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critically analyse the leadership of a 21st Century business leader. if you were in the position of the leader, what could you do to be a better leader and make a stronger impact on the followers and situation?




Executive Summary

Leadership has become an essential part of an organization. Leadership help in accomplishing various objectives. Leadership basically is a process of handling a group of people for a proper purpose and objective. In 21st century organizations consider leadership a very important tool for the growth of the organization. Each organization has their own definition and criteria of leadership. These criteria are defined according to the need and objectives of the organization.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, there are various functions of business leader in the organization. These functions include defining the objective, planning, organizing, Leading, Controlling, Providing direction to the employees or team members, choosing right strategy for any task and motivating employees for the performing in the organization. For accomplishing all these objectives Mark Zuckerberg has adopted to be punctual, has the capacity to maintain the relationship, ready to learn, listening ability, hard-working and communication ability.Thus this report describe about the leadership, leadership definition in 21st century, functions of the business leaders, properties of a leader and the situation handling capacity of a leader.


This report basically describes leadership capability of Mark Zuckerberg. Leadership in today’s world has become essential for each organization to implement as this help in accomplishing a task effectively. Thus, this report basically describes the leadership quality of Mark Zuckerberg, which analyses the leadership in Facebook Organization, and how these strategies are worked in 21st Century.This report also discusses the various functions adopted by Mark Zuckerberg of business leaders in running a business. Qualities of a business leader are also essential to discuss with the handling of various situations by Mark Zuckerberg.


Leadership is an essential process not only in an organization but also in the personal life. People always take the experience of leadership in daily life. A very common example of leadership is the mind. Mind can be said to be a great leader as it leads the whole body from nervous system to every part of body. Mind provides instruction to every part of the body to perform task. Suppose a person needs to drink water then we instruct our mind and mind instructs the hand to bring a glass of water and drink (Helmrich, 2015). Thus, the leadership can be understood very well from the above example.

Leaders perform the task of operating a team. The leader should have various qualities to lead a team. The main qualities of the leaders are that he/she should have the positive attitude. So, if there is something very hot and if the mind becomes negative then what will remain finally at the end of all the processes. Thus, a leader should have various qualities to manage a full team.

21st Century business leadership

Facebook Company is a great example of 21st century business leadership. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook Organization has shown a tremendous performance in the business field and become the main reason for the success s of Facebook Organization. In this competitive world, making an I.T. company stand and succeeding is the really very tough but the strategies of Mark Zuckerberg had made it possible by its leadership quality and the thought of leadership. It’s really strange to hear that Mark Zuckerberg is a college dropout .


As the competition in the market is increasing the leadership has taken a different position in the process of an organization Facebook Organization has considered the leadership as an essential part of an organization. Leaders even be used to take the leadership training from the market and experiencing various essential ways of leadership. Facebook while even recruiting the employees consider the leadership qualities of the candidate so that they can work like a leader in the tough situation. In 21st century event the boundaries of the leadership qualities also increased.

In 21st century, the definition of leadership is different for different organizations. Every organization leadership in their own ways according to the need and requirement of the organization like according to the security forces a leader should be tough in nature while in some organization a leader should be soft enough to encourage the employees to work but defining leadership is very important for the growth of organization according to the need and objective of the organization (Chand, 2013).

Mark Zuckerberg leadership function Theory

While analysing the leadership process of Mark Zuckerberg it can be said that following functions are associated for a leader according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg considers planning as a very important function of a leader. This can be understood by a well-planned social networking platform named Facebook. Planning includes the various steps. Planning can be actually said as the blueprint to achieve some goals. First step of any planning is to create some objective. These objectives help in creating the overall strategy for achieving those objectives. To achieve any types of objectives planning is very necessary if the planning is not prepared properly then it may result in loss or the objectives can’t be achieved (Browne, 2014). Thus, for approaching towards any objective, proper planning is very necessary. While planning every aspect and situation need to be analysed. Thus, the planning is a very necessary function of a business leader in an organization.

According to Mark Zuckerberg Organizing is also a very important function of a leader. The Organization of Facebook Network is a great example of Organising capability of Mark Zuckerberg. Organizing actually includes the task related to the allotment of various resources according to the objective. Organization can be said as the second step after the planning. The organization includes the gathering of resources required according to the planning, arranging and allotting those resources according to the need and requirement for the objective. Organization also includes the various step and analysis at the level of resources. These analyses should be performed very carefully for preventing the wastage of resources. If the organization is not planned very well then it may increase the cost for the overall process and wastage of resources.


According to Mark Zuckerberg, planning comes organising of the resources according to the planning. The next step of any process is to implement those planning in the real world for the growth of business. Thus, for implementing the planning effectively it is very necessary for a business leader to lead effectively, only planning perfectively with zero effective implementation is the waste of both resources and time. Thus, a business leader needs to be active for leading the teaming to achieve those objectives. This process includes guiding the employees for the work time to time, analysing the performance and process so that the process can be effectively processed. This function of a business leader ensures about the proper implementation of the planning in the real world.

Mark Zuckerberg’s theory for leadership includes controlling as a main part in the leadership aspect. The controlling includes controlling various types of resources in proper manner to utilise them for achieving the business objectives. The resources, including the human resource, information technology resources, hardware resources and various other types of resources which are necessary to achieve the business objective. Here controlling doesn’t mean that personal control each resource but managing those resources properly how these resources should be used for achieving the goal. This function of a business leader ensures that each resource is utilizing at the right place for achieving the proper goal. This process also prevents the misusing of resources as well as wastage of the resources. Controlling is a very necessary function for any process to enhance the resource utilization (Walter, 2014).

