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How to improve group work performance in the organization?



Working in a group is good for an organization as well as members. Through working in a group, we can learn many things like, how to work in a group and also sharing ideas and opinion with the other group members. Working in a group help us to share information’s and idea with the other team members and help the member to perform his or her role of responsibility.

There is a little difference between group and the team members:

Group is mainly to share information and help the members to work well in his or her area of responsibility. On the other hand, team means to collect the individual information and take them on the higher level of performance so that they can perform well as a team, team carry each individual work. Working in a group and team there should be a leadership quality (Naumann and Bennett, 2002).

Groups can orient a task, they can form a formal structure, the members are familiar to each others, while team involves activity like sports etc.

At the same time, a leader in the organization not only guides the people but also motivate them to perform the task in most productive manner. A leader mean taking action and direction of the team, guide the team members, motivate and direct others, setting an objectives etc. A leader in a very simple words the person who guide and direct the group. As a leader, one needs to learn new skills that will enhance capabilities, to enhance capabilities try to learn new skills ,try to update yourself so it will help you to build the organization well, take more and more responsibility, show your enthusiasm level, develop innovative practices.

The current assignment will focus on how to improve group work performance in the organization:


Individual team members must work well together:

In this the each individual team members must work well together no matter how much smart they are they have to coordinate with each other to build a good team. A famous writer said that it’s good to be great; if the team members are not a good team player then it is not good for the organization (Keyton, 2006). People need to make mistake in fronts of others instead of failing: as much mistake the will do they had a chance to learn more about the work, take risk, fall down, and they can check what is going wrong and try to learn other options until you get it right.

Stages of group development

(Woodger, 2015)

In the 1960’s, group development was categorized into 5 stages. This is 5 stages of group development which will help the individual team members to work well in the organization. It ensures that every members of the group has the right tools to work effectively. It also creates an open door policy for every group members to come to you with any problem. It’s good if we can motivate our group member regularly by saying that they are doing a good job. Monitor’s performance has great impact on both group and individuals during a work.


2. Clear established goal:

We should establish clear enough goal for the member present in the groups, because without clarity of goal it is difficult to gripe the attention and direct the energy for the team members. We should come up with a good idea and must come up with the goal for the team. In fronts of other people should not make the mistakes and fail to do the tasks, as much mistake the will do they had a chance to learn more about the work, take risk, fall down, figure out what is going wrong and try to learn how to correct it. Instead of other tasks there are a few more new intrusting tasks to do and perform well. One of the famous psychology outlined the following conditions under which groups or a team would expected to work extra hard and prove themselves, like to perform a particular tasks there has a visible outcomes.

Human also join group for different reasons like they can increase their security into the number of strength, self esteem besides conveying status to those outsides groups, power and group achievement. People also perform better when they know someone’s watching (Keyton, 2006).


3. Establish a code of conduct and group norms of the group:

Organization can supporting the group by providing the necessary group training, rewards for high performance, instead of doing the task individually we can create it into a direct reward for the group members.  People also try to live up to expectations because it is  another way to get their best performance is to except it, we can expect   a good performance because we have been getting it in the first place. People also tend to slack off in group so they can make everyone accountable because when tackling a creative projects its often easier to give a small group of people .If the team is decide to perform a task every individual should support it. For a good group work performance the most important part is how well we can guide and monitored our group members and the employees present in the organization. Members Presents in the group should maintain their decency level and also maintain the basic requirements what makes the group work performance well in the organization.



There are different types of leadership styles which are followed by the leaders in different organization to extract the best performance from the employees. It helps us how to improve a group performance in the organizations as an individuals, groups or in a team. Proper training will helps workers more efficiently and keeps teams running smoothly. It showed the relations how supervisor develop the work with the workers and workers try to tend to influence them in which they carry out their directives. For better group work performance members should trust each other so they can work and co ordinate well.



Keyton, J. (2006). Communicating in groups. New York: Oxford University Press.

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