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GM701 International Human Resource Management

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  • Course Code: GM701
  • University: Eaton Business School
  • Country: United Arab Emirates


Assignment Task 1: Video Case Analysis

Review the following YouTube Links on Google and Zappos, and answer the following questions: [Google] [Zappos]

  1. Compare the employee friendly Google offices in USA, China, Brazil and Switzerland and explain how the productivity of employees at Google has improved over the years.
  1. If you were an HR Consultant and asked to review the work culture at Zappos and implement similar initiatives at your organization, discuss how you would execute the task assigned to you.

Assignment Task 2:

You are assigned to design a pre-departure training program for a British family moving to UAE. Discuss the program in detail.

Scenario: A British couple with two school going children is taking up an expat assignment in UAE in 6 months from now. The wife has been offered a three year senior management assignment with Zayed University in Abudhabi. Her husband is an experienced music teacher. Their two children, one boy and the other a girl, are aged 11 and 6 respectively.

Assignment Task 3: 

American Versus Japanese Human Resource Management Practices:

Scenario: Mazda and Chrysler faced similar threat of bankruptcy in early 1980s. Mazda’s managers agreed to a 25% salary cut and a loss of bonuses for four years. Chrysler, in contrast, cut its blue-collar workforce by 28%, its white-collar staff by 7% and its senior executives pay by 2%.

  1. Explain the starkly different approaches of Mazda and Chrysler in light of International HR strategies?
  1. Compare the cultural differences prevalent in America and Japan that may have influenced the decisions taken at Mazda and Chrysler.

Assignment Task 4:

Global Staffing Policies:

Etisalat, a telecommunications company based in UAE has recently outsourced the customer service operations to Egypt. Explain the benefits of this HR initiative with respect to the major functions of Human Resource Management.




International Human Resource Management might be stated as a group of tasks focused on handling administrative human resources on global standard to attain administrative aims as well as attain economic benefits across rivals on global as well as national level demonstrated by Butler and Callahan (2014). Blake and Moulton (1962) stated that IHRM comprises distinctive HRM operations like hiring, selection, development, and training, dismissal and performance appraisal done on global level as well as extra activities like expatriate management, international skills administration, and much more. In this assignment, we will critically compare and analyze the worker friendly workplaces of Google in Switzerland, Brazil, China, and USA as well as how such offices have contributed for carrying out the more productivity among their workers. We will also review the culture of work at Zappos office as well as apply identical steps in company. The assignment also aims on designing a pre-departure training program in case of British family shifting to UAE. Through this assignment, we will also come across the starkly unlike methods of Chrysler and Mazda with reference to global HR strategies. It will also help in evaluating the traditional differences established in Japan and America, which might have affected the choices implied at Chrysler and Mazda along with carrying out international staffing schemes.

Assignment Task 1:

Google’s Organizational Culture and How it Improve Employee’s Productivity 

A company’s culture is the most significant feature of a firm’s success. The method an individual chooses for establishing a particular type of culture within the firm is the most essential part when it comes to how their employees are functioning through you and for you so as to lead your company towards success. The Organizational culture of any firm, be it big or small will eventually affect the welfare of the company as a whole and if, one does not hire persons who have the same ideas, morals, integrities and principles as that of the company, the employees are likely to leave the place quickly.  There is a huge misconception amongst people about good salary packages being the sole reason for employees to be inspired to work, however this is not true at all. The productivity will enhance only when the employee feels like he is a piece which fits perfectly in the puzzle which is the company. It is human nature, if you are appreciated and valued enough; you will yourself want to give back for all the respect you are receiving by   giving your best to the specified person, which is why if everyone starts cherishing their employees, they are most likely to become creative and operative.

Google as we all know, is a multinational company which is based in America that particularizes in facilities and goods relating to the Internet like promotion tools, search engine, and many others. All (2007) stated that it is a renowned fact that Google’s work culture is different from that of any typical corporate company. Lashinsky (2007) stated that it is ranked as one of the top companies to have the happiest employees all over the world. One does not need to study thoroughly into this matter as you can easily make this out by just having a glance at the photos inside their offices, which looks to be more like a playground for adults rather than a work place because of the numerous amenities they offer specifically for their clients to make their offices one of the most employee friendly places in the world.

