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Write a Research Proposal to Address the Problems Faced by Visa Inc. 


Problem Statement/Background

This is an applied business research which is specifically for the Visa Inc. It is a multinational company facilitating electronic payments through credit cards. It is popular in the air, sea and train travels, banks, large shopping malls, and in the restaurants (Stiglitz, 2017). Visa eliminated the problem of substantial cash payments. There used to be robbery and theft especially to people who used to carry large amounts of cash. Besides, cases of fake money used to be constantly reported. The Visa Company did away with such problems. The cards enabled safe, secure and flexible trading.

Although Visa promises secure banking system to its clients, there have emerged various forms of online fraud. They include internet banking frauds such as phishing, mobile banking and mule recruitment (Australian Federal Police, 2017) they have resulted due to improved technology. Hackers and computer experts are conducting the fraud. Others include scams, spams and identity thefts.     

Purpose of the Research

This work can be referred to as a causal analysis (Ochsner, Hug, & Daniel, 2013). It attempts to find inferences to minimize banking fraud. This research is aimed at identifying solutions to the existing problem of bank frauds. Secondly, it improves the customer support. Once the research is done, it defines new methods of doing away with the issues customers are facing. When the problems are eliminated, the customers will be happy with the good work the firm would have done.

Ngai, Tao & Moon, (2015) explain that conducting research helps in improving the products. Visa Inc. will have to improve their systems and the programming of their cards in a way hackers cannot trespass or hijack. Moreover, research helps the firm in identifying most dominant problems. For instance, there are more scam frauds than shopping and auction site cases. The company can then focus more on the affected areas.   150 words

Research Design

Abrahamse, Schultz, & Steg, (2016) explain it as a master plan which includes all methodologies, processes, and activities conducted for data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of the results. For this causal research, surveys, observations and sources of secondary data will be used to obtain information.


It involves various activities utilized by the moderator to get information. Rea & Parker, (2014) say administration of questionnaires, interviews, talks over telephones, mails, emails and the internet can be used.

Questionnaires: They are very efficient since they are affordable to produce, enable the researcher to gather much information, and all aspects are covered within the survey (Bakker, Voordt, Vink & Boon, (2014). Visa Company will use the following design questionnaire


Telephone: It almost the same the interviews. However, it better since the interviewer and the interviewee could be at different geographical locations. Visa will use phones to contact the respondents who are far away. When an individual is sampled to be interviewed, but he or she is far, the questions can be prepared. When the call is made, the person answers the questions. Giugale, Hoogeveen, Croke, Dabalen & Demombynes, (2016) say such issues should not be complicated.

Mails –The will involve sending the questionnaires to various people who fill them and return. It’s important since many inquiries can be sent to many individuals at once. Furthermore, it does not require physical movement. It will be easier for Visa to use mails instead of surveyors to go around picking clients. The forms will be sent to particular individuals to fill and post them back.


Interviews or in person: There will be a face-to-face talk. Both individual and group interview will occur. Doody & Noonan, (2013) say interviews have the following advantages; detailed questions could be asked, complex issues may be known, uses both verbal and non-verbal method, and literacy issues have no effect here. The method is quite better since additional information which we may not have covered in the topics may be raised.

Emails and the internet: The company will create a page on its website where various people could be filling an electronic page and submit it to the company server. Similarly, the e-pages will be sent via the email for the clients to fill and upload them. The method is quite essential since very many people can fill the sheets enabling the researcher to get a lot of information. The management Visa team will find time to go through the comments, emails and the recommendations the clients would have typed.     502 words

Sample Design

The term sampling in research explains the process through which only a portion is obtained from the population for data collection (Khoshgoftaar, Gao, Chen, & Napolitano, 2015). There are two broad categories of sampling quoted by (Robinson, 2014). These are the non-probability and the probability techniques.


Random- It is very easy and cheap (Khan, Ullah, Al-Hossain, & Bashir, 2015). It is the best sampling method available not only for Visa but also for any other researchers. The company agents will just be sent to obtain Visa users randomly. Even the clients visiting the company offices could be utilized.

Systematic. The company will provide the list having all members who have subscribed to Visa services. Each nth members shall be selected, and be used (Moffett, Cooper & Weare Jr, 2015). If the person is very far, the internet, emails, or telephone methods will be used.

Non- Probability

  1. Quota- Visa will use this method to ensure equal and proportionate representation of the respondents (De Rada & Martín, 2014). The number of ladies and gent interviewees must be same.
  2. Convenience- this method will be used to cut costs and save time. The researchers will obtain individuals who are close, accessible and convenient for the study. It won’t be wise to travel all over the world to interview Visa users.
  3. Purposive- it will be utilized to get detailed information. Each person is questioned concerning his or her field. For example, asking bankers about phishing and mobile banking frauds. 250 words

Data collection, Processing, and Analysis

The data will be collected using the previously mentioned methods. Respective people will lead the activity where the respondents shall answer the questions as they are recorded. Physical writings, typing, audio and video recording may be used primarily for the interviews. Although for sensitive data the respondents may not want to be recorded. It will just be written down (Ortlieb, & Garner, (2016).

The collected data will proceed to the analysis stage. The stage involves two processes, editing, and coding (Saldaña, 2015). The first one will include checking the forms and sheets for legibility, consistency and correct omissions. The latter will enable interpretation, grouping, and put the data into appropriate records and media.

Analysis of data will mean cleansing and modeling to provide useful information (Riff, Lacy, & Fico, 2014). Bar graphs and pie charts showing the compositions of the banking frauds will be made as well as comparisons and percentage changes. 152 words

Budget and Timeline





Total Budget


Air travel

















Interviewees appreciation












Printing activities




emails and internet




Other overheads







Activities/ time


















Issue Identification













Preparation of questionnaires













obtaining clients













Researchers to do  Literature review













Identifying the research method













Collecting of Data













Interpretation and analysis













Discussing the solutions













Reference, creation of the abstract, title page and compiling the proposal.













Reviewing and submitting the work












Dummy tables



Percentage of total




Non users







Visa usage


Percentage of total

















Banking fraud


Percentage of total




Non victims







Type of banking fraud


Percentage of total










mobile banking



mule recruitment



Identity theft









Percentage of total

Lost money



Never lost money







Amount lost ( Au$)


Percentage of total

0- 100















Above 301






Members involved who


Percentage of total

Still use Visa



Stopped using visa







Type of recommendations


Percentage of total














  1. Budget- a summary of intended expenditure
  2. Data- collection of objects which are transformed to give relevant information
  3. Dummy tables- an outline of results achieved in a research
  4. Fraud – Any act of deception for unlawful gain.
  5. Probability- state of likelihood, likely.
  6. Questionnaires- forms having a list of questions
  7. Quota- a proportional part.
  8. Scam- fraudulent deal
  9. Visa- a credit card company


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