positioned to accomplish the objective of integrating health sector intelligence for inducing necessary changes and innovation in rural and remote areas of Australia. The emphasis of the organization on the improvement of health outcomes for individuals in the Aboriginal communities could be accounted as strategic positioning that enables the organization to focus on a specific client segment thereby reducing ambiguities in outcomes of programs implemented by NRHA (Gitlin & Lyons, 2013).

The organization also improvises its process outcomes in terms of information system through ensuring universal access to credible voice and data services. The process outcomes involve references to integration of specialized healthcare services with on-the-ground primary healthcare services. Carers Victoria is strategically positioned to address the future trends in the domain of healthcare in Australia through expanding its support base for carers by improving the revenue base, awareness regarding carers and care services and secured seed funding from the Victorian state government for improving online resources and e-learning platform (Lucas & Villegas, 2013).



The report presented a reflection on two organizations operating in the healthcare sector in Australia i.e. Carers Victoria and NRHA. The profound highlights of the report could be identified in the description of the organizations and their functioning, types of approach adopted by them for delivering services, potential challenges and risk factors and the strategic planning measures adopted by the organizations to address the predictions regarding future trends in the healthcare industry.



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Underpinning values:

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