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Gap Analysis Of Green Hotel Marketing

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Discuss about the Gap Analysis of Green Hotel Marketing.



Hyatt Hotel Corporation is an American multinational hotel chain serving worldwide.  It is significantly providing with world class amenities to all its clients. Being a well-known property around the world, Hyatt attracts business travelers around the world. People from different cities and countries are opting Hyatt for a safe and effective stay. With the expanding business needs and technology up-gradation, Hyatt has developed itself as one of the most favored choice for the business travelers. With an increasing competition, there is an increasing need for developing an efficient product engaging large sized business corporations to opt Hyatt as their first choice.  There has been drastic change in the business environment due to developing interest of people to go oversea for pursuing their business related dreams.

This business plan is based on introduction of the business plan that is focused on A Mobile-Optimized Website. This mobile based will help in providing business travelers with an idea about the property. The hotel website will provide business travelers with an easy access to property information on the go. This will likely to rank higher in mobile searches than non-mobile sites.  The business traveler can make sure about the features Hyatt’s property provide and amenities clearly, on a single click. The website will be dedicated to the Business Travelers page that highlights all relevant amenities, services and packages made for the business travelers. This will not only helpful to potential corporate customers, but is an efficient way to enhance SEO.

With changing technological approaches in the business, it has become important to implement an effective marketing plan attracting business travelers across the world. This marketing plan will help in implementing the plan in an effective way. Business travelers are a next growing section in tour and travel. This has created needs for the business travelers to access the surroundings through a mobile optimized website. It will provide with a direct access to the places nearby and an effective customer services in order to manage the complete stay. Big corporate body can tie an alliance in order to carry out annual meeting and conferences. A Centralized app will help in smooth access in order to manage tour.

Hyatt is a world renowned multinational hotel chain incorporating new business ideas in order to attract customers across the world. With a varying size of the property from 200 to over 2000 rooms, Hyatt is able to meet every kind of business requirements. The Hyatt property is known across the world as an appropriate destination for people around the world (Hyatt Hotel Corp.2017). With a changing business scenario, Business travelers are looking for better opportunities in order to carry out smooth functioning. The overall purpose is to add-on an effective service so as to manage the operations (Our Company.2017).

The Hyatt property stands at ninth place in the world. With changing business situation, it has become significant to introduce an effective business plan in order to gain interest of business travelers.  Hyatt has a network more than 600 properties scattered across the globe. The hotel chain is effectively providing with the personalized services  to all its clients in order to meet the daily expenses in an effective way.


Organizational auditing and external factor Analysis

With such a great demand in business travel industry, The Hyatt Regency is one of the oldest brands located worldwide. These properties of Hyatt are well-known to meet the generic requirements. With the increasing pressure from the foreign travelers, it has become important to establish a central optimized mobile network.  This will help in arranging the requirements in a useful way. In a competitive business environment, this has become important to provide customers with the best facility. There are other hotel chains that provides with a centrally optimized website dealing with customers query. In the given proposal it is clear that there is no proper system providing with assistance to the business travelers. The web based facility will help in meeting traveler’s requirements. The specific app features will focus on the facilities like spa and other leisure for business travelers. Hyatt, under this situation, can take advantage by launching a centralized app for the business travelers. This facility is designed as a restricted service for the business traveler (Our story.2017).  It is due to their capacity that the website will be able to provide well-organized services to most of the international business travelers while exploring the facilities. The company has gained a sustainable market by enabling itself at local and International platform (Brotherton, 2012).

This facility will help in arranging the business requirements. This facility will appropriately focus on the entire requirements of the business travelers. The service considers all the requirements; even the pettiest service can be organized through the app.

  • A well framed and differentiated approach that will bring the brand at a competitive place
  • A well prepared plan connecting people through technology
  • A positive environment
  • A very well highly appreciated policies incorporating individual interest
  • Extremely professional workforce
  • Competent team with a focused brand values
  • A logical and well organized system that help in dealing with the issues related to technology
  • Overall, values and norms well characterized helping business travelers

Gap in communication due to long term strategy

  • An recognized characteristic of work and situation.
  • It is important to increase the interdepartmental communication
  • Employees down to business approach are important in case of dealing with the customer’s query. There is a requirement to arrange facility for the business travelers. High internet speed is necessary
  • There is a high Returning growth rate
  • Restricted competition
  • To create better opportunities in order to create better opportunities.
  • Multiple growing opportunities by creation of an effective business environment for the international tourist.
  • This may cause hardcore competition for the company in coming years.
  • recurrent similar services and a High degree of competition in the market.
  • Recession has affected the business in the recent time. This might create problems in the coming years.

