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Support for Animal Welfare


Discuss About The Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability?

Premier investment operations have had both positive and negative impacts on the environment and society. Positively this company has supported two organizations, the RSPCA and Paw Justice which deals with animal welfare. (Hedberg, 2013) Additionally, this firm has extended its support on education sector by supporting children charities, organizations and education programs. Negatively, this firm has registered some impacts in the environment such as pollution and resultant infections as a result of the effects of water pollution. (Bodnar, 2011)

As much as peter alexander has recorded his expertise in pyjamas, additionally, he become famous for his dogs, and he has also recorded a huge support in animal safety groups. For the last eleven years peter alexander has worked diligently to Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Australia. (Bodnar, 2011) Fundraising activities aimed at raising cognizance for animal donations has been the core concern in this scenario. Under the RSPCA project, Peter has recorded a $548,000 support for shelters which take care of approximately 140,000 animals on yearly bases to supporting liberation, restoration and rehoming undesirable, vagrant and wounded animals.

In the year 2014, following the management presence of peter alexander in the New Zealand, a partnership was established with the NZ animal charity Paw Justice giving a support of close to $41000 over the last 3 years. Paw Justice works to stop the misuse of violent animals and has been an influential in directing the New Zealand’s public devotion on the need to reorganize animal welfare regulations done by youth education awareness and the promotion for pets. (Hedberg, 2013) The involvement with these two organizations, RSPCA and Paw Justice continues to be the key role under the support of Peter Alexander brand. Several items have been produced across the year such as Playing cards and chocolates and all the sales made out of these goods were directed to support these charities.

These activities by premier investments can be considered as positive impacts on the environment since animals play a crucial role in retaining the World's ordinary surroundings by predating upon vegetation and some other animals, pollinating various plants, and exhaling CO2, which green plants require for live. (Forneti, 2014) Additionally, animals help to fertilize plants via their droppings, which offer nutrition for plants, and seed-dispersal inclinations, which help plants to scatter through habitats. Once they die, animals also act as diet for microorganisms and additional minerals for plants. (Hedberg, 2013)

Support for Education

Premier investment under Smiggle brand has registered a considerable support in the education sector. This support has been directed to children’s donations, organizations and education addition it has supported uncountable community fundraising functions both locally and abroad, for institutes, sporting activities and educational levels. This can be considered as a positive social impact of this company.

Premier investment has a broad recycling and justifiable practices across its networked stores, distribution and support centers. The distribution sector executes on-site salvage systems for recycling the used packs and adheres to sustainable packaging procedures. All the carton packaging makes use of recycled content. These cartons are also re-used to facilitate renewal of stock or if need be, the waste packaging is compressed and unruffled for recycling. (Forneti, 2014) The company has affiliated with Orora to collect and process in line with their recycling procedures. This is a positive impact to both the environment and society since it reduces pollution and resultant diseases. Contrally to the positive impacts premier investment has registered to both the environment and social life, it also has significant negative impacts.

Packaging management has been a major problem not only in premier investment company but to all the companies under operation, Thousands of whales, fowls, seals and turtles are die each year from malleable bag litter in the marine surroundings as they often slipup plastic for food such as jellyfish. Plastics, once consumed, cannot be absorbed or passed by an animal so it remains in the gut causing death.

Environmental pollution affects not only the animals but also the human population. The wellbeing effects of interacting with polluted water can vary from no physical effects to severe diseases or even death. (bodie, 2012) Some of the impacts of interacting with dirty water can be immediate, or not discerned for many years. These consist of gastrointestinal and stomach diseases like: nausea

It entails the assessment on the health and welfare impacts of firm’s products and services. Under this disclosure, the organization is entitled to give an account on the percentage of substantial products and services for which health and welfare impacts are evaluated for improvement. It helps to point out the existence and the range of organized efforts to discourse health and welfare across the existence of a product or service. In reporting the information the organization will also be supposed to describe the criteria used to carry out the assessment. (Hahn, 2012)

Recycling Practices

The organization will be required to give a report on the geographical locations where products and services are distributed, the sectors attended and kinds of customers and recipients. This information is very important to customers to update them on where to buy products from a given company. (Hahn, 2012)

Under this standard, the organization is required to report on the typical hours of teaching that the organizations employees have gone through during the reporting time by gender and the kind of employee. This disclosure helps in providing understanding into the scale of an organizations commitment in training and the degree to which the commitment is made across the entire employee fraternity. Under this scenario, training is used to refer to different kinds of vocational training and directives, paid education leave catered for by the organization on behalf of its employees and education taken externally and paid for in whole or in part by the organization. It does not include the on-site coaching by supervisors. (Hahn, 2012)

The firm will be required to give an account on direct monetary value created and circulated on an accumulations basis. The elementary components of the organizations international setups will also be anticipated such as revenues, running costs, employee salaries and benefits, payments to resource providers, expenses to government by country and society investments. Lastly the net economic value (direct economic value generated less economic value distributed). (Hahn, 2012) it is also advisable for these reports to be given separately based on country, regional or market levels and the criteria used for defining significance.

Premier investment recognizes the significance of vitality proficient, low natural impact lightning frameworks and has clung to new redesigned lightning guidelines to ably oversee vitality utilization in every one of its stores. This has brought about a venture to store systems and moved up to LED lighting. (Hedberg, 2013) This activity has therefore implied less warmth consequently decreasing the general warmth stack on stores and lessened speculation on cooling necessities. This has prompted an extreme lessening in progressing upkeep and light substitution. This standard has been executed for all new store fit-outs.

