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Globalizing Human Resource Management And Sustainability

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Discuss about the Globalizing Human Resource Management and Sustainability.



Resources are an important agent, which helps the companies and organizations to produce quality products. Effective and judicious utilization of the resources adds value to the word “human” in the proposed heading of the discussion. Application of effective management techniques helps the personnel to monitor the progress in terms of achieving the identified and the specified business requirements (Stone, 2013, p.12). This discussion, through the example of Top Trucking Company, speculates the management of the human resources in order to bestow quality products on the customers. The purpose of this report is to make the personnel of the Trucking Company aware of the ways and means of managing the human resources.

The new systems that were adopted proved efficient in mitigating the instances of conflicts. Cleaning up the yards aligns with the cleansing of the polluted minds of the employees of the Top Trucking Company. Along with this, bringing new uniforms for the employees, act as an address towards bringing uniformity within the workplace environment (Rahn, 2015, p.23). Installation of new computer system projects the struggle of the managers in terms of adding efficiency in the business activities. Appointing new yard manager restores normalcy in the workplace environment, reducing the spoilers. Along with this, this step provided the employees with safe and comfortable workplace to the employees. The attributes of safe and comfortable relates to the fresh air. Breathing this fresh air is the capability of the employees to produce creative ontents for fulfilling the business requirements (Jackson, Ones & Dilchert, 2012, p.34). The conscious approach of the newly appointed manager proves beneficial for the Trucking Company in terms of escalating the reputational status into new heights. This contradicts the autocracy of the previous manager, which had polluted the workplace. Involvement of the company personnel in the decision-making process eased the process of achieving efficient and effective resolutions. Exposure of rationality in this direction aligns with the usual conventions of a managerial role (Shields et al., 2015, p.45).  Dedication and commitment of the new manager acts as an inspiration, for the employees, in terms of displaying better performance. Specifically, ensuring the wellbeing and safety of the employees and customers qualifies him as easily approachable among the employees. This motive enhances the stability in the relationship between the employees and the managers (Denhardt, Denhardt & Aristigueta, 2012, p.56). Along with this, provision of training to the employees is one of the other grounds, which enhances the stability in this relationship. Motivation and encouragement acts as a medium within this relationship.


Delving deep into the adopted changes, the word “new” is common between the changes and the management. Here, it can be said that it is the management, through whom changes enter into the threshold of the workplace (Brewster & Mayrhofer, 2012, p.67). These attributes were lacking in case of the earlier manager. On the contrary, approach of the new yard manager in the initial stages of his recruitment gives him a green signal for execution of his workplace operations. The vastness of the yard bears correlation with the workplace, the sanctity of which is maintained through the desperate efforts undertaken by the managers (Morgan, 2013, p.78). The behavioral conduct is the grounds which places the new manager in a high pedestal as compared to the earlier manager.

Further, it is the management that introduces the changes proposed by the stakeholders and shareholders. Lack of coordination between the management authority acts as a compromise with the business requirements of the company. Herein, the action of managing attains a negative connotation. Moreover, the strikes, that took place due to the hostility between the two managers, contradict the true essence of the aspect of managing the human resources (Stahl, Björkman & Morris, 2012, p.89). The earlier sentence highlights the negative side of the discussion, which broadens its scope and arena. Maintaining a cue with this negativity, it contradicts the adjective of complementary in the proposed question.


Potential risks of sustaining the proposed changes

Success and failures are the two phases of companies and organizations. Both the aspects are related to each other. Emerging successful in overcoming the failures adds to the reputation status of the companies and organizations including the Trucking Company (Griffin, 2013, p.90). The earlier sentence makes the statement, “Failures are the stepping stones of success”, tautologically true. Possession of effective risk assessment tools reduces the hardness of the stones, which helps the company to reach the targeted goals and objectives. On the other hand, exposure of negligence in terms of mitigating the intensity of the identified risks aggravates the hardness of the stones, which detaches the company from the identified and the specified objectives (Camps & Luna, 2012, p.15).

Continuation of George as a manager would aggravate the complexities of the company. This continuity would contradict the true essence of the adjective “constructive” in the workplace relationships.  There would be strikes, which would hamper the execution of the workplace activities. Herein, management attains a negative connotation in terms of the utilization of the organizational resources (Bratton & Gold, 2012, p.121). Countering this, stability from the manager itself is an indication of vulnerable foundation, which lacks adaptability and sustainability in case of changes.