PESTLE Analysis

The political situation of the country where Hyatt is established directly affects the execution of the business service. With the increasing technological environment, it has become evident for the economies around the world to implement an effective plan in order to increase overall GDP.  Individually, the brand is paying long term effectiveness in the modern environment.  This is important enough to create effective policies and procedures in order to deal with the problems.   Political environment therefore plays an important role in securing an effective position in the market. This however helps in gaining sustainable objectives in order to manage the organization.

Local economy is an important factor in introducing a change in the organization. With the growing economic need, it is important to place current market position in the society and constantly developing associations in order to understand the needs of people and working consequently in order to gain competency. The overall purpose is to gain systematic growth with an effective work frame (The Hyatt® Difference. 2011).


Social issues are important while dealing with the issues in order to manage the changes. With the ongoing changes in the society, the hotel industry requires an effective technology in order to provide an easy flow of work. The brand is providing with unparallel services in order to gain market competencies. This will help in driving  the company in a positive way.   The web based centralized mechanism will improve the overall efficiency of the system. This will help in managing individual needs in order to arrange long term effectiveness in a perfect alignment with the organizational goals. It is important enough for the business organization in dealing with the issues in order to manage sustainable results.

In the given situation, technological implementation is important in order to gain competencies. Hyatt through the current service will help in overcoming the ill-impact that is caused through the implementation of services for business travelers.  This will help in ensuring a well-organized operation at its property. The best feature of Hyatt is that it provide unique amount of services in every part of the world. By synchronizing the activities through a centralized system will help in organizing facilities for the international business travelers. This has helped them in gaining ample amount of recognition across world (Kamath, 2017).

All the legal compliance regarding the facilities will be managed through a centralized system. This will however help in managing the facilities in order to gain effectiveness against the complications in term of dealing with the complex situation.

The primary focus of Hyatt is to manage the environmental factors in an effective way. The purpose is to coordinate the environmental factors with the technology solutions. One can easily book the hotel room for the business travelling purpose sitting at different places around the world.  Hyatt has given much more priority to the environmental factors in dealing with the issues related to the business travelers.

The barriers in the execution of the plan are related with the short and long term issues that can be seen while executing the plan. There are various threats and opportunities attached with Hyatt while focusing over the current plan. The organizational strength depends largely upon the necessity. This ought to create threat for the organization on a long run. The organizational strength and development is important to develop effectiveness.

There can be issues in terms of service execution. It is tough for managing the A High-quality employee is important to deliver services  in order to gain competency . This can be over-come by attaining distinguished results.  Hyatt in this way can strengthen the brand strength resulting in victorious advancement.

There can be an excess pressure on the website creating a hassle.  In beginning there is a requirement to keep a well-trained workforce in order to deal with the issues. Hyatt is known for providing five star services to its clients across globe.

In providing centralized mechanism

The information regarding the service and its description is given to the business traveler personally on the website. By improving the centralized system, it would be easy to manage the activities in the best possible way (Pride, 2008).

The most important and effective part in case of competition is by implementing an effective brand strategy. These strategies have helped in generating an effective business for the organization. Hyatt's Central Reservation System plays an important role in ensuring effective reservations across world.  All these strategies are important enough to gain effectiveness in the market in order to  deal with the long term consequences. Hyatt Reservation center in order to get the reservation done (Kotler, Keller, Manceau and Hémonnet-Goujot,2015).

The marketing plan is regarding implementation of a High quality Mobile-Optimized Website. This mobile based system will help in providing business travelers with an idea about the property. This has become important for the hotel industry to develop effective centralized mechanism that will allow in gaining effectiveness in order to gain sustainable results (Armstrong, Adam, Denize and Kotler, 2014).

There marketing strategy is based on attaining objective. It is necessary to communicate the exclusive set of services they are continuously providing to their customers. There focus is to direct the focus of guests by giving them a high quality and value for the money (O'Neill and Mattila, 2010).

All these strategies are important enough to make effective advancements toward the business proposal.  It is important from the point of view of developing better relationship with the employees.   There is an effective connection in between the continuous growth and development in the field that will help in achieving long term result.  Better relationship with the customers will help in dealing with the issues in the organization. It is important for an organization in order to deal with the issues that are taking place since a long time (Fournier and Lee, 2009).


Techniques for new product development for the business traveler

There are different techniques that can be used in order to introduce the product into the market. New product introduction and management is of great importance in order to gain long term competencies. The product is important from the point of view of gaining long term customer consideration and gaining effectiveness. In order to gain long term insight it is important to follow the following points in order to gain competency:

Best Business facilities:  There is a necessity to express an interest for the large sized corporate house. This will help in encouraging sustainable organizational results. The best services include all those services that are included in 5 star amenities. The world class facilities have helped them to sustain competition under tough situation.

