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Heritage And Cultural Tourism Management Add in library

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Discuss potential conflicts in the conservation of heritage and cultural resources – What are the conflicts about? What are the reasons for conflicts? What solutions have been proposed? Did they work? What is your opinion on this?



In today’s world cultural resources and heritage places of the world are facing potential threats due to urban development, natural catastrophes, uncontrolled agriculture, and excess of tourism and climate changes. Conservation of cultural heritage helps the community to protect economically valuable physical assets .The conservation plans are best developed before the commencement of a disaster but even if it happens the Government should have post disaster conservation strategies for the cultural heritages of the world (Architects, 2015).

Cultural resources and heritage across the world are exposed to several natural and manmade risks. These risks can occur due to natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes and floods or due to erosion, pollution or tourism. The potential conflicts for conservation of these natural resources can come about due to the lack of appropriate or adequate communication of the significance of a heritage place to both the members of the community and the visitors. This lack of awareness of the cultural value of the heritage can hinder the public, government or political support from funding and conserving the place (, 2015).

The improper presentation of the physical attributes of a cultural heritage can lead to the narrow or improper understanding of the value of the place in the mind of the government and the wider community. Lack of cultural heritage protection laws and lack of economic, legislative, social, cultural and tourism development policies at regional and local level can diminish the conservation and protection of cultural resources overtime (, 2015). If the Government is not willing to take thorough and extensive measures to protect the heritage of a community


Reasons for the conflict against conservation:

Population growth is one of the biggest reasons behind lack of conservation of cultural resources and heritage of a community. The uneven distribution of people around the world compels the government to give a setback to conservation plan of these cultural places (, 2015). In rural centers due to population decline the demand for services are declining and the community has fewer resources to conserve heritage places. It can be sorted out by a more flexible approach encouraging change and adaptation or accepting the fact that some places may be managed in ruins.

Heritage is perceived as a public good but still its importance is undermined in public sectors. In 2011, the funding for heritage conservation has been reduced by 30% by the Australian government. Community perception is also responsible for lack of conservation of historical places .In remote and rural areas, these sites have been victimized by vandalism and intentional damage .These places have been degraded and have been used as dumping sites of weeds, resource extraction etc.

Ways to conserve these historical places:

Understanding the historical place is the first step to conserve the place It is possible through investigation and research. Planning to conserve is the next step as the needs of the owners and users need to be understood and community interests should be also kept in mind. Finally intervening on a cultural heritage i.e. any action that should alter in a physical change must respect its value. In India, According to the ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains act, 1958, a person may be imprisoned for 3 months if he defects any cultural place. Indian youth plays a vital role in raising awareness among the Indians about the importance of a rich cultural heritage. Every year on 11th November is observed as the oath taking day in India to remind everyone that to protect the rich cultural heritage is their duty as a citizen of India. In U.S heritage preservation is an act to conserve, preserve and protect cultural buildings ,landscapes, objects Many acts such as the ancient monuments protection act 1882, have been in vogue in UK .the society for the protection of ancient buildings was founded to prevent the destruction of historical buildings in UK . All these projects, society and initiatives that are taken by the governments of different countries are for the betterment of the cultural heritage of the respective countries and so far these have been able to preserve the beauty of these historical places (Name, 2015).


Finally, to conclude according to my opinion, historical preservations of structures and buildings can add to the pride to the history of that country and understanding among the countrymen about the value of that place and it can bring economic benefits. A community who prides upon its history and respect its history should go for preservation of its cultural heritage so that it can be evidence to the rest of the world how to protect its rich heritage and so that the rest of the world can follow its example.



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