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In this essay human resources management concepts for the company No Name has been discussed in detail, which gives a detailed knowledge about the company, and all the concepts of HR that plays an important role in any organization. The human resource concepts help the company to deal better with the employees who are working in the organization and provides a great benefit to the company (Babaei and Ahmad, 2012). The HR concepts that are used in this essay are about the diversity management, culture of the organization, training and development programs that this company provides and the international performance management that this company does. All these concepts play a very crucial role in the success and the growth of the organization. Without all these, a company will not be able to function properly and will create issues in the organization (Iveta, 2012). In this essay, there are many issues that No Name is facing regarding these concepts and for that suitable recommendations have been provided to them which will help the organization to do better in the future. A detailed description about the HR concepts related to this company has been evaluated in this essay. 

Diversity Management

The strategy that is used for the best practices and involves results that are proved to determine and create a diverse in the organization is the diversity management (George, 2017). Diversity management plays a very important role in the organization and directly affects the culture and the success of the organization (Fernando, 2013). Diversity management should be proper in the organization otherwise disputes can occur which will affect the company in the negative way (Rodriguez, 2006). The diversity management at No Name is confined to a very simple policy that every employee should be treated equally and different religious beliefs, ethnicity, background, age should be respected. Besides all this, there were issues in the No Name organization. There was intolerance in the headquarter as employees were of different generations. Senior staff was not ready to work with apprentices, which affected the working relationships.

 Second issue was that there was no recruitment in china for the people who were disabled. The managers for the people with disabilities rejected Job application forms and their skills were not considered even if it was better than other candidates were. Even the human resource department also does not provide any kind of practice that helps employees to understand each other. In this organization, employees should understand each other so that a healthy and effective communication starts in the organization and they should value the diversity in the organization.

Some of the practices should be provided in the organization so that people appreciates the culture of others and understand them better (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). These practices should make sure that there is no discrimination in the organization and people work with harmony and peace. This organization should know and understand that managing diversity plays an important role and it can even create a competitive advantage that will be beneficial for the organization including the different areas.

Effective diversity management has been used for the provision of the legally defensible position against the charges of discrimination. A firm, which has diverse workforce, might argue in the legal proceedings, which they were not guilty of discrimination since the workforce demographics represented in the local community (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Through the strategic deployment of the diverse workforce, companies could seek the achievement of the competitive advantage (Ford, 2014). There are range of activities in which organization could achieve through effective human resource diversity management. There are many workers as well as managers regards diversity management as being equal to have an equal opportunity to any individual to enter the organization (Aguinis & Kurt, 2009). There are many excellent organizations, which have been effective in hiring women as well as the minorities in order to increase the diverse market as well as win the new market. No Name Aircraft company is part of this group, which has hired individuals from all background in order to enrich the diverse culture in the workplace. The organization has further, created a work environment as well as the culture where creativity could flourish (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). In the organization, there should be zero tolerance level of the workplace discrimination in the effective diversity management requires a culture in which there is inclusion, which creates a work environment nurturing of the teamwork, participation as well as cohesiveness. There should be emphasis in the diversity culture in the vision of the organization, as well as mission strategy and the HR strategy.  The diversity culture requires an important commitment of the resources and the leadership.



The culture of the organization includes the values and the behaviors that help to build a unique and psychological environment for the organization (Brad, 2010). It is very important for the organization to have a strong culture so that organization performs better in every field (Shahzad, 2010). A strong culture can be considered where employees of the organization respond to the stimuli and accept change whenever it is made in the organization. Organizations that have strong cultures tend to have the clear values that motivate employees to embrace the culture of the organization (Aguinis & Kurt, 2009). A good culture in the organization motivates the company to achieve their goals. Team cohesiveness also is increased among the various departments of the organization.

The working culture of No Name in the home country is not as good as teams are not performing well. There is also a lack of communication between the teams and the management, which affects the organization (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The culture of this organization is becoming negative day by day and many workers have adopted the mantra which says ‘near enough is good enough’. It is very important for the organization and the employees to accept the change. Nevertheless, in this organization employees resist to any change that has been made which gives a negative impression about the company.  Employees in the management team have identified quality as one of their major problem, which existed from china and Vietnam.  There are complaints about the aircraft from the customers that even after the delivery it requires some kind of modification which is not acceptable (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Not only the customers but the government and non-government have also complained about the quality of the product. Stakeholders always play an important part in the success of the organization. But in this organization due to the lack of quality stakeholders have also sent letters to the CEO that if quality does not get better than they will hold back the left over payments. There are only three supervisors for over the 50 teams that help in the assembling of the aircraft. Hence, this result is the lack of amalgamation between the teams.

 One of the employees of the wire harness assembly team has complained that the other teams does not allow them to complete their work and makes it difficult for them. There is so much chaos in this organization, people working there have to compromise in the communication, and there is no specific instruction provided to the employees (Younis, 2010). Due to all these issues the CEO if the organization called a group of executives who can advise him to have a better culture in the organization which will motivate the employees toward the work and the organization. Motivated employees will always give their best toward the work and the organization.