  • Custom-made Services: Hyatt is a famous name around world for providing customized services to the business traveler from different countries. They understand that it is important to serve the travelers by helping them to regulate services in an effective manner.
  • Deluxe facilities: It is possible to introduce the services for the customers by introducing services on a click. Hyatt has various five star properties across the world to provide deluxe services. It is necessary for an organization to manage effective services by providing deluxe facilities to the customers (Reid and Bojanic, 2009).

The centralized app based services is free of cost. Business traveler can upload it from Google store and Apple Store. Business Travelers across the globe can use the facility in an effective way. It is due to their pricing policy that the brand has gained a huge name in the market.  It is important enough for gaining sustainable objectives on a long run in order to deal with the issues (Nykiel, 2007).

Hyatt is focusing on the business travelers around the globe in making distinct advancement. For the reason they are working on dealing with the appropriate strategies in order to gain effectiveness. The purpose is to gain effective role in order to manage the quality for the purpose of organizational goals. The quality model is developed to understand the value for the loyal guest. There pricing policies are focused on the customers for which they are providing with  guest cards in order to retain loyal customers . These cards are valid across the globe and provide a high discounted rate to the customers (Punitha and Rasdi, 2013).

The Hyatt Regency is very well coordinating with the sub-brands in order to coordinate with the work. For the reason, it has to procure the most effective solution in order to deal with the situation. This is important enough to gain sustainable objectives while managing the distribution pattern that are seen in the organization.  Hyatt has an effective distribution policy that focuses upon gaining effective growth.  For business travelers it is important to design the mechanism in order to gain an effective distribution pattern (Lim, 2010).

Communication mix

For attaining an effective result, it is important to communicate the strategies in a better way. This is a well- coordinated marketing strategies. In a distinguished atmosphere this has become necessary for a company to provide personalized services to the customers. The company’s marketing team allocates individual hotel manager to manage the property. It has become necessary for a business organization to serve each individual needs. The subject and revenue objectives have helped in attaining a distinguished market place. The purpose is to strengthen the objectives by focusing on corporate houses in coordinating business meeting at Hyatt (Line and Runyan, 2012).

Brand direct marketing at Hyatt is handled by their PR agency. They formulate a list in order to sell product to the direct customer. In a distinguished environment it has become necessary to select a proper targeted list of companies. It is necessary to send them information about the range of Hotel they are providing with.  The PR agent hired by Hyatt is responsible to manage public relationship with the corporate bodies (Reid and Bojanic, 2009). This is related with business processes in order to bring mutually people and technology to serve the mission. The company has created a team of regional directors in order to maximize the revenue. There duty is to generate the revenue by incorporating distinguished marketing objectives. The revenue can only be earned if policies are implemented in an effective manner (Barrows and Powers, 2008).

There is a possibility that Hyatt may face issue in execution of the plan in case of employee development and management.  Employees may feel agitated at an initial stage. It is suggested to negotiate the terms and conditions related to the upcoming project.  There is a possibility that they might replace existing employees.


Hyatt might face difficulty which is based on false claim by the business travelers. Such ethical issues need to be handled at priority by the company. Under such a circumstance it is necessary for them to restructure the ethical issues in an effective manner in order to attain sustainable results.

A consolidated budget for deployment of the business plan is required to be implemented. An equivalent amount needs to be kept aside after considering the overall sales and cost. There is a need to meet the ethical issues taking place in the organization.

However the budget needs to be prepared in accordance with all variable and fixed factors that need to be considered at priority.

It is the last function that includes overall evaluation and implementation of the budget that is allocated for the business in order to meet the task. Hyatt is consistently preparing a separate budget in order to remove irregularities.  There is a necessity to implement the centralized mechanism in order to regulate the services in the most effective way.


Hyatt has a worldwide portfolio with more than 600 properties across globe. It is difficult for the company to focus on all the individual needs. Every local market has distinctive needs. In such a scenario it is important for them to formulate effective policies for business travelers by understanding the difficulties they are facing, by keeping their requirements in mind, it is possible to gain competency in the low-edge market. Secondly they need to develop a comprehensive loyalty program for their regular business travelers. This will help to achieve a sustainable market place. Thirdly Hyatt needs to focus on retaining efficient employees who are performing excellently. Lastly it is recommended to develop high standards for the room division for the international business travelers by keeping a centralized portal. The app based service will allow them to access the hotel services in a smooth manner.


The report put forward the marketing plan for Hyatt for their business travelers. In changing business scenario, it has become evident to organize effective services in order to gain market competencies. They serve as the best place to meet the requirements of the guest across the world by meeting all their personal needs. The brand is known for providing effective services to the customers worldwide through their hotel chains. There marketing strategy has helped them to communicate with the customers in an effective manner. The primitive and quantitative strategies help in identifying desired results. The quality model is developed to value standard the international business travelers. Majority of opportunities are occurring at the global market that is helping them to retain market growth. Hyatt is a global brand with an international image it need to focus on the market requirements as per the local market needs.



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