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1) Does your chosen business need IT?
2) Why IT is important for business survival?
3) What is required to apply IT into your chosen business? (I.e. cost, planning, designing, equipment, installation, training, etc
4) How does your chosen business use IT? (internally such as employees, and externally such as customers, suppliers)
5) What benefits and advantages does IT bring to your chosen business? (I.e. revenue, flexibility, reduces cost, etc
6) What type of risks does IT bring to your chosen business? (i.e. security, privacy, confidentiality)
7) How can your chosen business maintain and monitor IT?

The IT empowers the contemporary product growth, better market foundation, and the use of solid methods for the control of danger and assistance the budgetary intermediaries to simply reach the configuration expanded as well as distant markets. Nowadays, the Internet has fundamentally affected the conveyance channels for almost all the banks. IT has developed as an adjuration medium for the imparting of banking services as well as banking products. The clients of the bank can simply view their records, easily get details of their account statements, exchange finances and buy drafts by simply punching on some keys. Information Technology has fundamentally been utilized below unique roads in the banking aspect. One is the Property along with the other one in the Communication as well as the Business Process Rebuilding. Information Technology empowers the modern product advancement, better market framework, and the execution of solidified process for control of every sort of risks in the bank and likewise helps in each and every money related official emissary to reach the enhanced markets.

Business require IT

Information Technology extraordinarily influences the banking business. The Commonwealth Bank thoroughly relies on the Information Technology for all its operational errand well ass, as well as furthermore for the Cardinal banking services. Information Technology passes on the highly extraordinary reaction for meeting all its customer's particular business projects, which needs augmenting the favorable circumstances as well as also the work rates so that the Commonwealth Bank can improve the purchasers' affiliation as well as decrease the costs. Information Technology is progressively moving in Commonwealth Bank from back office operations to quality support in expanding well arising the estimation of the bank after some time (Anon, 2017). Information Technology does as so much by growing the Commonwealth Bank of occupational group changing measures, for instance, reinforcing as well as institutionalizing the Commonwealth Bank model in respect of security, networking as well as communication, accomplishing bury branch property, providing the accessibility to move towards all Real Time net agreement bank environment along with the anticipation of liquidity by concept the uninterrupted databases, utilization of Magnetic Ink Fictional character Acknowledgment as well as Imaging creation for check show to repute a couple. The Commonwealth Bank is going for retail managing the accounts in a big way. The elementary driver to charge to a great extent has been the expanding complexity in the innovation as well as the developing prevalence of the Information Technology. The move from conventional saving money to e-keeping money is changing the client's desires (Bickerton, 2013).

IT is indispensable for business survival 

The requests of consumer loyalty, client maintenance, auspicious and simple administrations, openness, accessibility and cost viability are the difficulties of the saving money in the industry. Utilizing the innovations, particularly, for Mobile managing an account and web saving money, the Commonwealth Bank adapts these tests.The future work is engaged towards the Branchless banking through the commodity administrations for the Micro-finance bank’s aspect. The customers are utilizing their ambulant phones, yet they likewise need assistance to slice through the disorders of services inside the bank (Changhui and Ju, 2013). They need the closed and the individualized connection for the pivotal turning points in life, for instance, purchasing a property or an auto, making arrangements for the retirement, building riches, and for starting a large business. With adjustment of the advanced Information Technology, branches, as well as the general population, who work all inside the bank, have an indispensable part to show in free-handed a central place to assist, direct, counsel, as well as instruct. Essentially, keeping money is the people’s business.

Necessitates to use IT 

By halfway, finding the execution examination information in a formal online structure, the executives of the Commonwealth Bank can more adequately give business strategy and make quantifiable targets for their specialists that will assist the common goals of the Commonwealth Bank. In like manner, it considers additionally exceptional detectable quality, empowering delegates to see the whole picture and see how the solitary destinations fit into the Commonwealth Bank business objectives. Make laborer portals and gathering areas to help people work profitably over the affiliation, paying little heed to what territory and gathering. The Commonwealth Bank will discard the corporal storage facilities and services that sufficiently cut off the correspondence since agents can utilize the improvement to associate with others wearing down relative endeavors or find experts to answer their request all through the unification (Copland, 2011).

