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The existence of social media is making an immense supremacy in the current time of business. Developing the diverse set of initiative that connects people, social media has actually become an important part of the organization, permitting the communities and people to get immensely engaged with one another. As this can be the fastest mode of communication with simple use of services, social networking and it has actually become a trend among public along with rising level of popularity on the routine basis. Other factors behind accepting are related to cost-effectiveness methodology for an organization where people can easily get connected with external world without any expense. Places like Facebook provides an opportunity to so many people to get connected with people all over the world. Places like Twitter single hand impact a major percentage of consumers who like to purchase as per the data shared via tweets.

Project objective
The basic motive right behind the project is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of social media as well as the finding the role of social networking in the industry of hospitality and hotels. With the rise in the basic involvement of social media, it becomes important to gain clarity on the stages until that it should be utilised. Usage of social media without getting along the knowledge can prove to be bad for the business specifically hotel sector. Thus, finding pros and cons related to social media in hotel sector becomes the main objective of the research.

Project scope
The overall scope of the project is to conduct a research associated with social networking in hotel sector. At the time of making a detailed study of the literature, the study will find out the pros and cons of social networking in the hotel sector. Also, the research will provide specific instances of present industry who are using social media for the hotel business. The paper will provide help to hotel sector as the literature review made can provide help while using social media in their organization.

Literature review
Application of social networking in the hotel sector

Like many organizations, hotel sector can also undertake different application to encourage the business with a marketing plan in digital space. (Turban et al., 2017). By competition methods and prize distribution, more consumers will get utilised to same hospitality for that specific destination. For instance, a hotel like Starwood loyalty program of Marriot Society gives loyalty programs to the consumers where one can redeem the points for rewarding to those consumers around the world who provide ideal reviews for the services provided by the hotel. One another instance is Best Western Group of hotels that addresses hotel business which is more than a hundred nations. The organization motivates people to share the dream for holidays and invites them to connect for options while winning the dream vacation. The campaign proved in a successful manner for them and rise in the sales per capita around twenty percent.

Locality related applications that are also utilised by hotels in which hotel gives complimentary related utility products as per the climate and need of the destination (Ladkin t al., 2016). They also form provisions for a different party where they can invite the guests that actually make them feel auxiliary atmosphere which is friendly enough. By providing an application in the social network when people meeting conferences that can get some provision for the entertainment of family and can invite a lot of guests along with giving added advantages by combining commercial visits along with holidays
. The recovery of services techniques is also utilised by so many hotels where the hotel can also provide online kinds to the consumers (Kim et al., 2015). Any form of anger as a part with them along the negativity comment when not acknowledged in the house that can be shared with the hotel via online kinds.  This can give stopping in spending the negative comment in social events by feeling sorry and making sure the maintenance of quality in the upcoming visits. On the contrary, hotels can function on the work principles and their mistakes in future.

Advantages of social media in the hotel sector

After identifying the significance of social network in the hotel sector, benefits associated to it has been recognized with the literature. There is a number of researchers that have claimed that current marketing strategy without any social media that is becoming obsolete and can be sustained in the business, adoption of social network intelligently has become important. The rise of traffic in social media sites that have made business entrepreneurs benefits extra knowledge about the consumers (Lopes, 2016). Developing a website for the organization work as a self-introducing of business and in many hotels, making consumer awareness about the services and providing is very crucial.
Media posts are networking media sites can develop awareness among people and the level of curiosity that can be explored more about proving benefits for number proving benefits for hotels. The method not just develops traffic, however, also further boost owner websites. The search engine identifies the visitors who visit the sites right after the searches that have visited and also can be clearly forgotten. The search engine at the later stage utilising by websites owners making continuous advertisement as well as promoting the visitors that account so that overall interest can be elevated.

When the hospitality can be performed in an outstanding manner, social media can be proved an actual association builder for the same (Aluri et al., 2015). Social media websites like Instagram and Twitter can make marketing among people in the very complimentary method in which communication that exists between made in pictures as well as tweets. After rightly going through tweets and the overall status pictures, it is easier for people to gain knowledge about the present hotels in the destined places. On the contrary, hotel people to gaining understanding the consumer preferences and what can be planned during the weekends.
Connection during the time of requirement that leads consumer in the direction which leads hotels as compared to non-competitions. The consumer of social media websites using social networking not just for advertisement and communicate however also seem for different posts and experience of people. In social networking, people are usually receptive to provide the message and therefore they are curious about what people can mention instead than what can be sold or advertised (Bilgihan et al., 2016). This also develops traffic when people share hotel websites as well as experiences associated with it and at the same time experiencing associated and while so many people are reciprocating and advertisement.

Disadvantage of social media in hotel sector

The online social and marketing media can be proved very advantageous for sector in hospitality however, recognizing of cons related with it are also important. Issues in social network marketing procedure make challenging for the organization to stay transparent in the web pages along with giving different details is becoming challenging. Executing and interacting via social media also proves to be highly risky at the times specifically when consumers feel angry as a part of them in times of bad experiences. This is why, before executing social network into the businesses of hotel, drawbacks is associated to it will also be recognized (Oskam et al., 2016). At the time of social networking proves to be highly time sensitive. The two-mode interaction procedure existing between the companies and consumers takes a lot of time and need patience to take dedication.
The active organizations are options of getting more sales rise. However, disadvantages here is that transition in the demand of the business in current time need constant updating of websites or else the data can be seeming can be outdated for consumers. There are some people that has to act accountable to supervise networking websites to answer the comments and reply immediately. (Zeng et al., 2014) Providing the present data about hotels usually upgrade the room as well as tariffs and it is also crucial or else consumer can feel cheated. The business hospitality is service-based business and manage the quality of service is also crucial to remain highly competent in social media. Investment in terms of time along with the commitment of companies is basic needs to get business part of social networking otherwise gain advantages out of social network is not possible. Thus, while dabbling data in webpages doesn't make any observation of returns.

