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Discuss the contrast and compare the health care system of two different countries?



The variations present in the UK and US healthcare system are greatly depending upon the financial strength and political culture of individual country. The popularity of health care delivery system and financing is not only due to the worldwide necessity for healthcare, but also because of different style of care delivery systems and funding around the globe. Health care is considered as a popular topic for current and future generations, based on social and political culture. It is frequently seen that access to health care services is highlighted on news and other television programs, political promises and social group discussions. This implies that the people of the United States are coming nearer to insisting better reach to healthcare services (McCarthy, 2014). A general misconception is present among the American public that is the United Kingdom offers free health care services. In general speaking, the national health care services offer care services primarily based on the citizen taxation. The Americans consider augmented governmental involvements in the health care set up; hence, it is necessary to understand how this can be accomplished and its effect on the societies. According to Gass and Bezold (2013) information access, service quality and funding costs are the main components of health care system. The World Health Organization has stated that each and every individual should obtain care services without any economical constraint. According to the global health care service report, the UK makes the maximum spending in health care and social care services. The UK makes the maximum payment for nursing staffs, by providing work for almost 101nurses per 10,000people (Kumarasamy and Sanfilippo, 2015). The UK and the US have close cultural and historical ties, but in the context of health care, both these countries are considerably different. As they greatly differ from each other, both the countries can learn from one another to build up better systems and policies and thus develop health care service to their citizens. This paper will compare and contrast between the UK healthcare system and the US healthcare system. This paper will include organizational analysis, quality of individual system and funding (BBC News, 2015). The statements will be supported by proper evidence ad examples. The aim of this article is to identify the opportunities, advantages from relative strengths and correct or avoid limitations inherent in individual system.


The UK health care system

The Department of Health is said to be a government body accountable for the National Health Service in England. The objectives of The Department of Health involve overall improvement and wellbeing of the residents of England (Hollnagel, Braithwaite and Wears, 2013). This is accomplished by supporting, guiding and leading the National Health Service and the organizations associated with social care, to give high quality health services and to give options to the care consumers and importance to taxpayers.


The US health care system

The US health care services can be either private or either public.  Public health care included a role of the government or the public. The government and public agencies offer health care in disease prevention, health promotion, reporting, communicable disease monitoring and control of the environmental factors, like: water and air quality and also public health data analysis.

The UK funding

An NHS care consumer when uses an NHS service, like: acute care trust, PCT etc, they use so without any cost. It is vital to note that the subsystems of NHS and associated providers obtain compensation for taking care of the NHS patients and the compensation is not obtained directly from the patients during treatment. NHS compensation is supported by general taxation. The NHS is made up of government employees, hence the provider compensation is generally in the form of bonus or salary and funding is depend on contract between the NHS and the provider (Head et al., 2014). It was estimated that there was 8.3% of total GDP expenditure was used on healthcare and public expenditure was 14.5% (, 2015). This data represented that few occurrences are present where public do make a payment toward purchasing health care services and products. Few NHS services are not free. The health department enforces flat charges to NHS patients, for certain products, like optical, dental and pharmaceutical services and products.

The US funding

Many parties and entities are involved in sponsoring the US health care system. Almost 44% of health care GDP is paid out by the public or government funds and hence, almost, 56% of GDP associated with health care is paid out by private parties. Current data shows that health care expenses have reached almost US $2.8 trillion in the year 2011 (Dorsey, 2010). Due to this increase, it is vital for the US health care managers and US public to recognize how this care set up is funded to contribute to the clarification of this constantly rising problem. According to Hussey et al. (2004) one of the most special characteristic features of the US health care industry is its reliance on agency associations that is when individual party operates in support of another (Hussey et al., 2004). For example: a health insurance company works as a mediator for its member while dealing out compensations for health services. Third party payers give reimbursement for health care facility, whether it’s an employer group, a public plan or others. They pay for their members. The two agencies that are responsible for compensating for the healthcare services offered by the US are the patients and organizations.


Though the health care associated funding in the UK is controlled by the government and funding in the US is controlled by public and private agencies, both are only made achievable by public contribution. The basic differences are government involvement level and voluntary contribution versus mandatory taxation. The UK offers access to the health care services to all using an equally run health care delivery system to the United States, whereas, the US is facing economical burden. Hence, the US has significantly failed in offering Americans with reasonable healthcare services and instruction on the effect this has on the financial system. So, ultimately it can be recommended that the US health care system is more effective.



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