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Discuss about the Human Resource Management.



Human Resource Management (HRM) defines the process followed for managing the resources available to the corporation. The HR managers consider the significance of recruiting efficient staffs in order to achieve the desired goals of the organisation. The involvement of proper selection process aids in appointing efficient labour force that influences the ratio of productivity and profit margin (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The department of Human Resource focuses on including several policies for retaining the dignity and self-esteem of the employees in the work area.

The HR managers also work on providing a healthy working environment to the staffs in the office ambiance. The Proper function of the HRM department supports in dissolving the issues faced by the staffs in the work area. However, lack of involvement of HR managers creates problems in attaining the business objectivities of the enterprise (Sparrow, et al., 2016). The reluctant attitude of the HR managers fails to increase the involvement of the workers in the office ambiance. It also creates trouble in introducing effective training sessions for motivating the staffs to provide proper service in the work area. The aim of the paper is to address the HRM problems confronted by Walmart.

The Organisation:

Walmart is one of the leading retail firm of UK that focuses on offering their products to wide range of service users existing in the national and international market. The HR department of Walmart considers the importance of introducing effective selection process. It aids the firm to recruit skillful staffs for increasing the business and sales operation of the corporation. The engagement of compensation program also assists the firm to provide proper monetary facilities to the staffs. It assists in retaining their trust and commitment to the enterprise (Brewster, et al., 2016). However, there are certain human resource issues like staffing or compensation system faced by Walmart in recent time. The problems of the HR department creates a negative impact on the business operation of the firm. The current report focuses on identifying human resource issues confronted by Walmart that influences their business outcome. The recommendation is also provided for dissolving the human resource issues faced by the enterprise.

HRM Issues Faced by Walmart:

Underpaid workers can be considered as one of the most significant issues in human resource management faced by Walmart in recent times. The company is not treating ethically while dealing with the employees. At the same time, they are also providing increased pressure on the labours to buy uniforms. It has also been observed that the employees of Pennsylvania have taken legal action against Walmart for creating a force on them to work on a continuous basis without a break. This can be considered as a crucial issue which is curbing public image of the company.  Lack of healthy and safe working environment is another crucial challenge encountered by Walmart in contemporary times. The company has provided cheaper insurance to the workers who have resulted in a poor plan for the workers to enjoy proper health care facility. Thus policy is creating dissatisfaction among the staffs by stimulating health issues among them. This dissatisfaction is affecting performance level of them (Longoni, 2014).     

It is utterly tough for women to work at Walmart. This company pays the very lower amount of money to the women workers. This is entirely harder for women to work at Walmart. Besides that, the company has also established break free working hour for the women. One of the most crucial issues which have been raised in Walmart is that pregnant employees are being fired by the company for their inability to work through break free hours (Sipe, et al., 2016).

This company follows the practice of discrimination while dealing with the employees with disability and old age. Apart from women marginalised group of employees are also being harassed by the company (Dipboye & Colella, 2013). This is creating shifting tendency among the employees. The company is not following the rules and regulations related to employment which is leading the company to confront with legal issues which hamper their business practices. One of the most crucial problem in Walmart is that human resource department of the company is continuing their practice to providing a lower amount of wages to the staffs without modifying their method of business (Barak, 2016).   

It has been observed from several instances that the company exports most of the raw materials from foreign suppliers. It is important to note in this context that the company has created an immense force on the employees of USA to satisfy their needs and requirements related to supply. The firm has also followed some corrupted means in order to curb the matter from being publicised.  Human resource department of Walmart has not followed the legal framework related to child labour.  The company is forcing the children to work on 12-14 hours per day. They receive the very amount of wage that they cannot even afford their daily living (Honeyman, 2016).


Safety policy is also tragic at Walmart. Researchers have shown that the firm had violated the norms of occupational safety and health administration. At the same time, the unsafe working condition of the factories is creating job dissatisfaction among the employees along with decreasing their public image (Ehrenreich, 2014). Recently, the company has introduced ‘lock-ins’ system to lock the employees overnight in many outlets. This practice is raising depression and anxiety among the employees as well as causing health related issues among them.   

