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HI5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

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  • Course Code: HI5019
  • University: Holmes Institute
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Accounting software indicates a particular type of performance software, which processes and accumulates transactions that are related to accounting within diverse functional modules. The transactions are payroll, nominal ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable. The accounting software works like an information system of accounting. It can be developed by the company using the software, can be bought from a third party, or can be an amalgamation of a third-party implementation package of software with indigenous modifications. Accounting software can be online based, or can be accessed at any time anywhere with any Internet enabled device, or it can be desktop based although it varies hugely in its cost and complexity.

The literature review outlines the basic structure of a recognized Australian organization, Woolworths Supermarket of Australia. The review contains the organizational structure, the operational problems for examples the errors and the inefficiency of the organization with proper description. The report consists of a system flowchart of the sales and procedures of Woolworths. The literature review also covers all sorts of frauds that can be identified in the organization. The development and adoption of the software packages in any organization is extremely beneficial for any organization. The review also contains the leaders in accounting software market and the reason for their competitive advantage. The description of the literature review is given in the following paragraphs.


Part 1

Woolworths Supermarket of Australia

Woolworths Supermarkets, founded on December 5, 1924 is an Australian grocery market chain that is owned by Woolworths Limited. It nearly covers around 80% of the total Australian markets. Woolworths Supermarket had a total turnover in FY2004 of around $27.9 billion in which liquor and food had the contribution of $22 billion (, 2017).

Organizational structure of Woolworths Supermarket of Australia

The organizational structure of Woolworths Supermarket contains the complete management and the corporate structure of the grocery market.

Fig 1: Management Structure of Woolworths

(Source:, 2017).

The above figure shows the detailed management structure of Woolworths Supermarket of Australia.

Fig 2: Corporate Structure of Woolworths

(Source: Sun et al. 2017)

The above figures (Fig 1 and Fig 2) describe the whole organizational structure which includes the management and the corporate structures.

Organizational Problems

In last few years, Woolworths Supermarket has faced a momentous alteration in their market share. The strategies that Woolworths group have undertaken had gone completely wrong. The approaches of this particular company have gone erroneous due to the alterations in the trend of the market. The involvement of the competition of Woolworths in the market has altered the structure of this company (Galliers and Leidner 2014). The company did not reach to the requirements of their consumers in the existing market. This has caused a major degradation of Woolworths in the market share in the grocery market. Any consumer gets attracted towards a company for its low prices. However, in Woolworths Supermarket the increment in the prices of the goods and the products available in the warehouse of the company has lost interest of the consumers.

Fig 3: Sales growth of Woolworths

(Source:, 2017)

The above figure shows the sales growth of Woolworths Supermarket of Australia. The figure clearly shows the degradation in the sales of the company over the years. In financial year 2009, the sales were above 30, whereas in the financial year 2013, the sales have reached below 26. It clearly defines the inefficiency of Woolworths Supermarket, which means it defines how much inefficient Woolworths is in keeping its consumers. This is basically due the increase in prices of their products. Consumers do not have the tendency to buy goods and products with prices that are higher than the usual ones. The marketing department of Woolworths group is not advertising their products at all.

Fig 4: The Strategies of Woolworths

(Source:, 2017)

System Acquisition Method

Woolworths group follows the basic Enterprise Resource Planning model as their system acquisition method. System acquisition methods are those methods that are followed by different organizations to attain their goals and objectives. The above figure describes and briefs about the new ERP model, which is started by the Chief Executive Officer of this company. To provide perfect stability from the ups and downs that Woolworths is facing, the Systems, Applications and the Products or SAP of this company is restarted in a brand new and innovative form (Pearlson, Saunders and Galletta 2016). It is assumed that this new form will help to stabilize the company’s sales and thus improve them. The new and innovative ERP system of this particular company has benefitted in consolidating the relation with the consumers in the existing market. The Enterprise Resource Planning system has aimed the manufacturers and the retailers of the company warehouses in the market and thus providing products at a lower price than all other competitors of the company. The database management system of this particular company has been properly organized with the help of the new Systems, Applications and Procedures. To increase the sales of goods and products of Woolworths in the grocery market, the company’s business analyst has a determined focus over the company’s marketing team. The marketing team will keep an eye on the recent shares of the company and will advertise the goods and products of Woolworths.

Figure 5: Flowchart of Sales

(Source:, 2017)

System flowchart of the sales of a particular company is a pictorial representation of the sales process of that company. A system flowchart is extremely important for any organization. It helps in envisioning the process of sales and highlighting the gaps and issues in the process of sales of the company (Coviello and Tanev 2017). The above flow chart clearly describes about the procedure of sales of the Woolworth Supermarket in Australia.

