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Research at least 2-3 different organizations’ workplace mental health and wellness programs. At least 1 should be a health and human services organization. Your paper should include the following:

  • Discuss what the components that you would typically find in a mental health and wellness program
  • Briefly describe the components of the organizations you researched
  • What kind of programs and activities were involved/offered?
  • Be sure to include information about their Employee Assistance Programs(EAP) programs and referrals

  • How were cultural considerations factored into the programs (if at all)?

  • Include any information about gender-specific or sexual orientation-specific components

  • How effective were these programs? Are there statistics or research outcomes? How did they measure the effectiveness, if at all?

Imagine you have been chosen to be part of a team responsible for developing and implementing a workplace mental health and wellness program. Assuming that your company already has an EAP provider in place:

  • Who would you want to be on the development team? Why?

  • What are the goals and outcomes you would like the program to achieve?

  • How will you identify the key needs and expectations of the program (aka: how will you decide what to be included in the program)?

  • Who will be your target audience? All staff, certain groups, etc.?

  • Describe the types of activities and components that will be included in this program

  • How will they be delivered? Would this be a one-time program or a program that has components delivered throughout the year?

  • How will you include a cultural component to your program (are there activities you would want to provide?)

  • How will you evaluate the effectiveness of this program?

The Most Effective Tools of Workplace Mental Health Programs

The study discusses on the mental health wellness program offered by major organisations in Canada. One amongst these organisations is Lund beck Canada that is a mental health organisation, Rodale is a publishing house that promotes health awareness program for their employees. Based on this organisation in Canada the study illustrates the various kind of program such as health campaigns, gym facilities and entertainment programs to reduce work pressure in workplace while promoting effective mental health.

  1. The mental health wellness program of Canada offers the following understanding of mental health that usually serves as the objective of the employers. As stated by Kelloway (2017), mental health is that present state of an individual when they recognise their individual potential and they understand that they will be able to work with the normal stresses of life in contribution to their workplace. In this aspect, the major components of mental health wellbeing program in the workplace are occupational health and protection within the physical working environment. The second component is the psychosocial working environment present within the culture of the organisation and the workplace of work. The third component is the promotion of workplace health and the last component is the organisational engagement of community (Cullen et al., 2017).

  2. The major component found in the  Lund beck Canada that is associated with Canadian Mental health association is that the workforce of the Mental health division grouped up to take a better understanding of the employers within their work that will support them to promote mental health within the workplace (Reavley, Jorm & Morgan, 2017, p.254). In this context, Rodale Canada’s wellness approaches lays down an argument stating that they aim to enhance the level of fitness of the employees for the saving the revenue of the company.

    The wellness initiative by this organisation is to track the mental as well as physical health with the help of Fitbit wristwatch to inspire competition within the office. Rodale Hotels and resorts in Canada is one of the organisations that boasted mental health and has remained on Maclean’s 50 best employment lists (Moll et al., 2015). Their consistent ranking is due to the determination towards the staff involvement. In this context, Rodale has conducted a mental health week with the intention of highlighting the high numbers of mental health factors and illness in Canada.  It also offered the methods for their employees to motivate junior employees to work through the workplace mental health issues related to stress, depression and anxiety.
  1.   There is various kind of health mental health wellbeing program offered in these organisations. Organisations such as Rodale focus more on the responsibility and productivity of the organisation. Therefore, the leisure and entertainment group presently took an initiative of the mental health program for a way to enhance the necessary involvement metrics. Again in Lund beck Canada that is a mental health organisation deals with issues of mental health of women and men to promote a healthy lifestyle along with employee offerings (Sivris & Leka, 2015). Apart from these, these organisation take additional effort to deal with issues arising from sexual harassment of women and other mental health issue related to cultural biases within workplace. The company offers provisions for office gym facilities with additional fitness courses and room for meditation.

    Lund beck Canada that is a mental health organisation takes major initiative for the well-being of the employees. They have currently launched a $1.4 million project that is a federally funded program intended to improve mental health within the workplaces (Bovopoulos et al., 2016). In this context, the company offers standards online at zero cost to foster mental health and to improve the well-being and safety of the employee and protect them from psychological issues.
  1. By far it has been observed that employee assistance program is mostly used by the organisations as an external support for mental health issues that are followed by the health and benefits providers. In this aspect, the companies offer unlimited advantages for the employees to pay for the therapists. Rodale Canada offers health insurance plans for all the employees that get automatically enrolled for the employees by adding 1% each year (LaMontagne et al., 2014). This company also has EAP through provisions of vacations and paid leave along with medical benefits for the employees.

  2.   Lund beck Canada recognises the necessity of the workplace while addressing the issue within the workplace while abolishing stigma around the mental health factors and offering the required resources for all the employees to maintain safety and health standards. It has been found the company is determined to integrate health standards and cultural improvements within the workplace (Kelloway et al., 2017).

    However, research survey on the respondents dealing within the organisations has reported that there is an increased requirement for more mental health education and tools that are present within the workplace to support mental health along with the organisation's cultural changes that indicate the approval of mental health issues (Kleinman et al., 2016). Rodale Canada offers organic far within an attached cafeteria to withheld cultural concerns by offering locally sources food and accessibility to Rodale Institute.
  1. Anxiety disorders and depression are highly prevalent amongst female employees. They have been suffering mostly sexual orientation.  Therefore, in order to address these issues, Rodale Canada publishes journal and magazine for sustaining mental health and gender-specific issues occurring in the workplace. Lund beck Canada has as well initiated program such as female safety campaigns to address these issues in the workplace. The organisations suggest that employers need to be increasingly aware of the mental health issues and required to comply with the Equality Act to provide justifiable adjustments within the workplace (Joyce et al., 2016).