As Google is operating all over the world now, it has spread out its office in many parts of the world including some of the top countries like China, Brazil, USA, Switzerland and many more. Making a place amongst one of the top companies to have the happiest employees is a big achievement and it also requires a lot of work, which is why Google has hired people specifically for the purpose of keeping their employees contented like personal trainers, doctors, masseuse, etc. which in turn also results in improved productivity. Cosser (2008) stated that this factor can also be counted as one of the main reasons behind Google’s successful endeavors as studies show that boosting staffs affects the efficiency of the employees in a progressive manner. To explain the enhanced productivity of the employees at Google over the years, a comparative study will be done between the Google offices in USA, China, Brazil, and Switzerland.

As shown in the video, one can learn a lot about the work culture at the various offices of Google in different countries. To start with the original global headquarters of Google in California, USA, known as Googleplex, it is shown to offer numerous perks to its employees including a huge range of restaurants which serve different kinds of cuisines from Indian to Asian, ethnic to junk food, everything one could possible imagine. There are a total of eighteen cafes in this building alone that serves a huge variety of foods at all times, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best part about this service is that all of it is free and one can even get barbeque during summers. Google, USA, has quite a health approach towards its employees which is why they grow their own food inside their campus and also have a café dedicated to serving only this locally grown organic food. On top of these basic meals, they also offer munchies like candies, fresh fruits, etc. which are within the reach of every employee’s desk making them accessible for all. Googleplex also has facilitated a fully equipped gym for its workers with personal trainers to give them the right fitness advice and help them keep in shape. They have a doctor’s clinic as well which does not charge them a penny, just built for the employee’s well-being. The employees can even take their dirty laundry to work and get them washed through their on-site Laundromats. Google also offers free massages to its employees given by expert masseuses and sleeping pods as well for nap time. Their employees never have to take a day off for errands as Google itself provides them with time and cars to make a run for their errands and get back to office. In Bello Horizonte, Brazil, the employees don’t get sleeping pods but even better, multiple hammocks for napping. To add the fun element, Google’s office in Beijing, China conduct meetings in bean bags and not office chairs. With over ten micro kitchens facilitated with ping pong tables for recreation, the employees can take a break from work over here. But when it comes to the most exciting workplaces, Zurich, Switzerland tops the list as they have entertaining means to move between floors like fireman poles and slides. They also have escapist facilities like lounge with an aquarium full of exotic fishes and a Victorian Library to relax their minds and give them a fresh air of change. The employees can also get their own privacy through the hundreds of various pods that are themed differently.

By reviewing these different offices and their various facilities offered specially for their employees, it can be easily said that Google is definitely particular about enhancing their employees’ happiness and they invest a good amount in staff support which indicates the rise in contentment of workers ultimately leading to enhanced productivity. Tanaka (1993) stated that the driving force is said to be that more contented employees utilize their time more efficiently, thereby enhancing the work speed without compromising with the quality. A couple of robust studies have also shown that treating employees well accomplishes better outputs as the employees strive towards giving their best to the company which is handling them so well. This is exactly what Google has been doing and is renowned for, by following policies aimed to advance the well-being and happiness levels of their workers to make their workplace employee friendly and full of amenities. While looking after the emotional health of their employees, Google has increased its employee’s productivity by at least 12% and is commended for its unique approach towards work culture.


Zappos’ Work Culture and How it Improve Employee’s Productivity 

Zappos’ is a fast-growing company that has earned a name for itself not only for selling clothes and shoes but for its excellent customer service and a distinctive corporate culture. The workers at this company have themselves admitted repeatedly what a great place it is to work in because of its unique corporate culture. The firm is well-known for highlighting the fun part in their workplace and making it different from other firms. They believe in being weird and have set an example for other firms that workplaces need not be boring and typical to get work done; on the contrary a little fun plus weirdness can go a long way in the contentment of the employees. Zappos’ tagline plus its principal feature is to “Deliver Wow through service” and they have been successful in doing so by rendering their brilliant service to masses of consumers globally.

As an HR consultant, one can learn a lot about how to implement initiatives as same as Zappos in their own organization to achieve greater outputs. Mosca and Bordelon (2017) stated that the main principle that was found to drive this endearing corporate culture was that each and every employee, no matter the designation, represents the brand of the company, whether they are inside the office or not. Their values stay with them always and help them in keeping a better behavior. The core values of Zappos are one of the main factors behind its success, these are not the typical corporate type guidelines but innovative ones like ‘Create fun and a little weirdness’ and ‘Do more with less’ and many more to keep their employees focus-driven.