The impact of the Issues on the Business Operation of the Company:

Analysis of variously identified issues:

The issues faced by the Human Resource department of Walmart creates a negative impact on their business operation. The employees face problems regarding their job roles that influences the business function of the enterprise (Wilton, 2016). Lack of involvement of the HR managers generates problems for the staffs to understand their roles and responsibilities in the workplace. In recent case example of Walmart, it is observed the corporation focusses on hiring foreign labours for reducing the labour cost that influences the profit margin. The involvement of  foreign employees in  low wages enables  the retail firm to  increase  the  ration of productivity  that  creates a positive impact  on  their sales operation.

The engagement of international labourers is effective for managing the supply chain process of the corporation. Walmart has also recruited child workers for exploring their business in both national and international market (, 2017). It creates anger and frustration among the local staffs that influences the business function in an adverse manner. The involvement of foreign labours increases the chances of terminating local workers from the work area. It also increases the ratio of unemployment that affects the economic stability of the country. The existing staffs of the organisation face problems in understanding their current position in the worker area (Tarique, et al., 2015). The engagement of foreign labours also increases the chances of conflict among the staffs that creates an adverse influence on the office ambiance.

Walmart faces the accusation of forcing the child labours to work for more than 12 hours. Walmart imports the raw materials for increasing the quality of products offered to the clients. The enterprise provides relatively low wages to these child labours and compels them to work for seven days. It creates a negative impact on the health status of the child workers of the firm (, 2017). The HR managers of Walmart also fails to provide a healthy working environment to the staffs. The company considers the ‘lock-in’ system for keeping the employees inside the factory in the night shifts. However, the existence of unhealthy working environment increases the chances of heart attackers and other health problems that can be faced by the staffs during their working hours in the night (, 2017).

The prevalence of unsafe working condition creates depression and anxiety among the staffs that affect their performance in the office ambiance. It also increases the chances of conflict among managers and staffs that influence the business function of the enterprise. The involvement of unhealthy working environment fails to motivate the staffs to achieve the desired goals of the corporation. The company also faces issues in retaining the involvement of the employees in the office ambiance. Therefore, the managers of Walmart focuses on including safety policies for managing the health status of the workers in the office ambiance (, 2017).

Despite including these policies, the enterprise fails to provide proper health facilities to the employees in the workplace. Excessive workload also influences the health condition of the workers that affects the business function. The inclusion of strict working hours creates immense pressure on the staffs that affects their physical and mental state (Kaufman, 2015). The employees fail to achieve satisfaction in their job roles that influences their business function. The HR department of the corporation is incapable of bringing flexible working hours for deriving proper service from the employees in the office ambiance.

The HR managers of Walmart have introduced cheaper insurance policies for their existing service users. It supports the staffs to deal with their minor health problems faced in the workplace. However, engagement of low financial policies fails to retain the trust and loyalty of the staffs in the work area. The corporation also lacks in providing financial support to the employees for dealing with major health issues (Gurnani, 2015). Walmart focuses on using taxpayer subsidies for providing monetary benefits to the staffs in the office ambiance. The managers of the retail firm fail to offer the enough money to the staffs for maintaining their health issues. Lack of healthcare facilities influences the commitment level of the workers in the office ambiance. It fails to encourage the staffs to provide proper service in order to improve the productivity and profit margin (Holden, 2016). The managers of Walmart lacks in making effective health plan for protecting the health status of the workers in the office ambiance.

Discrimination among the employees is also visible in different outlets of Walmart. The existence of inequality faced by the staffs creates an impact on their performance in the work area. The enterprise faces complaints about showing discrimination against the physically and mentally challenges individuals working in the office (, 2017). The elderly staffs of the organisation also confront ill-treatment from the managers in the office ambiance. The company focuses on recruiting young workers for increasing the sales and business function.  The engagement of efficient young staffs enables the corporation to improve the ratio of productivity that influences their business operation. It increases the chances of discrimination confronted by the physical challenged and elderly staffs of the corporation (Tempest & Coupland, 2016).


The inequality issues confronted by the staffs also influences the performance of the enterprise. Lack of training sessions fails to make the workers aware of their position in the office. Therefore, they feel demotivated, and it affects their function in the enterprise (Truss, et al., 2013). HR managers of Walmart also lack in possessing direct interaction with the employees for mitigating their issues in the workplace.  It increases the distance among the higher authority and staffs that create an adverse impact on the business outcome. The absence of effective training sessions also fails the employees to improve the professional skills for providing proper service in the workplace (Gupta, 2014). The managers of Walmart recently faces issues in hiring efficient workers in different outlets of the corporation. The company faces issues in recruiting talented persons for improving the business performance of the enterprise. The engagement of inefficient workers reduces the chances of improving the growth of business function (Benn, et al., 2014). 