  2. The most effective tools of the program offered by the mental health workplace are the mental health workshops and health program facilities along with supportive workplace strategies for improving mental health. The companies free online resources for the employees and the national standards of Canada for the psychological safety of the employees (Kelloway et al., 2017). Respondents and employees have implied that these are the most appropriate methods for learning about workplace mental health safety and learning about resources health program seminars. Almost 32% of the leadership has been described as to be taking actions to initiate mental health program in the workplace.
  1. I would like to be the mental and wellness program supervisor to assist the environment of the workplace. This will allow me to arrange assistive counselling program for the employee for helping with their life and work-related issues while informing them about the advantages of active and healthy lifestyle. It is the front line supervisors that will be addressing the basic needs of the worksite on the management of stress and will be able to facilitate the formulation of work activities of support teams while investing on a specific program that improves mental health requirement (LaMontagne et al., 2016). By doing so, the supervisor of the program will be able to develop strong relationships with the community partners in an effective by delivering the staffs with necessary information and connect them with accessible resources.

  2.   The goals of the mental health wellbeing programs will be to offer employees with better availability and assistance for the internal health as well as the wellbeing of the employee along with different programs and resources (Clemen et al., 2015). In this context, the aim is to provide proactive support for the promoting health and safety of the employees and to develop an environment of respect and faith within the workplace. There are issues that are often seen within workplace such as bullying, cost cutting along with counterproductive workplace behaviour that may lead to psychological problems within workplace. Therefore, in order to make the workplace stress free and to develop the environment without any cultural bias the objective is to focus on charity wellbeing and training of the employee.It is the most specific goal to support the peer employees to sustain recovery for the people suffering from mental health issues. Moreover, through these programs, the workplace will be able to establish a partnership with the community partners such as health professionals, local experts while offering employees to gain mental health information.

  3.   By taking help from the mental health resources such as Canadian centre for occupational health and safety and by communicating with the respondents visiting the workplace, the mental health wellness program will be set up (Corr et al., 2015). In this context, supervisors can create support program by inviting the employees to attend a conversation through lunch and learning sessions.

  4. The target audience of this health and wellbeing program will be a range of stakeholders that share an interest in the workplace for the promotion of health. The target audience will range from various employers, staffs working in insurance companies, professional therapists, various government workers, workplace union for labours, and organisational employees. The target in this context is to improve the perceptions of organisations to improve the health responsibility of the workers so that the employees feel motivated to influence other workers (Lowensteyn et al., 2018). These changing perceptions are necessary since these are the crucial part of integrating health policies and program within the workplace.

  5.   There will be various programs that will be typically associated with mental health issues and other health programs. There will be programs that will support healthy eating habits, active living, assisting non-smoking and work-life balance within the workplace. A reasonable mental health associated accommodations will be offered to the employees. The managers and team leaders present within the organisation will be well offered with friendly assessment tools, online survey to evaluate psychological health and safety issues (Clemen et al., 2015). Moreover, the range of video programs and communicative sessions to support managers involve in their group discussions for addressing workplace factors that influence mental health.

  6.   A program will be launched after each period of six months, through a range of video programs and presentations as well as dissemination of assisting material to help in facilitating conversation related to mental health in the workplace (Lowensteyn et al., 2018). A scenario-based training program will be given to the employees and the team leaders to help them to recognise and handle the mental health issue in the workplace. All these messages conducted within the program will be intended to inform the employees saying that they are not alone there are activities that they can declare for the future well-being. Supplementary reference documents will also be available as a part of resource to help in guiding mental psychological health issues.

  7.   A number of government approaches will be launched to prevent the increasing issue that are impacting the poor working activities. In order to reduce the poor culture and to reduce the number of lower level employees who are suffering. The entire program will promote value and culture based program to respect ethnicities, race of the weaker sections of the society (Bovopoulos et al., 2016). Teamwork and cooperations will be fostered to reduce the complicacies thereby reducing the impact of psychological issues within the workplace to increase the sense of stronger relationship amongst employee.

  8. Through evaluation and supervision, team leaders and managers will be communicating with the employee’s as well as members taking part in the program. By doing so, they will be measuring the team able to solve a problem and work in a collaborative manner. Therefore, interacting with the employee's through feedback survey the effect of support wellbeing program will be measured within the workplace (Wagner et al., 2016). Executives and managers will share an interest to discuss the positive environment within the workplace to encourage the employees for throwing out their opinions on the program. The forum for health and wellbeing program will essentially evaluate the outcomes of the program after the completion of the session by personally interacting with all the present employees and the members taking part in the program.


From the above study, it can be concluded that the most effective tools of the program provided by the mental health workplace are the mental health workshops and health program facilities along with supportive workplace strategies for improving mental health. The study therefore, has covered range of specific fields related to health needs within the Rodale and Lund beck organisation. Based on these primary sources the studies have successfully elucidated the practical outcome of this wellness program within the workplace.


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