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Green Business Process Management

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Discuss about the Green Business Process Management.



Enterprise Airways is the Victorian religion airlines spreading their business in the market of Australia. This particular airway likes to provide its daily services in Albury, Echuca, Mildura, Portland, Ballarat, Sale and Lakes Entrance. As a result, people belonging to different geographical markets are deprived to use the services of Enterprise Airways. Amanda the current CEO of Enterprise Airways has decided to expand their business of this organization in different multinational companies. Thus, the business executives have to focus on some of the major factors such as number of flights, human resources, technological resources and so on.

Business process management is the sector with the help of which most of the business experts tend to focus on avoiding miscommunication between the service providers and service users. Miscommunication can be created from different perspective (Akamavi et al. 2015). If the service providers fail to communicate with the customers properly, the entire business process becomes failure. Therefore, every business organization has to implement business process management, which will keep a control over the response of stakeholders from various perspectives.

The success of business in a airline industry is highly dependent on the service procedure. Business process management is the part of service process with the help of which people from different geographical markets can easily get an in-depth overview about the products and service process of this particular airline through business process management. Börner, Moormann and Wang (2012) stated that business process management is one form of brand positioning with the help of which the process executives can promote their brand directly to the stakeholders. In order to promote the brand, the process executives like to use direct method. With the dynamic business environment, the airline industry has to face innumerable competition from its competitors. Therefore, the business executives have to focus on some of the major strategies of marketing with the help of which customers tend to show their interest for using the products and services (Carroll and Buchholtz 2014). Value proportion is the marketing statement with the help of which the particular company likes to promote why their products and services are different from its competitors. Most of the business organizations in order to maintain value proportion and other form of business strategy and policy tend to use the role of business process management. The primary responsibility of business process associates is to convince the stakeholders on how their products have lagged behind other contemporaries. The entire business process of airline industry is highly dependent on the service process (DaSilva and Trkman 2014). Enterprise Airways with the implementation of business process management has decided to promote their brand beyond going the regional market of Australia.


Problem Analysis:

After evaluating the entire case scenario, it has been observed that Enterprise Airways is primary aiming to expand their business beyond going the market of Australia only. In this kind of situation, Enterprise Airways needs to enhance their internal resources as well with the help of which the organization would like expand their wings in the international markets (Davenport 2013). Resources include, sufficient number of workforce, several numbers of flights, number of cabin crews and so on. Financial strength is one of the major issues due to which Enterprise Airways has to face innumerable difficulties in implementing numerous business strategies within the organization.

“AS IS” is primary a sales agreement with the help of which the sellers make an agreement with the buyers regarding goods and services. While purchasing the products and services the buyers have to take their own risk. Service providers would not be able to provide any kind of warranty for this specific product (De Oliveira et al. 2012). In this kind of situation, the entire business process has faced a major threat from its competitors. In this kind of situation, the emergence of Bizagi Modeler software has rendered a security in the mind of customers. People belonging to different geographical boundaries can easily get the services (Gustafson 2012). However, this particular service process is highly effective with the help of which people belonging to different geographical markets can use this service easily.

After evaluating the case study, it has been analyzed that Enterprise Airways is suffering from a major issue of customer management. The organization fails to provide large number of employees in the customer service department (Halford et al. 2012). Business process management is truly necessary in order to provide an effective service to the customers. However, after evaluating the entire study it has been observed that Amanda should implement training and development session within the organization with the help of which the business process associate of Enterprise Airways would be able to groom them up personally and professionally. Personal development is highly important to understand the psychological dilemmas of the organization (Heizer and Barry 2013). At the same time, it is also undeniable that Amada should recruit sufficient workforce within customer service department with the help of which the executives would be able to keep a balance between demands and supply. 


Proposed solution:

Business process architecture is the form of common understanding with the help of which a specific business process associate tends to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers (McCormack and Johnson 2016). The primary goal of Business process architecture is to make a interdependent relation between business process and its concerned stakeholders. It has been observed from the case study due to budget constraints, Enterprise Airways failed to maintain a balance between the customers’ supply and demand. As a result, people from different geographical markets do not show their interest in using the products and services of Enterprise Airways.