To implement and execute initiatives as same as Zappos, any HR consultant must take the following steps:

Treatment: If one were to treat every employee as their family member like they do at Zappos, it would make a huge difference to the organization. The leaders must be the first one take the initiative of treating everyone, from employees to customers as family and then only will they be able to set an example for their employees. Baumgarten (1995) stated that it is the HR consultant’s job to show the leaders the importance of every employee and how their actions must demonstrate this, to give their employees a first rate experience. Tanaka (1994) stated that the importance of simple things must be emphasized upon, and open communication must be maintained at every step where the employee can openly reach out to their leaders in case of problems or queries. Boxall, Purcell and Wright (2008) showed that they must empower the staff as well through their various programs centered around them like flexible work arrangements, gratitude programs, incentive-based trips and many others to give your employees the treatment they deserve and make them feel appreciated. Glinow, Drost and Teagarden (2004) showed that only when the organization starts honoring and recognizing their employees’ contribution towards the company, will they be able to create a happy workplace family environment.

Hiring: Any organization’s reputation lies mostly in the hands of its employees, thus the hiring process is the most crucial part and hiring the person with the maximum score should not be the priority, instead one needs to make sure that hiring must be done for cultural fit as per what your brand stands for, just like at Zappos which will guarantee that each and every employee will ardently exhibit the firm’s brand value through their behavior. It should be looked after whether the person who is being hired identifies with the core values of the organization or not. As per the values at Zappos’, you are required to be a little weird so if you don’t believe in it then you might be too strait laced for a company like that and will be like a misfit amongst the other employees leading to dissatisfaction. Takeuchi (1981) stated that hiring people who are consistent with the brand values must be ensured.  

Trust: Trusting your employees is the biggest factor and a study shows that over 80% of employees admitted to being more efficient in their work where there was a high degree of trust. Like Zappos’ has the desire to trust each of their employees completely and trust is what makes their company culture, similarly every HR department’s top agenda must be to create trust between employees and managers. Deming (1993) stated that it is human nature to long for appreciation and when you show that you are not just taking from them but investing in your staff, it will convey your faith in them and they will become more productive. The best practices should be used to do so like asking for honest feedback from them about the improvements that can be made in the organizations and others, once they are ready to open themselves to reviews from peers, a greater sense of trust can be built in the organization. Stone (2005) stated that such practices will help build a more agile organization.

Transparency: It may sound simple, but sharing information inside an organization is a great way to create a healthy environment at any workplace. At Zappos, all the information is shared on a daily basis like sales, profits, etc. with their employees and they are quite open about their performance information as they believe in their employees to do the right thing for clients. Hendry (2012) stated that weekly meetings must be conducted with the staff to keep them updated about what is happening in the department and organization. The inputs of the employees must be considered and their queries must be met with utmost clarity like it happens at Zappos’ where the company places a lot of value on the employee as an individual. Sharing information will help create a more transparent environment and will help in making the employees realize that they are not mere workers but a part of a family.

Engagement: Employee engagement can be one of the main tasks but it is also a great opportunity to gain longstanding assurance and discretionary work from your staff. Ouchi (1979) stated that this in turn will eventually lead to greater sales and fewer errors. At Zappos, having fun is never looked down upon; in fact they believe in the opposite and sell ‘happiness’. Activities like scavenger hunts can be organized to make the workplace more active and fun. There is a lot of evidence indicating that employee engagement can develop company performance.


Assignment Task 2:

Pre-Departure Training Program:

Pre-Departure Training is quite an important program for people who are being sent to international locations for assignment. Caligiuri et al. (2004) explained that it assists them in adopting a new situation which is unfamiliar to an expatriate. They are taught to develop the cultural awareness and skills in functioning with various nationalities. Black (1988) stated that it is done to assure that the employees are compatible with the corporation’s objectives and its success will result in the reduced possibility of early return of the expatriates. Mendenhall, Dunbar and Oddou (1987) showed that it will also keep the outlook of the employee in check so that they can adjust easily and perform efficiently in the new environment. It will be directed in the outlines of cultural awareness and other factors as well.

