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Human Resource Management And Development: MSC Add in library

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Discuss the personal learning, Professional learning, academic learning, development experience, aims and aspirations in life and management capabilities?




In the present study of a career plan and the interpretation, it is best to analyze the prospect of my career plan and the progress in the same direction. The given report deals with the analysis of reflective of career progress plan in the field of human resource management. It also deals with analysis of my personal learning regarding different concepts of human resource management. All my personal learning is linked with my career objectives and with my academic learning experiences (Bassot and Reid, 2013). In addition to this, I have also tried to correlate my professional learning with my personal learning experience in the HR field. In addition to this, the process of developing my experience has also been reflected through the given analysis of my reflective report. The given report will also highlight the positives and negatives of me being a human resource manager in my professional career through my personal career development plan.

Personal learning

In the personal learning course, I have taken up human resource management as my course. I expect that I would be getting better academic and professional prospect through this particular course. In the personal learning process, I would be able to incorporate the practical knowledge that I have derived from the entire learning process (Bohlander and Snell, 2013). I would be able to manage my responsibilities at the same time would be able to channel the work of other. I would be able to know the management of the human resource along with the right implementation of proper strategies. In most of the cases, it is the management of the employees, which would help me in delivering the best in the organization (Pickersgill, 2012). I would be able to manage most of the issues of the organization. I would manage the policies and the system of the organization. This would be channeling for me, as on the personal level I would learn management of some issues at the same time. This would also help me in making a multi-tasker (Collings et al. 2015). This would also help me in channeling the human resource with the monitoring process. This would make me more organized as the same time disciplined. The personal learning is also based on the learning, which is derived from the idea of the interpretation of the personal level understanding. This is always fair to maintain a gap in between the professional level and the personal level (Pickersgill, 2012). However, there are certain positive aspects, which must influence the personal level. This is the understanding and the major look out that the human resource management course must entail (Dessler, 2013). The details of the idea step must include that there are certain strategies, which is important, and in the personal life, this is important and crucial. Every step must have certain strategies, which is crucial in life. This is one of the major learning that is learned from the human resource management course (Schellenberg, 2012). My personal learning has been on not only the above-mentioned grounds but also the use of ideas and techniques according to the specific need of the organization. I need to apply the right knowledge at the right place and to make the best out of the employees. I also need to be effective in the communication, which is important in the personal level (Bassot and Reid, 2013). Apart from this, the final learning in the personal level has been the management of time and the discipline, which is required in our daily life. This is from the course and the management theories that I have earned to implement time in the most effective way.


Professional learning

In the professional thinking, it is the importance of the incorporation of the ideas, which is important. In all the cases, the most important aspect remains the practical ideas along with the ideas, which is imparted in education. In most of the cases, it is the understanding, which I need to have in analyzing the professional relation of the organization and the employees (Bohlander and Snell, 2013). I need to resolve and sort the issues, which is important to deal with the idea of dealing with the internal stakeholders. It will teach me the management of the issues and resolving the gap, which is there in the theory of my learning and the practical experience (Schellenberg, 2012). Performance based management is the most important aspect along with the critical reflection of the contribution in most of the professional cases. As in the professional level, I need to mange some aspects like the training process along with the performance management of the employees. This would enhance my professional ideas and would help me in interacting with new people (Collings et al. 2015). There are a number of aspects, which I would come to know in this regard along with vivid ideas of communicating with people. The employee suggestion and the management help in creating the look and acting like medium in between the employees and the higher authority. It was found in most of the cases that in most of the situation it was the idea, which I need to apply along with the incorporation of common sense. The organizational management includes certain survey, which I implemented and tried to know about the different techniques and methods, which has been applied in the survey. This has been a new learning process for me, and I tried to know about new protect. The experience in the course has been to incorporate the ideas of performance. I have learned that I need to be serious and make my decisions in the most successful manner (Coplin, 2012). This would be interesting, as this would enhance by performance much like performance appraisal. My academics have proved to be sufficient for my career development plan and it has helped me to understand the process of segmentation of my individual career in comparison with my peers (Scherbaum and Goldstein, 2015). On the other hand, I have understood the way to build my career development curve in a systematic manner. In addition to this, since my major aim is the field of HR, therefore, I have to meet many people working in different organizations. This has further helped me in my personal growth. Most of the professional learning is dealing with the academic learning (Dessler, 2013). However, I have learnt that there are specific needs of the employees and I need to understand their ground and then resolve their problem. I also need to assure about the remuneration, which is another vital part in the work life of the employees like me.


Academic learning

The course is an integrated course, which entails the study of the statistics and history of social care. This also includes analyzing different management related issues for different employees of the organization (Pifer and Baker, 2012). The major aims and objectives of my academic learning are to nourish my skills regarding the related field of human resource management.  I have learned different forms of concepts and learning in the academics. The concepts are related to training and development, motivational levels, selection and recruitment procedures, etc (Dessler, 2013). I have tried to link all the theoretical concepts with that of practical and real-life examples.  In addition to this, my peers and my academic teachers have helped me to groom myself and nourish my academic skills. I have learned several techniques that a human resource manager should possess (Scherbaum and Goldstein, 2015). In addition to this, I have also attempted several real life seminars organized by top HRM managers. In the academic learning, the core competency the student remains the interpretation of the entire course and the use of the basic sense to resolve the problems of the organization. The module and the assignments in the course help in enhancing the discussions and to improve the ideas, which is varied in nature (Coplin, 2012). I could apply the confidence, which is derived in the education sector, in the professional ground to enhance and make better recommendations for the future organizations. I will be learning about the incorporation of the value, which is crucial in any organization (Spinelli, 2012). It is found in this regard that most of the values imparted in the education system would enhance by chance of gripping the academic learning. I have learned that in the human resource related meeting most of the executives or mangers need t come up with solutions to the problems. In such case, the academic learning helped in understanding the different grounds on which I can speak about strategies and help in the organization. This would be the total implementation of my learning from the academic ground to the workplace (Dessler, 2013). The organization would be benefitting from my academic experience that I have earned in the entire course of my learning. The academic learning has made me more concerned about the management of time in the course and study accordingly. This is to ensure that within a structure of academics there has to be a proper method of the implementation of discipline (Spinelli, 2012). The same is applicable in the professional life and in the day-to-day life. I have learnt from the text that there are many organizations, which have been beneficial from the human resource management (Dowling et al. 2013).


