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Describe about the God The Father for Annotated Bibliography?



Channing, W. E. (2014). Unitarian Christianity. Netlancers Inc.

This book is about the only father or master of the Christians, that is no one else rather than Jesus Christ, His teachings - either inspired by His Apostles or during His personal ministry. The principles are sometimes misunderstood by the common people as they may not understand the inner meaning of His teachings, but are blindly following them all as the principles of Christianity. Thus, in this book, the author tried to make people understand that The Bible was written by people, for the people, in their language, so that its meaning is clear to all and can establish a better society and finally a better world.

Ehrman, B. D. (2014). How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee.

This is the book section or citation from the book “How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee”, written by Bart D. Ehrman. The citation mainly focuses on the believes of the people, which transferred a man to god. The man was Jesus Christ who was a crucified peasant and belonged to a lower-class Jewish family. In the early life, the author was a believer and in later days, he became a historian of early Christianity and has approached the matter in his book, such that it becomes useful to both secular historians and believers of the religion.

Buggert, D., & Carm, O. (2013). God the Father in the Trinity. New Theology Review, 13(1).

This journal is mainly concerned about the term “Father”, which the Christians generally utter in their prayer “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. The author of this journal made a research about the first person of the Trinity to whom the whole religion of Christianity is referring as Father, that is, the God. Jesus Christ is the lord. Then another question arises about the Son. Thus the whole journal is a research work of the identification of the Father and the Son.

United Church of God,. (2015). God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Retrieved 26 June 2015, from

According to this website, the religion Christianity has only one Lord, only one Father, who exists eternally as a Spirit, a personal being of supreme knowledge, justice, intelligence, love, authority and power. He is Jesus Christ, the Creator of the world and heaven. For Him only, the life exists in the earth – both flora-fauna and human beings. He is the Origin of life. By Jesus Christ, the God made the world as the God came in the form of human being, taught His men and created the nature.


Mozley, J. K. (2014). The impassibility of God. Cambridge University Press.

The purpose of writing this book is primarily historical. This is an attempt to state the believe of the people regarding God’s incapacity for suffering, more over to examine and evaluate the belief. The reason for believing has thrown some focus on the beliefs, has serve to an extent as a criterion for appraising their worth. According to the view point of the Christian tradition, the idea of “suffering God” has been discussed in this book.

Kasper, W. (2012). The God of Jesus Christ: New Edition. Bloomsbury Publishing.

This book is formulated after 25 years for answering to the questions of the general people, as in these two decades, an enormous change in the society took place. The changes which took place in the field of cultural, political, religious, and intellectual in these two decades have been discussed by the author in this new version of the book. The author has mainly put his concentration in solving the problems and has put his own view point regarding the problems. The author has disclosed the existential and pastoral meaning of the doctrine of God. According to the author, common people can talk about the God, only when they can speak directly to Him.

Dobson, J. C. (2012). When God doesn't make sense. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc..

This book was written to uphold Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Bible and to encourage the Christians when God do such things, which makes no sense to men. Generally people get depressed, get overly discouraged. That is the cause of writing this book, such that men should not misunderstand the Lord, as He sometimes makes people suffer and face dilemmas.


Thielicke, H. (2015). The waiting Father: Sermons on the parables of Jesus. The Lutterworth Press.

To characterize the parables of Jesus Christ, as the God’s picture book, the book was written. The author here tried to tell the common people that all the harvest, far countries, flowers, birds etc are creation of the Lord Jesus. Thus, study of explanatory world is not needed as the terrestrial world could only answer to all these.


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