The subsequent basics that will be included in the PDT are as follows:

  1. Culture Summary: Visual aids and explanation which will teach about British and UAE culture and their similarities and differences. Topics will be allotted to applicant to discuss with the trainer about them.  
  1. Nation Briefing: It will include general info of the host country like geography, weather, beliefs, law and government which will be explained in detail.  
  1. Cultural Adaptation: All the stages of expats like tourist, cultural shock, adjustment stage will be explained by giving them real life suggestions along with cross cultural training.   
  1. Logistical Data: The custom of gift and giving in UAE will be taught, as well as emergency contacts at least two, one from British office and other from UAE office will be provided.
  1. Business Protocol: Business etiquettes of UAE will be described and curiosity will be built to help them value the time spent there.
  1. Sensitivity Drill: Expats will be taught to react appropriately as per the norms of the host country in their new setting regarding gender roles, private space, body language and expression and others.
  1. Table Etiquettes: They will be taught table manners as per UAE culture for formal and informal occasions both, and differences between British and UAE culture will be included in this session to show the contrast.
  1. Paper Orientation: Expat will be asked to make a report based on all that was taught.
  1. Critical Episode: A difficult situation will be given to solve using the language of host country and being as critical as possible to enhance confidence of the expat in conversing with their co-workers and solving problems.
  1. Language: The language of UAE will be taught daily focusing on vocabulary, grammar. They will learn how to converse on regular days and business meetings, and the difference between the two. Newspapers, magazines and other local sources will be given to teach reading, as part of the exercise.
  1. Banking plus Healthcare: The central banks regulate banking in UAE and the expat will be eligible to open their savings or current account only after the processing of the resident visa is completed.
  1. School & Education: The information about various schools in UAE will be given where their mode of teaching is in English making it flexible for students who will be transferred from other countries.
  1. Food and Places to visit: UAE has a large variety to offer when it comes to food and unique attractions giving the expat a unique experience. Due to its multicultural mix, UAE offers wide-ranging cuisines of food and their popular attractions which are known worldwide for holding multiple records in their own.
  1. Employment Visa: Every expat as well as their family are mandated to have a residence visa which the employee’s company will provide. The residence visa opens gates for various amenities which cannot be used on tourist visa.
  1. Housing: The Company will provide all housing arrangements with the important amenities for the family. As UAE is known for its luxurious lifestyle, the housing arrangements are mostly top class.
  1. Safety & Security: The rigorous laws and rules will be taught about to expats especially regarding drinking, homosexuality in UAE as they are quite different from those in British.

This training and information will serve as references for the expat; she should be allotted with the complete information before landing in UAE so that she is well equipped with all the additional information like tickets, pick and drop location, address of accommodation, currency (Dirham), transportation, etc. Pre-Departure training ensures that the performance must be enhanced through this, helping them in finishing their job on time


Assignment Task 3:

American Versus Japanese Human Resource Management Practices:

Explain the starkly different approaches of Mazda and Chrysler in light of International HR strategies?

International HR management is the process which is all about employing individuals, and training them to put to productive use. It also includes maintain friendly international business relations and is quite an important factor in the success or failure of any international company. International HR strategies are for integrating human resource policies and customs across various countries which must be flexible enough to permit important differences in kinds of HR policies in several business and cultural settings. As the job of the Human Resource Management is to employ individuals, they will also play an important part when the company feels the need to downsize the number of employees. As it is well known, that the main tasks of Human Resource Management are:

  • Recruitment policy
  • Administration training & development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Recompense policy

