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1.The future of the retail store – what does online mean for bricks and mortar?’

2.Briefly describe the current operation of your selected retail.




Vodafone Australia is also known as Vodafone Hutchison Australia is a telecommunication which provides internet service to the Australian people (Mitra et al. 2016). After merging with Hutchison 3G Australia in the year 2009, it has become third largest mobile store with more than 6 million subscribers. The organization comes up with 3.5 billion annual revenues which makes it as third largest organization after Telstra and Optus. The organization tends to provide fixed-line and broadband service with the help of the National broadband network (Mitra, Zaslavsky and Åhlund 2014). Vodafone is considered to be ultrafast and most widely used organization which is used in various mobile networks. It enables a wide range of technologies which can enable a wide range of technologies. It can easily contribute to both society and can create value for employees, shareholders and lastly customers. In the last few years, the whole world is undergoing a large number of digital transformation (Naughtin et al. 2017). There is large number of digital technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence which is needed for establishing connection with various customers.

In the coming pages of the report the current operation of Vodafone Australia has been discussed in details. After that a literature review has been done on the current operation on Vodafone Australia. The last section of the report mainly deals with a list of recommendation for Vodafone store.


Discussion:Current operation in Vodafone 

Vodafone is making use of global reach which is needed for standardizing and simplifying the way by which the business is done in groups (Minifie 2017). It is expected that this will improve the both that is cost efficiency and reduction of time which is needed for launching various products for different customers. The business of Vodafone stores depends on simple and effective operation which is needed for providing benefits (Bhatti, Abareshi and Pittayachawan 2016).  The organization aims to provide shared services which are needed for service center support for various organization around the globe. Vodafone is looking for certain number of ways which can be used for virtualization of network by the help cloud computing (Horst 2018). It requires certain number of capabilities in the current network which is used for dedicated hardware in the various kind of virtualization network. So, it will ultimately help in reducing the involved cost and architecture. Virtualization of the given network can be considered to be very much scalable and resilient in nature (Singh 2014). It mainly helps in faster deployment of new kinds of services which are offered by this organization. By the help of this capability, a new kind of feature has been started for providing message at given platform that is mobile based products.

Vodafone Australia is planning to provide certain number of products and services which helps in smart metering, conferencing of calls and lastly services related to cloud hosting. It will ultimately help in reducing the cost of carbon dioxide.


Literature Review 

According to Ortiz (2014), Vodafone is investing huge amount of money in innovating their products. Some of the critical infrastructures needs proper kind of investment. The organization is planning to invest around 21.5 billion dollars. Apart from this, Vodafone Australia has increased the level or amount of expenditure in Australia. The organization has made huge amount of investment irrespective of the capital investment. There have been declining profits which is seen in the Australian business which is needed for understanding the communication. Australian customers are looking for high-speed data which can be used for establishing connection so that they can easily grow at a much faster rate. Vodafone consumers are looking for both 4G from increase of 3G which helps in consumption by average rate that is 130%. In last few years, the total value of data which has been carried out has increased around 67%. This particular trend is focusing to accelerate to further increase the smartphone penetration and coverage of 4G in various smartphone.  So as a result of consequences, high band content is all about increasing video and application which is required for given volume of data. For providing the customers with best kind of service, the most possible kind is all about meeting the needs of project. In 2014, Vodafone has launched project spring which is needed for providing the largest and fastest network which is needed for improving the network and service.

According to Moorhead (2015), the coming stage in the expansion of 4G is known to carrier aggregation or LTE based architecture. By easily bonding with the network spectrum, 4G+ can easily increase the speed of mobile data along with performance and speed. Vodafone stores are planning to implement a customer data connection which can easily increase the speed up to 20 times. High definition (HD) voice aims to provide new kind of technology which can easily provide various customers with crystal and clear voice whenever they make a call. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) based services aims to provide certain number of services which is needed for making HD calls. While making use of VoLTE services is considered to provide large number of services. Vodafone Australia tends to provide certain number of services in almost every corner of Australia. Most of the innovation in the current technology can be encountered in the current network. Small cell-based technology helps in properly maintaining both 4G and WIFI which is fitted in the furniture and inside the given building. It can easily provide easy voice and data coverage which is seen in the given areas.