Walmart also faces issues in keeping proper information about the safety issues confronted by the staffs in the factory. Lack of information creates trouble for the managers to retain the security of the employees in the office ambiance (, 2017). The incorporation of safety measures is effective for retaining the involvement of the staffs in the office atmosphere. It supports the organisation to address the demands of the workers and to provide proper service to them. However, in the recent case of Walmart, it is noticed that the higher authority fails to maintain records of the safety issues confronted by the existing staffs in the work area.

The HR managers also lack in incorporating safety rules and regulations for protecting the dignity and self-esteem of the individual in the office atmosphere. It creates a sense of fear among the employees that influences their performance in the workplace. The absence of disciplinary process generates problems for the corporation to make the staffs aware of the business objectives of the enterprise (Schuler & E. Jackson, 2014). The  managers of  Walmart  fails to conduct  effective  conferences and  meeting  for increasing the involvement  of  the  staffs in the decision-making process of the enterprise.  The existing workers lack in sharing valuable information that enables the firm to improve the business function. The presence of traditional management system also creates trouble for communicating with the staffs in an effective manner. The authoritative nature of the managers creates chances of conflict with the subordinates that affects the business operation.

Employee empowerment supports in addressing the degree of responsibility provided to the staffs for availing effective business decision (Dickmann, et al., 2016). The process assists the employees to share their valuable suggestions for improving the business operation. Empowered employees can bring necessary changes in the internal business function that influences the ratio of productivity and profit margin (Gooderham, et al., 2015).  The issues of employee empowerment are visible to the business function of Walmart. The employees fail to express their viewpoints for facilitating the business operation of the firm. Lack of communication among the managers and subordinates also reduces the scope of availing proper business ideas that influence the sales function. The conflict among the staffs also affects the customer service system of the enterprise. The hierarchical structure of Walmart resists the firm from providing freedom to the employees to take proper decision in support of the business operation. The absence of empowered workers creates problems for fulfilling the changing requirement of the service users existing in the global market (Bardoel, et al., 2014). It lacks in enhancing the confidence level of workers that influences the business function of the firm.

HRM in Walmart:

Human resource management decision has a unique and firm impact on organisational performance. Therefore, lack of proper HRM policy is creating a potential barrier for Walmart to operate their business effective along with increasing statistics of sales. The policy of discriminate women to enjoy equal employment opportunity is curbing their public image (Sheehan, 2014). This is creating a major problem for the company to run their company by following legal structure.  It is utterly harder for women in Walmart to work there as they are always confronting the issue of underpaying and underrepresented. It is worth mentioning in this context that this gender discrimination has a firm impact on the productivity of the female employees (Paillé, et al., 2014).  

In addition to tat issues related to sexism in everyday life is decreasing their competence level and their ability to cope up with different kinds of job. The organisational structure created by the managers of Walmart along with their staffs of human resource department is making it problematic for women to work over there (Boulouta, 2013). Harmful gender inequality as a result of loose human resource practice is affecting the ability of women to develop their career as a successful working professional. Lack of HR practice like decision making, problem, and absence of proper policies and their implementation is affecting training and development, salary structure and promotional strategy for women.

Gender discrimination can be considered as a global phenomenon which is curbing organisational performance. Organisational performance and productivity are entirely dependent on the performance level of the employee which is closely associated with this kind of gender discrimination (Branisa, et al., 2014). Researchers have shown that the unhealthy relationship between male and female employees in Walmart is creating a firm impact on their production. Termination of the employees on the basis of pregnancy is creating a switching tendency among the employees which in turn creating a hindrance for the marketers of Walmart to retain the staffs and thereby increasing the rate of profitability. Gender differentiation during recruitment and selection procedure is acting as a major obstruction for the corporation to integrate innovative and brainstorming ideas with their business practice. The company also follows discriminating treatment at the time of providing facilities to the employees which generate dissatisfaction among the employees and decreasing their performance level (Post & Byron, 2015). 

The practice of the company to promote the male employees without evaluating their competency and seniority level can have a major impact on the performance level of female employees, and they may show the reluctant attitude towards boosting their performance in order to acquire predetermined organisational objectives (Mensi-Klarbach, 2014). Discrimination of the pregnant employees and not allowing them to enter into the much wider business domain is creating a negative impact and making it impossible for them to perform their assigned duty and explore opportunity develop their performance level towards improving organisational productivity.