One of the main tasks which the HR strategies consists of are decision making on unions, procurements and trimming. The same thing happened with Chrysler when it faced bankruptcy in 1980, it merged with Daimler-Benz and made important consequences on the automobile industry. If we take a look back, it can be learned that there was not just a single factor that led Chrysler into bankruptcy but many factors put together as one putting it such a desperate situation. The circumstances forced Chrysler to cut down its blue-collar workforce by 28%, its white-collar staff by 7% and its senior executives pay by 2%. If we analyze this drastic measure in light of international strategies, we will learn that Chrysler could have gone for less drastic steps as HR strategies won’t allow such steps to be taken unless it is very crucial, in this situation, Chrysler had a choice of turning it around in some other way but they chose to opt for cutting out so many people from their firm, all at once. This step does not reflect nicely on a company which is known all over the world and upon whom people bank on. It also did not guarantee any long-term benefits for the firm, instead just made sure it got a few more years. The company did survive but gradually got handed over to the supremacy of US automobile industry to Japanese, Koreans and Germans. On the contrast, if we reflect on Mazda’s decision to the manager to a cut of 25% of their salary and a loss of any bonuses for four consecutive years, it can be noted that the employees were at least left with a job in their hands, and not left unemployed all of a sudden. As the HR is responsible to look after the employees of the organization, the Mazda company was more successful in bringing out the firm out of bankruptcy whilst maintaining the faith of their employees. Studies have shown that employees will work with less pay at difficult times rather than being left jobless for a lot longer. The blatantly different approaches of Mazda and Chrysler, if looked at carefully, forces one to see through the factors which led to such decisions and circumstances. Though taking a look at history, factors that led to such bankruptcy were prices of Gas that were reaching heights, then the interest rates were also not going down anytime soon, the sales of automobiles were falling rapidly, there was a lot of international competition growing in the industry and there were implications with the national security as well. All of these along with others, led these companies to the brink of bankruptcy and they were compelled to take measures to bring their firms out of such misery.

International HR strategies are all about  maintaining friendly relations and maintaining the reputation of the company, when we examine both the contrasting decisions of Mazda and Chrysler, we will see that both the companies faced the same problems in the same year, and both came from the same background, however, one was forced to cut a number of employees from its firm whereas the other survived with cutting out just the salary and incentives of their employees for a period of four years only. As Mazda made it possible to not lose employees over this difficult time, it is clearly evident that their managers were quite resourceful and utilized their HR department in doing so by reaching to this conclusion. Whereas, Chrysler as we see, were either in way too much loss than Mazda or did not cleverly use their resources on being on the verge of bankruptcy. Mazda and Chrysler were two very successful companies when it came to being in the same market, and even fell into the same situation, but the way both of them chose to come out of it shows how contrasting their approaches were and what their position was in the times of failure. It is evident that Mazda went for the better HR strategies to save their company from economic failure than Chrysler. HR strategies are crucially important for companies especially in times of distress, as they can make or break the future of the company.

To put things into perspective, Mazda followed the international HR strategies more diligently than Chrysler as it was more efficient in looking after its employees in times of distress than the latter. International HR strategies are focused on the company’s employees only and if a firm fails to achieve them correctly, they are bound to fail the company. The importance of international HR strategies cannot be stressed enough, and in situations like these, we learn that how one wrong step can prove to be so fatal for a company’s brand. From the contrasting decisions taken by both, Mazda and Chrysler, it further throws light on what can be the consequences of not implementing HR strategies correctly.

Compare the cultural differences prevalent in America and Japan that may have influenced the decisions taken at Mazda and Chrysler.

The cultural or traditional dissimilarities that are prevalent in Japan and America, which might have affected the choices made at Chrysler and Mazda, are based on following heading:

  • Attitudes and Behavior of Worker

The Japanese moreover consist of quite tough emotions of patriotism as well as trust which they are greater that every other competitions. Cooper and Raiborn (1995) showed that while Americans too consist of a tough emotion of countrywide superiority, there seems to be several cultural fights within the U.S., which decreased their skill to perform along with. The knowledge system within the two nations appears to be quite distinct. Crawford (1998) stated that although the Japanese consist of a quite difficult system from high school, it can be conceivable regarding a scholar for graduating through a U.S. high school devoid of being capable to write and read sufficiently. Such variances might have thoughtful applications regarding the workers of Japan company finding beginner standard workers. Cushing (1987) stated that workers of Japan too seem to have greater admiration in terms of power than their counterparts of U.S., and a completely unique outlook in case of work. The workers of Japan actually reside for working as well as are eager to martyr their individual lives regarding their firm. McGregor (1957) stated that they appear to be quite easygoing of lengthier time periods as well as rough situations of working than for workers of U.S., often work if they come up to be ill and degenerate time of break for avoiding lessening output. Single family job day for every week appears to be satisfactory time in case of family stuffs. Klaas, McClendon and Gainey (1999) showed that workers of U.S. are quite motivated for work in case of live, or in terms of overindulgence, have minimum restraint as well as minimum patience regarding uneasiness. Moreover, workers of America assume to use more time along with their friends and families as well as attain a range of gratuities, which have been earned in firm battled union/administration conflicts across the least some years. Klaas (2003) stated that they do not signify to suggest that such prospects are irrational, just that they appear to be unlike by those from the characteristic of worker of Japanese.