According Bhatti, Abareshi and Pittayachawan (2017), the mobile industry is developing with the passage of time. Vodafone stores play a key role which plays a key role in analyzing and development of the next generation of communication. 5G technology is totally in beginning phase of the development. Various researchers emphasize the fact that it's not only about improving the speed and intelligence of future mobile stores. Vodafone stores tend to play key role in contribution and various kind of investment in Australia which tends to have positive impact on the economy of Australia. The digital network service which is being provided tends to have improved the overall business and its productivity. It can easily help the various public to enhance the various kind of service which is needed for providing various kinds of services. GVA stands for gross value operator is used for analyzing the contribution of an organization to the economy of the country. It can be defined as the difference between the value of goods and related to services. The cost of inputs of products aims to highlight raw material which is needed for goods and inputs. GVA is considered to be key indicator which is needed for understanding the state of the given economy.

According to Merrett and Ville (2016), taxation is not only the route which can be used by various government bodies for raising the revenue from various business. Government bodies can easily make use of some other kind of mechanism for collecting revenue from various business activities. It is all about collecting a wide of license and revenue of products. Vodafone Australia tends to make huge contribution to the Australian economy as the employees and suppliers pay their taxes in the given time. While in some instances it is seen that government, revenue is not paid in direct to Vodafone. They cannot collect revenue which is generated for the same given instances. It can be seen due to various kinds of services which are seen due to people who do not employ and provide products and services. The total economic contribution has resulted in direct combining with the economy. It is seen with non - taxes-based revenues like fee for spectrum and indirect taxation. Vodafone Australia is considered to be as one of the biggest telecommunication organization which comes up with maximum number of stores along with best kind of services to customers. Vodafone Australia has been rated as one biggest transparent organization in Australia.

According to Eggers, Grajek and Kretschmer, (2016), Vodafone Australia has been highly diverse due to culture and nationality which is encountered in various leadership teams. With the passage of time, Vodafone Australia is planning to add value to add value to employees. There are many kinds of roles within Vodafone which comes up with specialist skills. It has ultimately grown some of the biggest challenges which are available in Australian labor market. Due to emergence of internet of things, a new domain of intelligent device has come into picture which is needed for connecting Machine to machine learning technologies. It can be easily employed in various kind of industrial and other range another domestic appliance. With the passage of time mobile to mobile communication can be seen in each and every aspect that is driverless cars to home care patient monitoring system. Vodafone stores tend to manage a huge number of customers in various sectors in wide range starting from automotive to pharmaceutical domain.



From the above pages of the report, it can be easily stated that this report is all about Vodafone Australia. The business of this organization tends to provide certain number of services which can easily provide simple and effective operation. Vodafone Australia can be considered to be as one of the leading telecommunication organization of Australia. In the above pages of the report, the current operation of Vodafone stores has been discussed in details. In the discussion portion of the report five articles have been reviewed and incorporated in it. The last section of the report deals with list of recommendation for the various stores of Vodafone in Australia.


There is certain number of recommendations for the Vodafone stores of Australia like marketing strategy, health safety research joint ventures and lastly BOP strategy in the growing market.

Marketing strategy: At present, Vodafone stores tend to have a very weak strategy for marketing that is advertisement. It is totally based on organization marketing theory along with demographic which aims to target Vodafone for its main customers. The proper recommendation can be on investing in celebrity campaigns.

RJV Health and Safety: Vodafone Australian Stores makes use of a part of there resource for its foundation. So, there can be part of resources which can be used in RJV for improving its brand image.

BoP strategy in developing market: Vodafone Australia should implement Bottom of pyramid strategy which can be done by providing Internet-based phone. It comes with advanced wi-fi technology so that the developing countries can easily establish connection with itself.



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