In order to resolve the issue it has been observed that Amanda has implemented some of the major initiatives that is named as “to be”. The role of travel agents has to be more responsible (Nguyen and Mutum 2012). The service users by sitting at their home can book the tickets. The travel agents are primarily responsible for providing tickets at proper time. If the entire business service is highly dependent on the travel agents the service users do not have to take major responsibilities in collecting necessary feedback from the customers. On the other hand, Barry Timeout has been considered as one of the most effective solution to draw the customers’ attention in current market (Shaw 2016).

The arrival and departure of flight should be within time. As a result, customers do not have to wait for a long time in order to get the service process done. However, Amanda has decided to focus their service on time management as well. As a result, customers would like to shoe their interest automatically (Singh and Sushil 2013). On the other hand, the present CEO has focused to invest their budget on sales and marketing as well. Providing quality products and services can never be the best solution for a business organization. As a result, customers belonging to different geographical markets would like to show their interest for using the products and services of Enterprise Airways. In order to promote the products and services of Enterprise Airways, the business experts can use the tools of online advertisement, social media platform, websites, public forum as well as electronic media (Stolze, Semmler and Thomas 2012). In order to place the brand in international markets Enterprise Airways has primarily decides to use social media platform to circulate the entire business concept in different geographical boundaries.


Solution Consideration:

Before implementing a particular business strategy for making an effective solution of identified issues within Enterprise Airways, the business experts have to focus some of the major considerations as well. Problem solving is not the only factors based on which a specific business organization can gain trust from customers (Talk 2016). Making an effective risk analysis is one of the most important factors with the help of which the business experts are able to overcome numerous organizational challenges. While implementing a particular business plan the business executives have to be prepared for innumerable risk factors. For an example, Enterprise Airways has implement business process management at their workplace. For an airline industry, business process management is highly important (Vom Brocke et al. 2012).

In order to maintain the entire BPM process systematically, the employers have to recruit large number of employees within the service process to keep a constant balance. Enterprise Airways is not flexible enough to provide sufficient number of workforce in business process management (Talk 2016). Therefore, the business experts may have to face a major challenge while implementing this particular business strategy. However, in order to overcome this kind of situation, an effective alternative business strategy should also be implemented with the help of which the executives can overcome any kind of sudden crisis happening at the workplace.

At the same time, political and economic factors are two most important barriers for providing any effective business solution. Due to the external political conflicts, lack of co-operation from the government large number of target customers fail to show their interest in using the products and services of Enterprise Airways. At the same time, if the products and services become cost effective for the average cost of customers the range of target market becomes low automatically. People tend to show their reluctance in using the products and services. However, headquartered in Australia Enterprise Airways does not have to major political conflicts (Nguyen and Mutum, 2012). At the same time, this particular organization is willing to spread their business in different geographical markets. The customer services executives have decided to use low cost strategy for enhance the rate of target group.



After evaluating the entire case study on Enterprise Airways some of the major recommendations can be provided with the help of which this particular organization would be able to spread their brand in international market as well. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Enhancing the internal resources is one of the most effective recommendations for Enterprise Airways. In order to expand the entire business process, Enterprise Airways needs to recruit more employees within the service process. As a result, customers do not have to wait for a long time in order to use the service. The number of cabin crew, flights, human resources, technological resources should be enhanced in order to introduce the brand in global market.
  • Implementation time management is highly necessary for running the entire business process in the international market. While Enterprise Airways would be available in the global market, the target customers from different geographical boundaries would like to show their interest for using the products. Therefore, Enterprise Airways should be very much strict in time of flight departure and arrival.
  • Enterprise Airways would be recommended to use low cost strategy in order to enhance the number of target market. The primary purpose of implementing low cost strategy is to draw the attention of both premium customers as well as low cost customers. At the same time, the marketing executives would be successful to invest sufficient amount of money for the purpose of sales and marketing for Enterprise Airways.  


The entire study has focused to deal with the importance of business process management in maintaining a balance of service providers and service users in the airline industry. It is undeniable that BPM process is the most effective way to collect a direct feedback from the customers. However, the entire study has provided an in-depth analysis on how Enterprise Airways with the help of numerous business strategy and policy would be able to expand their market globally. Some of the major recommendations have also been provided in this regard. 


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