Salary has a crucial impact on organisational productivity. It has been observed that policy of providing salary to the employees of Walmart is not effective which is resulting in a certain level of discrimination among the employees and hampering their ability. One of the most significant matters of consideration in this context that wage factor and quality of life have a significant impact on organisational performance (Gomez-Mejia, et al., 2014). Based on this discussion, it can be said that salary plays a crucial role in generating employee satisfaction. Violation of the rules and regulations related to national minimum wage is decreasing the ability of the company to enhance their public image and thereby reducing their rate of sale and productivity. Category of salary is also involved in the hourly wages. Human resource department of Walmart is not following any regulatory mechanism which in turn is hampering legal structure of the company. At the same time, this human resource department has not even followed the rules related to a minimum working hour and created immense pressure on the employees to work through break free hours. This is generating a sense of boar ness and make them monotonous in the job. At the same time, several health-related issues among the workers is also a crucial outcome of break free working hour and huge working pressure. In addition to that, this break free working hour is making it difficult for the employees to generate innovative and creative business ideas for improving business practices. Higher salary structure acts as a motivational factor for generating commitment among the employees (Shin, et al., 2015). This can also stimulate a feeling of security and let them able to accomplish their jobs within given deadline. Walmart’s practice of treating employees unethically by providing a lower wage to them and forcing them to work through break free hours can have a negative impact on the performance of the employees and reducing organisational productivity. 

The incentive can also act as a motivational factor to raise awareness among the employees to satisfy organisational objectives. This policy is also missing in Walmart. The company has not followed any kind of rewards policy which can lead a sense of satisfaction among the employees and create urgency among them to gain desired business outcome.

Another crucial problem with Walmart is their improper recruitment and selection program. The company does not hire ample amount of employees in `accordance with their staffing needs. This creates a gap in minimum standard of employees and imposes immense pressure on existing employees. The employees have to do multiple tasks in single time failure of which can lead them to face termination from their employers. There lies the problem of job design which is obstruction level among the employees and let them unwilling to improve their performance level. The company follows multiple layers of management.

This is a crucial issue which generates a conflicting situation in the workplace and leads to decision-making problem. Coordination problem is another significant problem which has curbed the ability of the employees to work flawlessly by mitigating all the hurdles. This coordination problem can have a negative impact on organisational performance. Issues related to coordination is making the employee unable to share the common goal of mitigating shifting demands of the customers. This is turn is lowering organisational productivity along with the rate of profit margin.     


The company has not followed any kind of rules and regulations related to dealing with the community. Walmart has accused on the ground of violation of rules and regulations to perform any duty to the community. Corporate social responsibility and organisational performance are closely related to each other. It is important for the business organisations to follow the procedures which can guide to maintain confidentiality towards protecting the personal information of the customers (Okpara & Idowu, 2013). However, Walmart has failed to follow such regulatory mechanism which has curbed their public image. It is worth mentioning in this context that customer satisfaction is the desired outcome of the implementation of corporate social responsibility policy. Nonexistence of proper environmental policy in the human resource department of Walmart can have a firm impact on their organisational performance (Budhwar & Debrah, 2013). Additionally, the loose environmental policy is also acting as a major barrier for them to perform their roles and responsibility towards people of the community in which they are operating their business and retain them in the organisation. The company has not even provided any kind of employment opportunity for causing interest among local people towards their community. This is also playing a crucial role towards generating dissatisfaction among the employees which in turn reducing the public image and forming a barrier for them to expand their business in the much wider corporate domain. Therefore, it can be said that Walmart has a very lower contribution towards improving the economic condition of local people (Korschun, et al., 2014). Another crucial issue faced by Walmart in recent times is that all the workers in the community to access and enjoy human rights. This discrimination and unethical practices of Walmart is creating inability among the workers to enhance their accountability among the staffs to work in a culturally diverse working environment.