The flowchart starts with gathering customers data from the database of Woolworths. The next step is the campaigning of the products and the goods of the company. Campaigning is important for any organization, which helps the consumers to understand all the products and goods of a particular company. When this step of campaigning of the products becomes successful, there is an opportunity of sales growth in the company’s sales. However, if the campaigning of the products does not become successful or rather becomes unsuccessful, then there is a need or necessity to rethink about the strategies of Woolworths Supermarket. The new strategy should be like this that again the campaigning of the products becomes successful. This process is iterative that is as long as the campaigning does not becomes successful, there will no growth in sales (Cassidy 2016). After the opportunity of sales in the company, the customers will buy the products and there will be an increase in the growth of the sales of Woolworths Supermarket of Australia. The major challenge for any company or organization is the customer satisfaction. If the customers are not satisfied with the products, there is no use of existing that company. When the consumers do not buy the products of the organization, the sales of Woolworths will decline and thus there will be an unsuccessful sale. If there is unsucessful sale in the Woolworths sales, then they will have to rethink the stragy of sales, which means it will go back to the previous step in the flow chart (Nguyen, Nguyen and Bosch 2017). The last step of the above flow chart describes the successful sale of Woolworths Supermarket of Australia.

Control Problems in the System

The problems that Woolworths Supermarket of Australia have created a major change in the sales and the growth of the company. These sales mostly depend on the customers, the marketing team and the shareholders of the company. There are various different control problems in the system of Woolworths that affect the brand name of the company (Madhavaram and Hunt 2017).

Process Designing

There is a necessity of the involvement of the consumers, which helps in retaining the involvement of the staffs and employees in the company (Li, Cui and Lu 2017) . Service process play a signifucant role in such cases. There is a massive drgradation in the services given by the Woolworths Supermarket, which has relunctantly lost the interest of the consumers on the grocery business in the market. The company did not change its management and corporate structures on the basis of the recent market trends (Ismail and King 2014). The interaction of the various consumers of the company has changed from time to time right from the profit till the loss of the company. The staffs that are present in the retails of the grocery store are not enough for the bulk amount of customers, who visit regularly. Moreover, the staffs present do not interact with the customers properly. There is a lack of self-checkouts facility in all the outlets of the company. This self-checkout facility attracts many customers and thus improves thhe sales of the company.

Supply Chain Management

This is another important area of Woolworths Supermarket of Australia. The supply chain management is an important aspect for any organization as it maintains the demand and supply of that organization, which means it checks whether the demands of the consumers are meeting the supplies of the company (Hatton et al. 2017). If they are not meeting, there is a high chance of necessity to improve the supply chain management. This type of problem is arrising Woolworths Supermarket. The company is unable to meet the demands of the consumers and thus the customers are losing interest in the company.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is another important aspect for any company. It forecasts on the fact that the company is maintaining a healthy relationship with the existing and the new customers (Abraham and Dao 2017). The basic relation between a company and its customers is that the company is able to make the customers happy with its services and this is possible only when the company gives the best quality products with reasonable prices. This is a major drawback for Woolworths as it is unable to maintain a good relationship with its customers. The consumers are not at all happy with the service. The quality of the products are good, but they are higher in price.

Part 2

Accounting Software Packages

The threats faced by Woolworths Supermarket can be removed by introducing an accounting software package in the company. The accounting software package of Woolworths is the B2B software package. The benefits of B2B software packages include the improvement of accuracy of data, increase in revenues, helps to maintain the compliance policy of the company, increases the productivity of staffs, there is an opportunity of increase in the sales of the company (Galliers and Leidner 2014). B2B software package will bring the above-mentioned aspects of Woolworths.

Market Size

Woolworths was always on the top of the grocery markets in Australia. Although in the last few years, the sales have gone down, but till 2015, it was one of the leading grocery companies in all over the world.

Fig 6: Market Share of Woolworths

Source: Peppard and Ward 2016

The above figure describes the percentage of market shares of Woolworths from 2009 to 2018. There is a massive degradation in the shares of the market.

Market Leaders and Competition

The only core competitor of Woolworths in recent market is Coles. It is another market leader in grocery market, which is giving intense competition to Woolworths (Hallikainen et al. 2017). The problem is same with Coles, which means it also has products with high price. Both of them are fighting for their rights, so that any one of them gains superiority. Woolworths have invested a huge amount of money to give a major competitive advantage to Coles in the hope of winning the battle.


Woolworths Supermarket is facing many challenges in their market and sales. However, all these can be resolved with perfect and good strategies. The first problem of Woolworths is that it is not meeting the demand of the consumers. They should start a market survey to keep an eye which products are consumed by consumers at higher rate (McKnight et al. 2017). The second problem is the customer relationship management. The company should maintain a healthy relation with the existing and the new customers and they should behave well with their customers. All these recommendations can help Woolworths to return its position as the top grocery company.


Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that, Woolworths Supermarket is facing many threats in its business. It is using B2B software package to resolve its problem in sales. However, still there are different problems, which can be solved with the above-mentioned recommendations. Woolworths had been the leading grocery store since 1924 and if it follows the recommendations, it will return to its position. The recommendations will also help to improve the organizational structure of the company.


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