Similarly, Myer has come up with an Energy Controlling Tactic, with an aim of decreasing  energy strength by 10 to 15 percent by the year 2018, from a standard of 190 as per has embarked on a major project program with the goal of attaining this objective, with projects comprising of: Lighting effectiveness upgrades, Encroachments to building regulations, Heating and Refrigeration system maintenances and upgrades, Hotness and time-clock adjustments, Energy data checking and reporting to all the stores on Education and performance change. (bodie, 2012)

Negative Impacts: Pollution

Premier investment has implemented a widespread salvaging and justifiable practices through the set-up of its stores, dissemination centers and support locations. The supply firms carry out on- site reclamation systems for recycling used packing and follow viable packaging procedures. (Hahn, 2012)All carton packaging’s makes use of recycled content. These cartons are salvaged to facilitate the renewal of stock. Similarly, waste and recycling is one of the Myer commitment aimed at reducing waste and increasing recycling of packaging

Australian retail businesses decision to comply with the GRI guidelines will bring about benefits to premier investments potential investors, current shareholders and other stakeholders in several ways. Below is an evaluation of how this decision will be beneficial. (Forneti, 2014)

Firstly, compliance with disclosure 201-1 whereby all the organizations are entitled to present a report on direct economic value generated (revenue), its economic value distributed and at the end presents its net economic value status; this information is very crucial for potential investors to make a choice on the organization to invest. Definitely a potential investor will opt to invest in an organization that has a large net economic. (Forneti, 2014)

Secondly, under the disclosure 419-1 where the organization is entitled to give a report on total financial value of major fines, total number of non-financial authorizations and the cases taken to an organization through clash resolution. This information can similarly be used by potential investors to make a choice on the appropriate organization to invest since this information enables the investors to differentiate between the financial stable organizations and those not secure enough to invest in. (Forneti, 2014)

According to disclosure 418-1, where organizations are required to give a report on the total number of confirmed complaints received from the customers, external parties and regulatory bodies, customers will always make use of this information in a case where several organizations produce same goods and services to make a choice on which organization to purchase products from. (Forneti, 2014)

Thirdly, on disclosure 416-1 regarding health and welfare impacts of items and services, an organization is entitled to give a account on the percentage of noteworthy of product and service sorts for which health and welfare effects are evaluated for improvement. Availability of this information from different organizations producing same products can be used by customers to make choice on which organization to buy products from. (Forneti, 2014)


Performance assessment will help an organization to understand diverse sides of its business processes on one hand where by scrutinizing performance in a certain period will assist the organization to forecast their future business enactments. This information obtained on business progress can be used by number of parties, different stakeholders who include shareholders, creditors, workers, tax authorities, government, media, etc. All the mentioned parties can use this data of performance evaluation with a goal to evaluate the business operations of the organization, future of the organization and can play a role towards decision making procedure of the organization as evaluation will bring a vibrant image on the organizations’ economic health level, the financial feasibility, productivity and resource management. Also with the right data investors and shareholders will be able to make the accurate decision in terms of their investments where proper prospects can be recognized regarding the prospective of positive outcome of it.

Both costs are variable in that, the insurance cover will always fluctuate depending on the countries security status. Licenses and permits will also fluctuate depending on the currency fluctuations. Advertising and promotion fee in addition will change depending on the level of the business.

Break-even analysis simply refers to the correlation between the budget volume and returns at different levels of an action, with stress directed on the break-even point. This state is where the corporate makes neither gains nor losses, simply meaning the money gained from sales is equal to total money expended to produce the products for sale. Considering the case of premier desirability of opening up new stores in new territories, this tool is ineffective because of several reasons. (Hahn, 2012)

It assumes the sales prices to be constant at all the output levels, this is not the case in this scenario considering the fact that these stores will have been established in different countries which have different business regulations such as tax rates, currency value etc.

It assumes that the production and sales are the same; this is Contrally to the real situation bearing in mind that this will be a new product into the markets of these countries and it is likely to take time for it to be known. Before that time, the production will definitely remain higher than the sales.





1.increase profit

1.increase revenue per user

2.decrease operating costs

Customer expansion

1.improve end user experience

2.improve clarity of offering

Internal Business Processes

1.improve information services

1.improve ease of use for end users

2.improve offering selection

Learning and Growth

1.improve knowledge and skills

1.improve technology

2.improve content supply

Finding the breakeven

In its naivest terms, breakeven ensues when the corporate is neither getting profit nor loss of money. In other words,

Income = total expenses

Calculation of revenues

Blast wash ($30*8000units=$240000)

Faded wash ($30*10000units=$300000)

Ripped and scuffed ($35*7000units=245000)

Total revenue p.a= ($245000+$300000+$240000=$785000)

Calculation of expenses

Blast wash (8000*15=$120000)

Faded wash (10000*10.5=$105000)

Ripped and scuffed (7000*16=$112000)

Total expenses=$337000

Other expenses incurred (200000+80000+150000+110000)

Total= ($540000)

Assuming the total units sold (blast wash, faded wash and ripped) to be X

785000 *X = ($540000 +$337000)

X=877000/785000=1.117 units.


bodie, m. &. (2012). management of financial guarantees.

Bodnar, H. m. (2011). Financial risk management.

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Hahn, L. (2012). Legitimizing negative aspects of GRI-oriented sustainability.

Hedberg, v. m. (2013). global reporting initiative sustainability.

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