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Discuss about health care providers, managers, and administrators are faced with a variety of ethical issues?



It is quiet common in health care profession that there is always clash between a patient’s family and health care personnel. It has been observed that few patients inevitably suffer from the consequences, that they made during the course of their care or when they are hospitalized. Many people, who need surgical procedure or diagnostic tests, are compelled to wait months, or in worst cases for few years. This are few examples of some ethical issues that a patients and their near one may need to face in a health care organization (Breslin, MacRae, Bell & Singer, 2005). Besides that there are other issues are present in health sector. Apart from that there is a great discrimination have been observed in addressing ethical issues in health care from one issue to another. Few of the issue receives great attention from different media as well as from government where as others remain unnoticed.

The aim of this study to figure out three ethical issues in health sector and analyzing the issue using ethical decision making process. So doing intensive study about different ethical issues in health I have figured out three of them and mentioned below.

Ethical issues:

The first issue is that, there is a disagreement between the patients/ families and medical authority about the decision regarding treatment. According to expert, this kind of disagreements typically have two type. In one type health expert may impose a treatment option that is highly unaccepted by the families or by the patients. In other type,  patients or families force   to adopt a treatment (in terms of more or less treatment, or a completely different treatment as an alternative or complimentary method) which is unacceptable for the health care professional.

The Second issue is waiting list. It is a scenario where patients of a country need to wait for long time for their turn to get health service. It has been a ongoing issue for many years in health sector because of excessive demand for health care service which is  putting huge burden on the reputed health care centre and the system which regulate them. Because of this delay in treatment, patient’s health is compromised and the outcome may not be good some time leads to death. This delay also reduces patient’s ability to perform their normal function which they used to perform at work or at home. This kind of inability can give outcome like psychological distress. Waiting list may also contribute to geographical inequities in different health centres of various region (Dennis F. Pitt, 2003).

The third issue is the scarcity of physicians or teams who deal in primary care in rural and urban area. According to a report  by Canadian Institute for Health Information that there was a sharp fall  in medical graduate starting practice as general or as a family practitioner from 80% in 1992 to only 45% in 2000. This was become a great problem for that country. Due to this trend most people who belong to rural area need to wait for long time to meet their family physician. As a result, the overall level of lifestyle is becoming poor for those people who don’t have the accession of good health facilities.


Analysis of those issues:

To reduce the disagreement between a doctor and a patient or his families regarding the treatment method a fruitful conversation is required between both the parties. Both of them should come to an agreement that there will be no clash afterwards. The doctor needs to explain the method and intervention regarding the treatment and the benefit of the treatment to the patient and his family, and family also can add some comment in it. By which both of them can stick to a particular method.

It is not a good scenario for a developed country that their citizens are waiting in queue for their turn in order to get treatment. The waiting list must be reduced and make the treatment available for all. For doing this a survey is required regarding the number of patient in  waiting list, categorize them by gender and age, typing of disease (Kaldjian, Weir & Duffy, 2005).Different medical authorities and doctors should be strict enough to fight with geographical inequities and they should keep an eye on those health centres which have accused for this malpractice previously.

To analyze the third problem we need be broad minded enough. Most of students need to encourage for being a doctor. Someone should be there to make them understand the importance about the life saving profession.


Everyone will face many ethical dilemmas somewhere in there life in decision making but needs to come in a decision. Few decisions can be taken in individual level which will affect the personal and professional life while few needs to take in organizational level which can affect many people. The decision which seems right at a particular stage of life may proved wrong at another stage of life.  A decision maker always needs to evaluate that what factors can influence her/his the ability of decision making and what kind of process he/ she will follow if he / she finds himself/ herself well equipped with future decision making (McWay, 2008).



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