On the contrary, continuation of the new yard manager would establish participative organizational structure for the company. Herein, lays the appropriateness of the adjective “constructive”. Collaboration and coordination between the functional units of the company would act as an agent in the achievement of successful completion of the tasks within the stipulated time frame (Buller & McEvoy, 2012, p.47). Within this, the understanding, caring and supportive nature of the new yard manager would help the employees to clear their doubts regarding the execution of the workplace operations. Provision of adequate motivation and encouragement to the employees would add to the roles and responsibilities of the new yard manager. Along with this, it would reflect his corporate attitude, which would enhance the reputational status of the company. This enhancement would help the company to achieve high sales revenue, reaching new heights of success (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016, p.234).

Speculating the continuity of both the managers, the role of new yard manager attains a high position. The major drive behind this is the exposure of rational behavior, which aligns with the usual conventions of a managerial role. In view of this, the company would achieve sustainable growth under the guidance of new yard manager. This connotation attains a positive note, which qualifies the company as adaptable to the changes and sustaining it. However, lack of confirmation regarding the tenure of the new yard managers highlights the interrogative parameter for the earlier sentence (Bratton & Gold, 2012, p.345). As a sequential step, the management in this perspective makes vulnerable, which questions the proposed question. The predicament of new yard manager depends on the decision of George. However, there are no grounds for not permitting the new yard manager to continue his tenure. Negative answer in this case would be a foolishness of George in terms of his managerial roles and responsibilities. On the other hand, affirmative answer would reflect his consciousness towards restoring the normalcy within the workplace environment.  Counter arguing this, putting the responsibility on George contradicts the true essence of the aspect of management. Herein, the human resources are nullified (Griffin, 2013, p.456).  This is in reference to the fact that it is the results, which decides the performance of the company including the management.


Involvement of the Transport Workers Union in the implementation of the proposed changes

Involvement of the agency partners would prove beneficial for the company to ensure the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed changes in terms of beautifying the workplace environment. As a matter of specification, involving the Trade Union members would act as an additional assistance for the Trucking Company in terms of achieving stability in the financial aspects (Stahl, Björkman & Morris, 2012, p.567). Typical examples in this direction are: tariffs that restrict the company to implement the changes; fluctuating prices, which aggravates the complexities of the company in terms of setting the prices of the transports.

Joint ventures between George, new yard managers and the Trade union members proved beneficial for the Trucking Company in luring several buyers. This has escalated the sales revenue and added maximum value in the profit margin.  The beautification of the infrastructure paved the way of foreign market penetration for the company (Brewster & Mayrhofer, 2012, p.678). The interactive sessions between the managerial authorities and the Trade union members resulted in the introduction of lucrative deals, trades and transactions for the buyers. The polite and courteous approach of the new yard manager proved beneficial in convincing the tough Trade Union members towards the brand image of the company. All these achievements altered the predicament of the company.

With this success of the company, a different side of George’s character is highlighted. Unwillingness towards the new yard manager’s transfer projects his intention towards retaining the newly appointed yard manager (Denhardt, Denhardt & Aristigueta, 2012, p.789). This is owing to his pleasing personality, which would lure the foreign investors, such as, the members of public and private sector union members towards the brand image. This would further expand the market size, scope and arena of the company within the Australian market.

Viewing it from other perspectives, involvement of the agency partners as well as the union members, in the implementation of the changes, acts as a protective cover watch for the company, in terms of the execution of business activities (Shields et al., 2015, p.890). Herein, lays the adherence and compliance to the standards and norms of the regulatory framework, which enhances the stability in the workplace relationships. This stability adds value to the adjective constructive, which enlivens the relationship between the employees and the managers. Exposure of conscious attitude in the maintenance of this stability bears correlation with the true aspect of management (Jackson, Ones & Dilchert, 2012, p.900). Adoption of effective resolutions, such as means of negotiations reflects the inner essence of the management of human resources, which results in the execution of the business activities of the company in an efficient and effective manner. The earlier sentence bears resemblance with the requirements of the discussion.



This discussion emerges successful in providing an insight into the effective management of human resources for the companies and organizations. The case study of Trucking Company enlivens the heated and hostile relations between the personnel in the workplace. However, speculation of the current position of the Trucking Company contradicts the hostility between the personnel. The major drive behind this is the pleasing personality of the new yard manager, which acts as an agent for the company in terms of reaching to the new heights of success. Involvement of the trade union members serves the purpose of evaluation, which helps in beautification of the infrastructure for the company.



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