  • Attitude of Management and Policies for Workers

Workers of Japan are likely to offer advices in case of enhancing their own working competence, and the complete output of the company. The balance regarding such anticipation seems to be that it encourages incessant enhancement. While advice systems are too employed within the workers of U.S., advices are observed largely in a form of a danger for administration. Dillon (1990) stated that workers of U.S. who regularly endorse modifications are possible for being tagged as trouble creators.

Hayes (1981) specified that managers of office of Japan appear to observe the workers of company as their quite significant inventory. For establishing such inventories for the completest prospective, the distinctive firm of Japan provides lifetime occupation, advancements from within, substantial job rotation and cross training as well as often a no dismissal rule. Sakurai (1995) stated that in such manner, the workers of Japan employ human resources in a form of a viable instrument.

Occupation within the U.S., although is somewhat similar for a turning way. Employees are regularly dismissed at the time of financial turn downs as well as there seems to be less dedication for exercise. Maginnis and Uminger (2018) showed that the management of scientific section method is employed within the U.S. is dependent on a structure of knowledge in which all employee acts some tedious activities. In such method, employees are de-abled for these low standards, which all are dispensable. Martin (2013) stated that neither administration nor the employees have faith in each other; hence the manner gets its power from itself. O’clock and Devine (2003) stated that managers of U.S. seem to employ a form of short run power within the region of human resources. Hunting skilled employees by other organizations, the scavenger employs investments of other organization in human resources for attaining outcomes.

  • Management Competitive Policies and Focus

The entire concentration of management of Japan is upon the organization's long term competitive plan as contrasting to managers of U.S. who seems for being quite worried along with short term economic activity. Maybe, till some extent, such modification might be stated from the differences in writing needs within the two nations. Hiromoto (1988) stated that firms of Japan seem to be not needed for succumbing periodical information for owners. Porter, Sakakibara, and Takeuchi (2000) showed that although, there seems to be other quite important changes within the manner the Japanese handle. In fact, the idea within this is the large basis of management of Japan is considerably unlike by the cultural management idea of U.S.

Cultural managers of U.S. employ a completely unlike idea that few writers have mentioned as just-in-case (JIC). With reference to the JIC method for management of resource, huge sums of loose inventories are preserved on hand for securing in contradiction of eventualities like change in demands, production bottlenecks, poor quality, and late deliveries. Martin (2009) stated that such ideas have few quite significant applications regarding the inventories themselves. JIT and JER need greatly talented as well as greatly committed cross trained employees, and raw material of high quality as well as finely preserved instrument. Within the JIC atmosphere, high level of talents as well as equipment and materials of high quality are not critical. Howell and Sakurai, (1992) stated that within the region of production lot sizes as well as inventory, the concept, in respect to the valid sub-idea of change, is to seek the bath size (EOQ) or financial order amount, which will lessen the incompatible prices engaged within the decision, (e.g., gathering and resounding setup or prices as well as prices of carrying).

  • Management Control and Accounting

Japanese control and accounting systems appears to be compliant for business plans as well as are necessarily employed for affecting behavior. On the other hand, Ouchi and Jaeger (1978) stated that considering the U.S., control and accounting systems have widely been employed chiefly for notifying administration regarding the firm’s activities. And with respect to Japan, Imai (1986) stated that control and planning and are dependent on a an approach of bottom up, in which employees as well as managers of lower level contribute in establishing aims as well as get substantial reviews in the form of strategies are applied (Johnson et al. 1981).

Well considering the U.S., control and planning is dependent on an approach of top down, in which the financial budget has been merged into the firm. Kapanowski (2016) stated that the opinion, which the Japanese are largely dedicated for strategy making as well as review, is backed from their nearly dedicated employ of a method known to be Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA). Kim-Soon, Ying and Ahmad (2016) showed that in such system, the Plan measure comprises recognizing the issue as well as the fundamental purpose, additionally establishing a strategy regarding the solution of an issue. The Do measure comprises a free run for deciding that whether the strategy performs or not. During the Check measure, the free task is analyzed as well as amendments are carried out when essential. The end Action measure is for applying the strategy. Martin (2007) stated that the approach of PDCA appears to be a never finishing task regarding the Japanese that are quite careful in case of offering report about almost each selection.