Mark Zuckerberg believes that providing overall direction for any task makes it easy for an employee to perform task easily and effectively. For any objective or task to be accomplished a proper team management is very necessary and for performing any task effectively by a team proper guidance to every team member is also very necessary. In any team task are divided between the members of team so for managing for performing those tasks each team member require a full and proper guidance about that task only then the member will be able to perform that task.

According to Mark Zuckerberg choosing a right strategy and making an appropriate plan at each step is very necessary to increase the efficiency of any product. The example of this is that the generally implementing the tree data structure is very tough and most of the I.T. companies avoid it for this reason but Mark Zuckerberg has adopted this strategy for increasing the efficiency of Facebook Organization.

Another essential function of the business leader is to choose the right strategy for performing any task. A task can be performed from various ways but choosing a right way to perform that task is very necessary to increase the affectivity of any process and the objective


According to Mark Zuckerberg, the motivation and development of employees is very essential for any task to be completed effectively and efficiently. Mark Zuckerberg believes in providing the proper training for both personal and personal improvement of an Employee. It is well known that the working centres of Facebook have various facilities which motivate the employees to work efficiently. Motivation and development of the team members is also an essential function of the business leader for improving the performance of business in the market. This help in increasing the ability of the business. For development and motivating the team members various events and training programmes should be organised which can help employees to improve themselves both personally and professionally (Psychology today, 2014). Thus the functions of a business leader are described which help the business leader to improve the performance of their business.

Properties of Mark Zuckerberg

Following properties should be there in a business leader. For leading affectively in a business organization following properties are essential in a business leader for affectively managing the business process.


Mark Zuckerberg is a punctual. He doesn’t have habit of procrastination. According to Mark Zuckerberg, if a leader will have this habit than what is going to happen with the other team members thus it is very necessary to be punctual for a business leader this will help in making the employees active (Kruse, 2013). It can be understood from the fact that in just one year Facebook has covered all over the U.S.

Relationship maintainer

Mark Zuckerberg the capability of managing the relationship effectively. This can be understood by the relationships of Facebook and Skype Working together they are growing in this I.T. as legends. The relationship of Facebook Organization with their employees is also considerable. (Mcbeen, 2013).

Updated with latest technology and tools

Mark Zuckerberg remains updated with the latest technology available in the market for the objectives of the business this will help in gaining the better resources for performing business objectives. It is a good practise to adopt new and latest technology available in market (Gandz, 2005). This can be understood by the fact that the latest security systems are being organized by the Facebook for improving the use experience. Facebook is implementing the latest technology. Currently Facebook has launched its own satellite to provide the internet connection.

Learning ability

Mark Zuckerberg always provides the value to other people weather the person is that smart or no but they always try to learn something from others. These leaders have ability to always gain something even in the hard times which help them to enhance their experience and ability to perform in the real world (Prive, 2012).

Favour Asking

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t hesitate to ask for favour. A good leader knows that asking for favour is a great way to enhance the network. This also helps in improving the business relationship with other businesses (Legacee, 2014). Asking for favour also help in improving the performance of various tasks in the business also. Various new ways of performing the task also come in front of the leaders. Mark Zuckerberg’s tie up with the Skype is a great example of this. Facebook as a public company is also coordinating this fact.

Hard working

Mark Zuckerberg always try to be idle for the team members if a leader is hardworking than the team members also get the motivation to work hard (Wong, 2007). Thus a business should always work hard in front of the employees.

Thus above are some properties that a good business leader should have to improve the business performance.

How to make stronger impact on followers and situations

The quality of the business leaders has been discussed earlier. Those qualities can help a leader to make a strong impact on the followers and situation. For creating a strong impact on the followers and situation a leader need to perform various tasks (Madu, 2010). These tasks include the various strategies for creating a positive impact on the followers or in any situation.

Business field is full of uncertainties. Up and downs happens always in a business thus it is very necessary to get prepare for any unwanted situation in the business. For getting prepare for these situations, a leader need to keep update with the various news in the market and analyse those news as some of those news contains the situations that can occur in any businesses (Guay, 2011). Thus analysis of those situation help in getting prepare for various situations.

The other way is that a leader should always keep in mind that there is a solution of each situation. Thus a leader should not lose hope in the hard time. If a leader will lose the hope, the employees also start losing. Thus a leader should motivate its employees in those situations to tackle those situations (Nptel, 2012). A leader should analyse the situation carefully and try to find the appropriate solution in those situations. A leader should also always keep in mind that the hard time always increases the experience. People can learn more in hard time.A leader should always motivate their employees to perform well in organization by various ways even in the hard time (Avolio, 2012). A leader should provide training to their employees to tackle various types of situation to their employees.Thus tackling the above situation with positive attitude creates a great impact on the followers as well as the situation. Thus a leader should always keep the positive attitude even in the negative situation


This report is the result of various study and research. This report basically discusses about the Leadership and the leadership quality of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook Organization with the importance of leadership in today’s world for various organizations. Leadership in today’s world acts as an essential part of the governing body. Leadership helps in accomplishing an objective effectively and efficiently. According to Mark Zuckerberg main functions of the business leaders are planning, organizing, leading, controlling and various decisions making. To accomplishing all these processes a leader should have various qualities these qualities help in building a strong base of leadership. Mark Zuckerberg tackles various situations hard or supporting very effectively and efficiently.


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