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Global Food Security: How Best To Feed The World

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Explain? How Global food security best to feed the world?



In this assignment it will be discussed that how the professional food science technologists are utilizing their expertise in the food science and technology in United Kingdom.  In this assignment it has also been discussed that what the personal qualities a food science technologists required for complying themselves with the accurate communications and skills.  In United Kingdom and also in other European Union countries this study has been making an outstanding mark in the world.

Food science and technology is one of the most well-liked subjects of today’s generation. This subject has given a very good carrier option to the students. By studying this course the students can make their future in this department and take care about the food habits of the common people.

Food science is that study where the physical, chemical and biological make up has been done of the food and in this the underlying process of the food processing is also been done and food technology is that type of science where the food selection, processing, preservation, packaging and distribution has been done to keep the food safe (Robertson, 2012).

Food and science technology is that subject where after studying about this subject they go into that profession where they have to check the food qualities which are served in different restaurants and hotels. They test the food qualities that which is better to use and which are not. For a food science professional their main work is to test the kitchen work whether the kitchen is kept clean or not. The foods which are being used are fresh or not. The utensils in which the foods are cooked and also kept are cleaned or not because the hygiene factors need to be maintained so that the name of the restaurant and the hotels remain high and the customers keep on coming (Gunstone, Ed.2011).  A professional food science technologist always keeps writing about their product specification so that they can give their specification to the hotel managers and also to the restaurant or café managers so that they the kitchen and its environment clean and keep all the products in their place hygienic. Now a day’s each and every customer’s are always keep the hygienic factor in their top most priority( Bucchi, and Trench, Eds.2014). So, to keep their customers satisfied and also keep their place up to dated and hygienic the managers have to always keep themselves in touch with the food science technologists who will tell them how to keep everything perfect. The food science technologists need to keep contact with the suppliers who are delivering the raw materials to the hotels and restaurants. They have to give them strict instructions that they should supply fresh food and also should maintain the hygiene and the cold storage where the restaurant owners and hotels owners are keeping their raw materials need to be clean so that the food should be fresh and none of the raw materials should be worm affected. The food which are being kept in the cold storage need to be checked on a daily basis that no of them are not getting rotten because if one of the items start getting affected by the worms then it will rot other raw materials also and these will create a big problem for the owners of the restaurants and hotels. The food science technologists should organize events and give workshops to the students of this course that how to keep the standard of the food qualities (Sun, Ed.2012). They also should organize events for the customers and show them that how they are keeping the hygiene factors for restaurants and hotels and how they take care of the raw materials in their cold storage and from where they are buying their raw materials which they are using in their hotels and also maintaining the hygiene factors of their respective kitchen. This events or the workshop will help the customers to understand that how they maintain their kitchen keeping in mind about the hygiene factors for their customers.  The food science technologists goes for one to one talk with the managers and tell them about their view of checking the food qualities which they are serving to their customers and guests and also listens to the managers view  and also what steps they are taking for maintaining the food qualities of their place (Campbell-Platt, 2009). When the parents comes with their wards to the restaurant’s then the food science technologists have to talk with them how the restaurant are keeping their hygiene factors so that the parents do not have to think about the hygiene factors maintained in the restaurants and they also suggests the parents by what steps they can keep their home more hygienic and also the food which can be kept germ free and keep their wards away from diseases. They can give the parents a course on nutrition so that they can make their wards eat nutritious food but now a day’s keeps running away from healthy foods and always wants to have unhealthy and junk foods. So, the technologists can teach the parents to make the nutritious food tasty so that the wards do not create any problem while having them (Rockland, and Stewart Eds 2013). The food technologists should have a session with a group of kids and tell them about the hygienic food which they should have to keep themselves healthy and fit so that they can become a famous sportsman in their future. The technologists should also tell the kids about all the positive and goods things they should do to keep them fit and healthy (Rao, and Ahmed,Eds. 2014).. The  food technologists can also give cooking sessions to the parents and also to food stall owners and chefs on how to maintain the qualities of the food so that the main healthy factors within the food remains and do not wash away while washing the foods and also while cooking them (Walstra, and  Geurts, 2014). The food technologists should also write in bulletins so that they can give their messages to all those people also with whom they cannot contact face to face and make them aware of the hygienic sense of the food qualities so that they can maintain the food qualities at home and also in their work place i.e. in restaurants and hotels (Stumbo, 2013). The food technologists should also manage web pages where they can give their important inputs to the whole world about food qualities and how the people should maintain the food qualities. They also responds to the emails and newsletters which the common people send them asking about the quires and the technologists tries to solve their queries as much as they can (Li-Chan, and Griffiths,Eds .2011). The technologists should have a good communication skill which will help them for communicating with the cooks of the restaurants and the managers of the hotels and restaurants. They should possess the ability of working in a team because they have to work in a team and they should also be flexible with their work timing because they might be needed at any place at any point of time. As they have to work online also so they need to be good in their IT skills and with team work they also should have the ability in partnership working (Granato, and Jarvis, 2014).As a food technologists they should always be on phone as they have to travel a lot away from home so they can be connected at anytime and anywhere with their queries. To reach a lot of people and tell them about the food qualities and how they should maintain the hygiene factors to keep themselves fit and healthy so they should attend lot of conferences and seminars and make the people aware about all this factors. They should always be updated with the latest researches which are being taking place so that while going for a conference and seminars they can inform the audience about the latest techniques the food science departments are inventing for keeping the food qualities better and hygienic. They travel to various restaurants and hotels and test the taste and also the food quality and they are maintaining the hygiene factors or not and on that they will be writing the report and then submit it to the ministry and any hotel or restaurant owners are found guilty then they are penalized. They also keeps check on the suppliers that whether they are sending good quality raw materials or not and the place where they are keeping the food are maintaining the hygienic factors or not and they also have to keep the link between the laboratories where the food qualities are tested and also with the technical department where the whole processing takes place till the distribution part so that the foods are safe for having.