Assignment Task 4

Global Staffing Policies

Etisalat is a company which provides telecommunications services all over the United Arab Emirates which is the branded trade name of Emirates Telecommunication Group Company PJSC. This company currently functions in sixteen countries all over Asia, Africa plus the Middle East and was founded four decades ago in the UAE as the nation’s first telecommunications service provider According to the reports of 2014, Etisalat stood to be the world’s fourteenth largest mobile network operator worldwide having almost 167 million people in their customer base. The Forbes Middle East magazine even named Etisalat as the most powerful company in the UAE in the year of 2012. Etisalat is also amongst the two mobile network provider in the country, the other one being “du” mobile operator. Etisalat’s headquarter is in Abu Dhabi, having a total of three regional offices.

Etisalat offers various services, some of which include 3G and 4G mobile data, broadband internet services as well as prepaid and postpaid internet access. They have two major types of clients, one being customers and the other of business users. Due to its large operational network and wide reach. Etisalat proudly hosts a diverse staff of employees coming from various nationalities. Although, the top administrators of the company are local residents only, the other places had to be outsourced or allotted to sub-contractors only. Many departments had been outsourced and one of them being is the department of customer care which currently operates in Egypt. This particular report will elucidate the advantages of outsourcing with regards to the human resource management.

For improving the entire act of the Business, Etisalat currently declared a complete strategy for implementing a fresh corporation structure that is dependent on contracting out its corporation support facilities. Etisalat has been outsourcing its corporation support facilities for the quite particular sellers who have international skill for executing such activities successfully.

The business will aim on its essential trade for attaining numerous chief aims; known to be improving the customer care’s quality as well as elevating enhancement, promoting competitiveness, as well as elevating productivity and boosting performance of its financial terms from decreasing cost of operations. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why companies outsource:

The sector of ICT locally as well as nearly the globe is a chief industry, which is implementing such tactic, initially because of the continuing development observed within the part as well as the requirement regarding the endless investment in establishing organization for enhancing the entire performance of its channels as well as facility of customers.

Dowling and Welch (2004) showed that partnering with the private sector from outsourcing offers an amount of benefits, known to be the gaining of global as well as experienced skills and gaining knowledge by quickly progressing technological growths, enhanced time for industry, and improvement of quality of facility as well as a galvanized experience of customers. Pucik (1984) stated that it might too improves the private industry growth from producing fresh job chances, chiefly in the sector of SME, a chief base of maintainable growth in any budget.

The acting CEO of Etisalat - Nasser bin Obood, exposed the other stage of the model of business, as well as signaled that it might be applied in the upcoming time as well as anticipated for being finished in two annual terms. At the time of this period, Etisalat must sign contracts along with many domestic as well as global expert associates, the prominent international suppliers of telecommunications facilities as well as instrument, for arranging even preservation on its channels of telecommunications.

“Having a tough dedication for the human resources, Etisalat has equipped a strategy for moving few of its team individuals for operating in fresh centers in the Business, or move them in the private firms that have been chosen for offering expert facilities regarding Etisalat. Such who seems to be moved will execute their jobs collectively along with the workers of the private industry for making sure the steadiness of task, although attaining experience through a globally prominent global retailer,” explained Bin Obood.

“To be the component of such strategy, Etisalat might not loosen off its workers of UAE, other than the business might offer them job under the direction of globally expert firms, composed along with each of the rights assured for them from Etisalat. Such offers an appreciated chance regarding the domestic workers that might work as well as establish their abilities in an international firm.

At the end, Bin Obood explained: “Applying such plan might prepare Etisalat along with the capability, effort, and time (comprising economical skill) for attaining its chief aim of offering the newest facilities along with the uppermost levels of performance and quality regarding its users. Hence such is chiefly significant at a moment if an economical industry has allowed the deprivation of costs within the area, as well as several Telco’s over the globe, chiefly in developing industries, are experiencing a degrading twist of decreased incomes.”

As Etisalat’s decision of outsourcing proved to be a great one, this resulted in not having to always observe and track the activities of their workers and it decreased the amount of work they had to put in. This will further open up other prospects and allow the company to divert their attention upon other areas which were longing for attention. This decision has helped Etisalat in conserving its resources and putting them to use in new areas where they will be utilized efficiently to help the company grow further.



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