Solution and Recommendation:

The HR department of Walmart should focus on introducing different rules and regulations to make the staffs aware of their role and responsibilities in the work area. The inclusion of effective HR policies would enable the managers to increase the interaction with the subordinates in the office ambiance. Effective interaction with the employees is beneficial for achieving the business objectives in short period of time. Walmart should focus on following legislations for reducing the recruitment of child labours in different factories. The company should also make a legal agreement in the case of recruiting foreign labours for improving the business function. The managers of the firm should follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the Wage Act (1998) for offering a proper salary to the staffs that assist in retaining their commitment in the work area. The HR managers of the firm should also introduce flexible working hours for the staffs in the workplace. It would enable the corporation to retain the trust and loyalty of the existing workers in the office ambiance. The policies mentioned in the Wage Act (1998) supports the firm to set minimum wages for the staffs working at different organisational levels.

The involvement of effective recruitment and selection process would aid the corporation to introduce skillful labour force in the office ambiance. It would also assist in sharing the workload among efficient employees for accomplishing the task in proper time. The managers should focus on including different legislations for reducing the discrimination faced by the disabling and elderly staffs of the corporation. The inclusion of Equality Act (2010) might support the corporation to reduce the discriminatory attitude of the managers towards the physically disabled employees of the enterprise.

The managers of Walmart should also consider various health care policies for offering proper health care service facilities to the workers. The introduction of different health care plans would be beneficial for offering financial benefits to the staffs of the enterprise. The rules and regulation mentioned in the Care Act (2014) might be considered by Walmart for providing high-quality health care facilities to the staffs working in the corporation. The engagement of high amount of insurance policies would also enable the firm to provide proper treatment to the staffs in case of an accident in the work area. It would also support the enterprise to provide care service system to pregnant female employees of the enterprise.

The HR department of Walmart should also focus on introducing high safety policies for offering a proper working environment to the workers in the office ambiance. The managers should withdraw the lock-in system for reducing the chances of health hazard confronted by the workers during their time of working in the office ambiance. The involvement of empowered employees would assist the firm to take effective business decision for improving the business function. The process of employee empowerment would aid the higher authority of Walmart to reduce the labour cost that influences the profit margin. It would also facilitate the chances of offering proper service to the clients existing in the global market. The communicative skill of the managers would assist them to increase the involvement of the employees in the office ambiance. Active participation of the workers would aid the firm to increase the quality of product offered to the clients. The HR department should also reframe their compensation policies for drawing the attention of existing staffs. The inclusion of appraisal system would also be beneficial for motivating the staffs to provide proper service in the workplace. It would aid the workers to understand their current position in the office ambiance. Reward and recognition would assist the employees to achieve high satisfaction in their job roles.



In recent scenario, it can be inferred that Walmart confronts different HRM issues that affect their business function. The staffing problem of the firm resists the growth of their business operation. The company lacks in recruiting efficient workers for facilitating the sales operation. The involvement of excessive foreign labours also creates anger and depression among the local workers that influences their business. The HR managers also lack in introducing flexible working hours for the staffs in the workplace. Excessive work pressure leads to increasing the chances of heart attack and other health problems among the employees in the office ambiance. Lack of communication with the higher authority makes the workers unaware of their current job roles in the workplace. The prevalence of unhealthy working environment also demotivates the workers to achieve the shared goals of the corporation.  It fails to motivate the workers to facilitate the business performance of the enterprise.

Human resource department can be considered as a significant asset in an organisation which has a firm impact to guiding the employees towards a strategic direction. In the present completive business environment, human resource management plays a very crucial role with the help of which firms can acquire a competitive advantage. Still of in some world famous business organisation, lack of proper HRM policies and practices can be observed. This can have a negative impact on the organisational performance as well as its productivity. Therefore, it is important for the working practitioners in human resource management to take special care towards implementing employee-friendly policies and procedure which can act as a driving force among the employees to boost their performance level along with gain desired business outcome.



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Jane Sima

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Assignment writing guide
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Liya Han

Master Of Science in Geotechnical Engineering (MSc Geotec)

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I got a 100 on my paper. Thank you for answer on such a short notice. It was a stiff price overall they responded and had me finish before my deadline!!!


User Id: 384118 - 01 Apr 2020


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My assignment you did was really excellent and I really like it. I will use this one again. thanks


User Id: 388948 - 01 Apr 2020


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this is the final assignment for this subject and did everything well and got a D grade for the subject.


User Id: 287765 - 01 Apr 2020


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this is the final group assignment and needed to upload on Turnitin. I could do my part really well and got a hd for this subject. great work guys.


User Id: 287765 - 01 Apr 2020


student rating student rating student rating student rating student rating
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