As a professional food science technologist, I also have to maintain these roles which a professional technologist maintains but the company where I work is situated in Birmingham and this company is among the niche sectors and the role played by this company is from the storage to the distribution of the meat processing. This company is a meat processing plant where the processing of different types of meat is done (Markakis, Ed.2012). This company supplies meat to all the hotels, restaurants of that area. They have to maintain the quality of the food so that its hygiene factor is maintained and does not affect the health of the people who are consuming this meat. The role or the position that is been maintained by me in these company is of the technical assistant.  I am the line manager of the technical department so I have to actively involve myself in all other departments also (Taylor, 2012). So, the work which I have to look after is the procedures and the policies of the company are well maintained by the employees or not. I also have to maintain the record sheets of the company as I am the line manager and involving myself in all other departmental work also. As a line manager, have to hear all the complaints of the customers also regarding the food quality and also other problems which they are facing regarding the meat that has been delivered to them and also have to look after the trainings that the company is giving to their new employees who have recently joined the company.  As a line manager also have to monitor the PRP’s and CCP’s of the company (Liener, Ed.2012). The set up of the meat processing plant are also been maintained so that the systems are working in the right way or not and also in the machines which are used for processing the meat.  I also have to look after the compliance of the company and if there is any then that should be solved without any such problems for the company and also for other employees working in the company (Stewart, and  Amerine, 2012). As a line manager also have to solve the micro issues which are happening under my department so that it does not affect the working structure of the other employees. Audits need to be done to see that all the work which are being done are done properly or not without any difficulties and the audits are also being done to see whether the work which is done by the employees are done in the correct way or not. The employees who are been trained in the operating section are need to be given training on each and every part of the operating section so that if there is any problem then they can solve them by themselves only without taking help from outside (Stephen, and  Phillips Eds.2014). The things which are been produced need to be tried before sending them for processing, preservation and packaging.  As a line manager I also have to see the competition of the market so that our company also gives a tough competition to the other food processing competitors of the market.  One of my major concerns should be that my company is maintaining the quality and the hygiene factors of the company or not and people are more conscious about these two factors (Cornelissen, 2011).  For maintain the quality and the hygiene factors the company is sourcing the waste control, pest controls and also the chemicals which are being used for cleaning are well maintained or not. The hygiene factors need to be operative along with the titration checking of the chemicals (Campbell-Platt, Ed.2011).

In a nutshell it can be said that the post of food science technologists is very crucial because they are looking after the health factor the consumers so that they do not consume any unhygienic things which will affect their health. As a food science technologist they should always keep the common public aware that what type of they should have for maintaining their health and also what steps they should take for maintain for keep the food qualities high. The technologists also have to maintain the hygienic sense of the company where the food is processed so that the customers do not have any problem regarding the processed food along with that the production of the company also needs to be maintained also the marketing section so that they can give a good competition to their competitors. So at last it can be said that we should consume healthy and hygienic food to ourselves fit and healthy.



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