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Aim and Objective

Discuss about the Health Advancement and Promotion.

The improvement in the medial services all over the world has decreased the mortality rate of HIV patients and has improved the quality of life but still there is no permanent solution to the cure. Every year, this disease is infecting millions of people and the highest percentage of the infected people comprises of young adults and the college-aged students. The objective of this study is to increase the number of college students who have been examined for HIV on the Chapel Hill campus in USA. This intervention will therefore be helpful in removing the HIV testing label and redesign the idea about HIV in a selected society. Such an initiative is undertaken as the college students are prone to higher risks of HIV due to various factors like hiding secrets about sexual health with their partners and doctors, having risky behaviors about sex and so on. They mostly do not use any safeguards for safe sex thereby creating a chance of spreading HIV (British HIV Association. 2016). Since HIV is regarded as an embarrassment in the society and therefore, people generally avoid communicating about such topic with their partners, further spreading the disease in the society.  

This paper thus aims to create awareness in the minds of college students about the threat about HIV and therefore through proper campaigning and advertisement wants to attract the student to undertake tests for HIV by providing free HIV testing to all students of Carolina to honor the National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day. These initiatives will reduce the embarrassment among the people to perform a test and will inculcate a non-judgmental environment in the society.

It is known that HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) leads to a deadly disease named Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and there are many citizens who are unaware that they have been infected. The identification of HIV carriers in the early stage will lead to reduction of new infections and thereby decreasing the healthcare cost and reducing the death rate. The knowledge about their disease will lead to reduction in the transmission of the virus. A report from the National College Health Assessment has revealed that only 29.2% of college students have ever examined for HIV. The highest number of unexamined people came from the age group of 13-24 years. The diagnosis of HIV has been found in every 1 out of 330 colleges but reports from other sources indicate that the information can be doubled in practicality. The increase in the student participation in the HIV testing is mainly due to the high rate of undiagnosed college individuals (Dean & Fenton 2013). An awareness campaign about HIV among the college students initiating HIV testing event will lead to the improvement in the figure of students who are aware of their status about HIV.

Background and Rationale

In a survey made earlier, the outlook of the students towards the disease is positive. They are aware of the risk pertaining to the transmission of the disease but are not worried about the personal risk of the infection. The students therefore, did not have enough knowledge about the impact of HIV over their own age group. Liu et al., (2013) explained that the outlook of vulnerability among the college students was very poor. Such a poor perception among the students de-motivates their interest towards their individual infection. The studies indicate that growth in the knowledge about the impact of HIV increase the prevention technique of HIV. There was a positive correlation between the high-anticipated benefits of HIV examining and the timeliness of the students thought to be tested. A proper training and education on the significance of premature detection of HIV in the young adults might develop the rate of HIV testing among the college students.

The examination of infections relating to the sexually transmitted disease is not undertaken for any personal gain. (Trapence et al., 2012) examined the factors motivating these testing over student. The differentiation among the students who wants to get examined and students who did not is due their belief in the factors like “It would show the respect towards its partner” and “it will prevent the spread of the disease to someone else”. The idea of knowing one’s own condition of HIV is less important than the two factors discussed before. The second most influential belief on the examination of Sexually Transmitted Disease was the disadvantages of the result like what the society will think about the sexual life and the embarrassment faced in the society. Concentrating over the four factors imprinting the decisions of a student, the examination of STI can be effective in development of the efficacy of the health promotion with respect to the rate of HIV diagnosis.

The number of college students who have still not been tested for HIV and may not have knowledge about the calls for infection for the promotion of HIV examination in the college campus. The vital reason identified in the general sense of exposure among the college students with accordance to HIV as a vital boundary in increasing the number of students who have been examined. It is also seen that concentrating on the effect of testing over the sexual partners of the students and reducing the level of shame and embarrassment allocated to STI can develop the participation of the students in HIV examination (Johnson & Michie, 2015). The colleges in most countries therefore provide free testing of HIV via the health centers and in the campus. Thus, a testing campaign in all over the campus would help to promote the resources while removing the brand of the conversation around the HIV testing in general. With addition to this, a marketing strategy all over the campus on this event of the awareness of the HIV among the students and the risks over their partners would raise the number of college participants being tested for HIV in the campus actively.

