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HRM Issues And Challenges Of Telstra

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Question: Discuss about the HRM issues and challenges of your chosen organization.     Answer: Introduction The main of this task is to explain key HRM issues and challenges of an organization. Telstra has been selected in the report to describe the HRM issues. It is one of the biggest growing telecommunication companies in Australia which provides telecommunication network and services to the customers across the world. On the other hand, the report explains that how the company overcomes these HRM issues and challenges. Further details of the task have been discussed below. Telstra Corporation Ltd. is an Australian telecommunication and media corporation which operates and develops telecommunication network and market voice, internet access, mobile, pay television and other entertainment services and products. It is one of the biggest telecommunication corporations in the world. Andy Penn is the CEO of the company. The company head office is located in Melbourne Australia. There are approx 36,165 employees employed in the company. In today’s era, the corporation is expanding and flourishing its business activities and operations globally. In 2014, Telstra became a most respected company in Australia (Telstra, 2016).   Key challenges There are various key challenges faced by Telstra while conducting business activities and operations in the competitive market. It also has a direct impact on the success and growth of the firm. These challenges are difficult to overcome in the global market. It is essential for the company to maintain a favorable working environment in the organization for the workers, so that they can increase and maximize productivity and effectiveness (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Telstra is facing several key HRM issues and challenges due to poor human resource management and approaches. It is essential for the firm to implement the strategies and approaches according to requirements, needs and wants of the customers. The organization has not attained its desired goals and objectives due to the lack of labor supply and demand in the global market. Appropriate strategies and approaches are not being used by the firm in an effective and correct manner. Telstra is fighting to identify and measure the solutions to eliminate these issues and challenges (Story, Barbuto, Luthans & Bovaird, 2014). The key challenges of the firm include an aging workforce, labor supply/demand, generations, demographics and diversity issues. The key challenges have been discussed in details below. Labor supply and demand Labor is one of the significant factors to meet its business objectives and goals. The firm is facing problems and issues due to lack of effective and potential labor supply. The firm has not been able to select skilled and experienced employees. As a result, it influences long-term mission and vision of the firm. In addition, the firm is not able to recruit right candidate for the job due to immense competition present in the global market. The biggest challenge of Telstra is to check whether the workers working for the firm is satisfied or not. The firm falls shortage of labor due to inadequate demand in the market. It also affects the financial position of the firm. Telstra has not been able to select right and appropriate candidates due to a shortage of potential and capable employees (Collings, 2014). Now it is recommended that the company should maintain a balance between labor supply and demand. The firm should understand and evaluate the turnover rate and labor market to reduce and eliminate absenteeism in the organization. In addition, workforce planning should be done by the firm attract more labors in the international market.   Demographic issues Demographic issues are related to gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, religion, and workforce. The demographic factors have a direct impact on operations of human resource management. These factors are most common forecasters in the turnover. Furthermore, culture, values, and customs also affect the progress of the firm adversely. The company does not maintain records of the new candidates. The working environment is another issue in HRM. Telstra is not able to provide good and favorable working environment to the workers. It affects productivity and effectiveness of the employees. Apart from this, diversity and aging workforce is also a big challenge which has been faced by the firm while conducting business activities at international level.  Telstra discriminates among the employees on the basis of caste and religion. Further, they recruit those employees whose age between 30 to 35 years. The human resource management does not appoint older people because they think that age affects capabilities and efficiency of the people (Muethel, Gehrlein & Hoegl, 2012). The company does not diversify its trading activities and operations across the world. Cross-cultural factors also influence the long-term vision of the firm. The employees have not been able to understand the language of customers due to culture differences (Martín Alcázar, Miguel Romero Fernández & Sánchez Gardey, 2013). Therefore, it affects performance and productivity of the employees. Moreover, Telstra does not provide compensation, incentives, bonus, and remuneration to capable and competent employees. As a result, they get disappointed and frustrated in the organization. In addition, they are not able to perform task and duties efficiently and successfully. High employee turnover also another HRM issues which have a negative impact on the performance of the employees. All these challenges have been faced by Telstra while carrying its business globally (Kulik, 2014). Now it is recommended that effective and dynamic strategies and policies should be made by the firm to develop and build sustainable human resource management. Demographic issue is a big concern for the company. Thus, the firm should maintain effective and dynamic communication within the organization to resolve and handle these issues and challenges. On the other hand, the company could not able to maintain diversification in the firm. To eliminate and reduce diversity issues and cultural differences, the organization should provide training and development coaching to capable and potential employees. Along with this, favorable and healthy working environment should be provided by the company to motivate and encourage employees for doing work successfully and effectively. It shall be noted that rewards, incentives, and bonus must be provided by the organization to improve and enhance the productivity of the workers. A fair remuneration system must be developed and built by human resource management to provide satisfaction and morale to the employees. In addition, Telstra should maintain collaboration and cooperation in an organization to attract more employees in the organization. Moreover, top management and managers should maintain unity, belief, and trust among the employees in order to handle several issues and problems of the employees. All these strategies and approaches should be initiated by the firm to resolve and eliminate demographic issues and challenges (Lazazzara & Bombelli, 2011).   Workforce training and development It is another issue which is being faced by human resource management in the organization while delivering telecommunication services to the customers in the competitive market. The firm does not provide training and development coaching to the workers. Thus, they are unable to provide right and correct information to clients in the global market (Huselid & Becker, 2011). The top management and managers think that training and development are time consuming and expensive process which is not afforded by the firm. Therefore, it affects the dynamic image of the firm in the competitive market (Budhwar, & Debrah, 2013). To overcome this issue, training and development sessions and programs must be initiated by the firm. It helps to attract and retain employees in an organization. Also, it helps to reduce and eliminate high employee turnover within the organization. It decreases absenteeism in the firm to maximize returns and revenue of the firm. Management changes The company makes the changes in its strategies, internal processes, and structure for growing in the international market. Thus, it is difficult to the employees to copy with these changes and they resist the changes. As a result, the companies have to decrease and reduce their profits and productivity during a period of change. It is a major concern for human resource management in the organization which can influence the progress of the firm (Antonioli, Mancinelli & Mazz

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