Business utilities of IT

The way to survive in the banking business is the consumer's benefit. The consumers’ willingness will be dictated by advantageous in addition creative conveyance of the items in addition customized administrations (Stubbs, 2012). Today, the individual administration in addition accommodation are as yet the elementary estimates for managing an account relationship, however, they are characterized in an unexpected way. The purchasers still need to keep the money with a budgetary foundation they know, however, they would prefer fundamentally not to visit the bank. Customers are not anxious about PCs as well as Information Technology, but, they grasp these technologies (Foster, 2014). As the fresh innovation is so costly, the Commonwealth Bank needs to utilize the new frameworks to accomplish more than the conveyed data, in addition, fundamental administrations. The Commonwealth Bank requires the capacity to likewise pitch the protection in addition venture items to show the signs of improvement profit for this speculation. By clearly seeing how much superior the consumers communicates, the bank can advertise the commonplace quotes in addition protection cites. Intelligent recordings are the few innovations that the Commonwealth Bank makes accessible to the consumers to keep up the individual contact while as so far bringing down the cost of the conveyance administration. With an intuitive video, a specialist representative is not needed in each branch (Information technology in addition new emergent forms of organizations, 2013).

Profits of IT for the business  

The elementary goal of Information Technology for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia is to get the records through investigation, assemble the affiliated pay, to get insights transversely over to all its customers as well as other related foundations, passes on astounding pace, as well as a contact gathering of a spectator. Roughly, the  Information Technology is what can make strain as well as strife, simple to be over connected to the association, nevertheless, it frequently needs insurance since it likewise impacts the bank’s productivity (Ivergard, 2013). At any rate, for "World Australia Bank" circumstance without Information Technology, the business couldn't hold up their base to protect the guests as well as safeguard the spot where guests went. The essential purpose of enthusiasm of realizing as well as upgrading the Information Technology in a business bank is the quickened efficiency that it brings.

Risks of Information Technology in business

Early encounters with electronic or online business in keeping the money industry, which has been a pioneer in the utilization of electronic frameworks, can be utilized to learn some of the potential perils and issues to be advised. The usage of Automated Teller Machines as well as electronic home-saving money model has progressively modified clients to a bank outside of the customary bank offices, for an ample portion of their modular exchanges (Lester, 2013). This is predictable with the cost-fund system of the Commonwealth Bank, which found that the electronic conversation were approximately exchanges by the bank employees. In case, the way clients just contact with their Commonwealth Bank is through the electronic interfaces, and the significant troubles in incorporated the inheritance models of an average bank, as well as keeping the Commonwealth Bank by and large from pitching the extra items to the clients.

Maintain & Monitor & IT

The online enterprise benefit programming plans approve the boss more and more adequately in addition track progress in the midst of every time of the unrealistic end, in addition, offer the prepared support as well as prepares to proceed to show the execution in addition additionally due dates on track (Sriram, 2014). This strategy prompts more vital business effectiveness that the Commonwealth Bank is utilized with a flooding level staff of people who are perpetually adjusting with fresh power in addition Additionally, being proved to do each last of their errands additions impeccably the most abstract way (Lukka, 2013). With the general public, who for all the most part, works for the Commonwealth Bank are prepared, impelled, as well as snappy agents in addition work considerably harder. Assist the Commonwealth Bank staff by repaying them for their accomplishments, using both the cash in addition, in addition, the non-financial motivators. Today, the advancement manages has moved specifying, in addition, the business examination’s ability to assist the Commonwealth Bank to get a significant cognizance of the business execution, customer slant, in addition, market designs (Piggott, 2009). The Commonwealth Bank leader, in addition, undertaking primary can access the execution estimations, in addition, logical reports in addition use such data reports to coordinate or set in addition refresh the new Information Technology advancements.


The Commonwealth Bank ought to confront some authentic IT execution tests. The necessary structure of the bank is increasingly in the endeavor with the develop item, conveyance, as well as governance needs of the consumers. The future of banks has a point with the money related specialist co-ops, not a conventional Bank. By far, many extensive Bank will also make the esteem frameworks, doing as such display the gigantic difficulties. The Commonwealth Bank ought to first build up the distant reaching appropriation framework that will surely empower the consumers to attain all benefits and different focuses (Saarinen, 2014). The Commonwealth Bank ought to likewise make the execution estimation frameworks to guarantee the blend items as well as administrations they offer as well as are gainful for both the consumers as well as the bank. They ought to decide whether to convey the new advances themselves or with all other specialist co-ops. In case, innovation alone won't tackle the issues and make focal points. This innovation ought to be interconnected in the bank, with the altered administration issues attached to the individuals opposed new ideas as well as thoughts. It likewise needs to bolster an unmistakably characterized as well as very much compound business methodology (Salmela, 2014).


This study concludes that all the banking model of the Commonwealth Bank is step by step moving from the long-standing Banking towards the relation managing. Generally, the unification between the bank as well as its clients which have been on a proportionate level by means of the subdivision organization. This was also put into commercial activity with clearing as well as the elementary leadership work have been assembled at the individualist branch level. The knowledge office has the stimulate regarding the broad clearing system, the level of the branch set up and the reading of employee in the branch of the bank. The bank observes the association's execution and set the elementary leadership parameters, however, the data accessible to both the bank branch staff as well as their clients are strained to one geological area.


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