As per the survey in recent time, a lot of users are quite active on Facebook and a part of the population is networked socially with one another (Zeng et al., 2014). The search characteristics as well as engines in social media stages, locate people or connect with other become an easy process. Given the extra usage of social media platforms, its advantages can make sure hotel industrialists to make sure effective social media to connect with consumers. communicating messages related to services or offers that come with the motivation of satisfied consumer to rightly articulate the overall experience in social media websites is significant. At the same time, answering suddenly to the one with the wrong incident is also expected in the hotel business (Ooi et al., 2015). At the time searching for any kind of vacation and holiday packages, people usually rely on social networking. There are so many people like to share the holiday experience with many others and form reviews of the hotel in usage.

Research question
Primary question
What are the major importance standards related to social network in the hotel industry?
Secondary question
Q1. What are some of the levels which are included the handling of the customers through the social networking industry?
Q2. Comment on the largest users of the social media and how is that helpful for the hotel industry?
Q3. What are the different ways in which the social networking be used?
Research design and methodology
Considering the changing technology with the variation in the arguments, there are qualitative and the qualitative procedures which includes the adoption of the mixed methods. The focus is on handling the applications where the data collection methods are used mainly for the interviews and the survey of the questionnaires (Bowie et al., 2016). This will properly focus on the relative terms to obtain the data and work on the different forms of the requirements based on varied researches.
Qualitative research
With the specifications, it is seen that there are different aspects for handling the collection of data where it is also possible to focus and understand the different concepts which are related to the study of clear understanding. The gain is to focus on the usage and the patterns which includes the questionnaires and the detailed sessions for the open and the closed ended questions. Here, the triangulation is the approach which is defined for the qualitative and he quantitative method for collecting the data and then analysing it as well.
Quantitative research
The quantitative methods are based on the well-structured reviews that can easily be handled through the different respondents who work on the face-to-face interviews. This will also ensure about how the different questions are set with standardised hotel industry who tend to focus on obtaining the answers.
Sample size
The check is on how the people of 18 years and above are reviewing the hotel industry by getting impact of the social media on them. Hence, for this, there is a need to focus on the marketing standards with concerns related to match with social media industry. This will help in identifying the population with researchers to draw on the population sample. The sample is representative which includes the study about how the sample population can easily be interpreted and worked upon through the different sample sizes (Gibbs et al., 2015).
The study is to highlight about the sampling techniques and then work on the interview respondents who tend to answer about the research questions as well. The hypothesis is about to carry the study to determine the effectiveness and then work on the collection of the data before the survey is started.
The research is based on the classifications which are depending upon how the research can be set and defined for the different dependent variables (Ryan, 2015). For the social network, there is a need to include the age, gender for the respondents and how the variables are able to work on the different business nature. The patterns are based on the standardised financial accounting that includes and affect the level of effectiveness, with nature of business and filing the returns of tax.
Data collection

With the changing study sample, there are forms that includes the participants who work on the proper study with the participants and the responses who are able to work on the confidential levels (Chung et al., 2015). The conclusion and the recommendations are based on the questionnaires which are sent for the respondents through the email address. This will help them to focus on the changes and work with the responses that have been received for the different questionnaires and the interview sessions. The patterns are depending upon the SPSS versions which highlights about the standard deviation processes with multilinear regression models (Nieves et al., 2017).  
Data analysis
The analysis is about how the responses could be received from the different sets of the questions with the focus on entering the details in the Microsoft excel and then editing them as per the requirement. Here, the data is then exported for the SPSS version with the different analysis patterns of the data. It includes the 5-Likert scales and the standard deviations with multilinear regression models that could easily be able to find the effectiveness related to the controlling effects of the independent variables.
Expected conclusion

There are number of big and small businesses that have even initiated making social networking involved in the marketing and associated strategy since it provides free marketing as well as advertising mediums (Liang et al., 2017). By communicating with consumers and getting the answers, companies can be based on growth as per the taste of final buyers. The process of tourism as well as hospitality companies have also initiated taking social network involving in the marketing strategy in the current time bloggers as well as travellers relying on social media to get data about the desired destination. Also, social media can be utilised by many consumers that are planning the visit to hotels after reviewing of menu as size of the room (Capaldo, 2014). All the work along with many other advantages can be given via social media. However, drawback associated to it are also crucial to study like making wrong statement of the competition, misusing of other organizations name etc.

Reliability and validity
The mixed research methods include the threats which are related to the validity and then handling the system reliability. For this, the results are based on working over the different conducts that are easily reproducible (Alonso et al., 2015). The secondary data is categorised with the focus on how one can carry the details about the publishing and then signing on what has been passed for the financial statements.
Research limitation
There are certain limitations which are related to the working that includes the issues related on the possibilities of the discrepancies in the results (Milman et al., 2014). Hence, it is important to work on the sound business enterprises wherein the respondents are also reachable for answering the questionnaires.?
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