Proposed Action Plan

The presence of a large number of students unknown about the effect of HIV generates a risky environment for the introduction of new patients. The goal of the proposal is to provide is to initiate a free HIV examination for most of the students as possible. The presence of a peaceful and friendly environment attracts the students towards HIV testing thereby creating a normal behavior among the students of Carolina. The establishment of events like Get Yourself Tested can have an effective impact over the outlook of HIV in the campus. The promotion and advertisement will induce conversations of testing of HIV on campus and also among the students who are not interested. The students when tested once will thus have no fear in doing any tests in the near future (Kirby & Thornber-Dunwell, 2014).

The other objective is to instigate the various HIV resources available in the UNC Chapel Hill’s campus. The Student Wellness group gives free blood tests that will be provided at the event for free by appointing all over the year. Thus, collaborating with the organization will help GYT event to function smoothly along with giving out the resources. The advertisement of the testing will enlighten the students about the availability of the resources in the campus. The project will segregate into two parts mainly the advertising and campaigning the GYT event.

The campaign would continue from 3rd April to 9th April where the flyers are passed out promoting the event in the busiest areas in the campus using important statistics. The flyers is mainly posted around the campus with the help of student volunteers. Few flyers are also posted in bulletin boards and door stalls.

The main aim of this campaign is to promote the event of Get Yourself Tested. The flyers are also effective in making the students aware about the risks faced with respect to HIV and the vitality of the test. The awareness increase will therefore, attract a larger and positive conversation about HIV, which can eliminate any restrictions of student participation. This stage will therefore, increase the number of students in the next step.

This event will be held on 10thApril 2017 to honor the National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day. The volunteers from the Student Wellness specialists and Student Health Action Coalition would provide HIV test free of cost. The volunteers from these organizations would help to bring in participants to the testing places as well as providing refreshments and establishing a information table for the students who have been tested positive. The students will be tested using the Ora Quick testing system along with the use blood test. The Ora Quick system will provide the result within an hour while the tests done by taking blood samples will provide the result after two weeks. The other goals include the creation of a non-judgmental environment instigating conversation about sexual health and making the students familiar with the resources available in the campus (Kohl et al., 2012).

Advertising Campaign

The strategies to evaluate the impact of these promotional events will be well understood by taking surveys within the campus and understanding the views of the students. The reaction of the students is useful in understanding the effect of these promotional health plans. The awareness of the students towards the effect of HIV and initiatives to prevent the transmission of this disease is also an important way to understand the impact of the strategies. The decrease in the percentage of the number of young adults affected by HIV will also determine whether the campaign has been effective (Tharp et al., 2013).

The outcome of these events is the creation of awareness in the minds of the students around the age of 13-24 years about the ill effects of HIV. They have knowledge about HIV but are reluctant about the effect in their personal life. The decrease in the HIV patients among this group age will have a positive outcome. The participation of the students in undertaking the tests related to STI will induce people to understand the effectiveness of these campaigns. The personal benefit of the individuals, which was not the primary factor for HIV testing will be eliminated and the college students will generate a conscious about the deadly effects of this disease and will therefore make initiatives to do the examination from time to time in the future.

Background of  Research


Development of Proposal


Forging Organization Partnerships (Student Wellness )


Student Volunteer Recruitment

February 2017

Printing and Designing  of Flyers/Brochures

March 2017

GYT event organization/ Purchasing tests and supplies

March 2017

Advertisement Campaign

April 3rd – April 9th, 2017

GYT event

April 10th, 2017













Ora Quick HIV Tests














Flyers: The budget is calculated upon the cost of printing on 8” x 12” size of paper cardstock from the student stores print shop. These flyers will be given out in the busiest area like the public buildings and will be pinned in the bulletin board.

Brochures: The budget is done on the cost of printing on a 10’ x 12” hardboard paper purchased from the student print shop. The data collected from both the students and the Wellness centers will be useful in examining the HIV tests and all the information about the tests will be printed on the brochures, which is to be given out to the students within the campus.

Ora Quick HIV Tests: The budget is calculated from the costs of each examination as shown by the Campus Health Services of UNC. The tests will provide results on the first fifty participants within an hour after the test.

Pizza and Soda: The estimation of price of the pizzas is calculated from the expense of a medium pizza from Pizza Hut. The money, which is left after undertaking all the expenditures, is used to purchase sodas and other refreshments for the event. The drinks will attract students and thereby increase the number of participants along with creating a welcoming environment in order to normalize the testing program.

Get Yourself Tested Event

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