Inernational Performance Mangement

Managing the performance of the employees that are based on the needs, strategic requirements and preference of the customer of the organization plays an important role in the international human resource management (Younis, 2010).  Performance management basically includes the activity that helps in ensuring the goals in the most effective and efficient way. In every organization that goes internationally there are issues that have aroused and it becomes a challenge for the organization to resolve all the issues that are occurring. Every organization faces performance management issues. Several issues regarding the performance management has taken place in No Name (Gatewood, Field and Barrick, 2015). International performance in the organization is more likely related to the performance appraisal in every organization. But in this organization it is lacking.

Only the HR in Australia conducts the performance reviews and no other subsidiaries conduct the reviews on the performance. There is also no formal performance appraisal is provided to the employees and the deportees (Younis, 2010). Headquarters of this company does not take a proper approach and they do not even consider the economic factors that have a huge impact on the business targets. One of the employees of Australia also complained that there is so much pressure in the Australia as the costs are high with the much higher expectations. Decisions in the headquarter of the organization are made such that it affects each of the subsidiaries. Some of the decisions that are made in the headquarters and then implemented on other subsidiaries create a conflict between the performance outcomes (Younis, 2010). There is no policy that have been underpinned the performance management at this organization.

There is also no clear measurement of performance and the CEO of this organization had also words with the HR manager to measure the performance and manage them properly.  To make sure whether there is consistency or not someone should travel to locations like china, Singapore and Vietnam by taking the consideration of the culture and the local practices.

Training And Development

Training and development process is the main part of the organization. This is basically a kind of attempt that is made by the organization so that the performance of the employees for the future and for the present can be improved. Training and development program increases the ability of employee with the help of learning and also increases the skill and knowledge of the employee toward the organization (Aguinis and Kurt, 2009). Training and development need for an employee can be identified by comparing the actual performance of the employee with the standard performance (Khan, 2011).  It is considered as the core function of the human resource management. This program helps the organization to obtain a quality output from the employees and will even increase the productivity of the organization and the employees (Gawali, 2009).

 There are actually two approaches that can be adopted by the organization to have an efficient training and development program and that are traditional approach and modern approach. There are four basic objectives of training and development program (Niazi, 2011). Individual objective helps the employees to achieve their personal goals which ultimately give a contribution to the organization. Organizational objective helps the organization in meeting their primary objective with the help of individual effectiveness. Functional objective helps in the contribution to the department at a level that is suitable for the needs of the organization (Thang and Buyens, 2008). Societal objective makes sure that the organization follows all ethical and social means to meet the needs and the challenges of the organization and the society (Vinesh, 2014).

Training and development of the employees should be in every aspect of the organization activity (Woods, 2012). In this organization training is expatriated for those who want to leave Australia and work in other countries like china, Singapore and Vietnam. There is also no feedback given to the employees who are a part of the training and development program. One employee of this organization who moved to Singapore complained that there was no training provided to them so that they could adapt the new surroundings (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). There was difficulty as working environment in both the countries is different and people work differently (Younis, 2010). The level of performance that employees give in the organization indicates that that there should be more focus on the training and development program in the organization. In this organization no workforce planning as well as management development programs which could help the employees to perform better.


Management development programs helps in identifying and recruiting the managers who are potential for the organization and further helps in developing their knowledge and skills with the help of career development plans so that the need of the organization are fulfilled (Younis, 2010). This further helps in ensuring a clear and effective succession plan for other management roles also. Employees at No Name are not aware of the career prospects and the career development plans are also not utilized properly. Senior management of this company is actually afraid of losing their job from the junior employees. This lack of unprofessional development clearly describes the situation of the company.

The organization looks at the training and the development as the integral part of the human resource activity for the development. The turn over the century has seen an increased focus to the same organizations globally. Many of the organizations such as No Name Aircraft have essentially mandated on their training hours per the year for the workers in order to keep them to the aspect of the technology, which is becoming diverse at a faster rate. The technical aspect of training entails the changing of the attitude, skills or perhaps the knowledge of the individual with the sole resultant to improve their behavior. As times people may confuse training with the development, these are different in various respects yet they are the components of the same system.  The development usually entails the opportunities, which are created to help the employees to grow. It is more of the long term in nature as opposed to the training, which focusses on the current job.



This was a case study about the human resource management practices that are followed in the organization. A detailed description about the various practices has been discussed in this essay which gives knowledge about the theories and the concepts of human resource management. These concepts and theories which are discussed are of No Name organization that manufactures aircrafts. A detailed evaluation of the practices such as culture, training and development, international performance management and diversity management are discussed in detail in this essay. From this essay it can be conclude that there were issues in the every sector of No Name be it in the working culture of the organization or in the training and development program. This organization has to resolve the issues in order to meet their goals. It was also concluded from the essay that there was chaos in the organization due to which it failed to succeed. The human resource management concepts that are discussed from this case study give detailed knowledge about the organization and the way it practices the concepts.


Diversity can be managed in this organization by encouraging the employees toward the diversity and explaining them about the advantages of having diversity in the organization. There should be no groupism in the organization rather there should be diversified groups during a team work so that employees start understanding and respecting diversity.
  • Organizational culture should be managed properly and employees should accept the organizational change positively as it will benefit both the organization and the employees.


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