Development experience

The development process at the end of the course includes my understanding of the concepts in the health care sector. Along with this, the study includes incorporation of practical knowledge and the use of modern technology for the learning (Hoch and Dulebohn, 2013). My development experience have been strictly on certain core areas  of HRM which includes the right competency, orientation of results, competency in the functional areas of HRM, influence and the ideas of collaboration, development of the organization and other capabilities and finally managing team and employees. The experience in the entire course is to implement the right theories and practice at the right place (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). The development of the ideas of strategies along with the implementation of the right techniques and methods are the most important aspect in the entire process of learning. In most cases, the idea is to incorporate the idea that I learned in the entire course work. The development would also include the fact that with the ideas, which are necessary for growth, the managing capabilities must foster in most of the cases. This should be a time-to-time interpretation and growth (Strohmeier, 2013). The experience in the development is to analyze the skills within me much like the employees and to channel the same to receive the best in life (Dowling et al. 2013). In most of the situation, it is the development process being in the course that not help in the management of the issues in everyday life but also helps in monitoring and application of the right strategies. As taught in the entire course it is important to note the fact that in most of the cases it is the development of the person in the course, which helps in tailoring most of the official as well as the personal work (Strohmeier, 2013). The development process has been through each module and the core strategies, which the course has, or the learning process. The process of development of my experience was a tedious task for me. Initially, I used to have no practical experience regarding the given field (Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). However, with the help of understanding the concepts of HRM has helped me to gather practical knowledge and information concerning the subject. Apart from this, I have also developed several experiences with the assist of my teachers who have helped me immensely during my course. My internship program and live projects have also helped me to gather knowledge and upgrade my skills (Landrum and Davis, 2014). I have also applied different tools and techniques for my personal benefit. I have read several books and journals of HRM of past authors. All the modern theories have helped me to judge the importance of the subject (Zafar, 2013). I have also learned to apply these theories in my practical life.  In addition to this, different case studies of the subject have also helped me to focus on my subject domain and overcome my weakness. My main weakness was lack of patience and reading the mindset of the employees. I have successfully overcome the given weaknesses and nourished the required skills (Hoch and Dulebohn, 2013). My short-term development is regarding my inter-personal skills as a HR manager. On the other hand, my long-term development plan is to create a level of satisfaction, which is at par with my required aims and objectives. In any of the corporate sector, it is essential to widen the learning process and to be prompt for the purpose of development. I have learned this from my course that I need to be diverse and would have to work hard in order to have the desired level of development in life (McNeill, 2014).


Aims and aspirations in life

There are several aims and objectives in my life. These aims and objectives can be divided into short-term and long-term objectives. My aspiration is life is to serve the people and patient who need care and nurturing. I would like to serve the needful. In the field of human resource management, there are several aims and aspirations that one human resource manager can interpret (Landrum and Davis, 2014). One of my aims is to the problem of the grievances of the employees of the organization. A role of HR manager is to create a peaceful work environment of the given organization. My major aim is to increase my patience level to solve all the problems of the organization. In addition to this, I want to be a good administrator among my peers (Weishaar, 2015). I want to improve my communications skills largely. An effective communication skill will help to communicate with all the employees. It will also assist me to prosper my career in the respective field of HRM. Another aim is building up the trust among the employees to increase their productivity and efficiency (McNeill, 2014).  I can easily prosper into this field through nourishing my skills that one HR must have. The required skills will also help me to grow up the ladder in this prospective field and will keep me updated. In addition to this, I need to prosper myself and give my best effort in whatever place I work. I would try to incorporate the ideas, which are positive in all the spheres of my life to widen my skills and knowledge (Ng and Yuen, 2015).

Management capabilities

My management capabilities would be to analyze the situation and to use mu skills to help the employees. If I were given a better position in the later future, I would try to be a manager who inspires his subordinates to do better in their work life (Oh, 2014). The entire idea of the course is to deal with the management of the human resources that is there in the organization or are recruited. In such case, the major idea is to deal with the human force effectively, however, in many cases it is important to deal with the implementation of the management capabilities in the organization are with the prominent monitoring process (McNeill, 2014). This could be the idea of dealing with the annual report, appraisal and then managing the employees based on performance. However, there are certain issues with the management process. This includes the idea of the employees not implementing the training process effectively (Ozkut, 2015). In most of the cases, it is seen that there are certain issues, which is, faced in the organization in which the employees have an indifferent attitude. In such case, I have learned to implement the right ideas of the management process, which is effective to handle the right employees (Ng and Yuen, 2015). This boosts my self-confidence, and I can see the fact that I have the capabilities to manage the entire recruitment and training process. From my professional and personal experience, I have developed the skill of team building, patience and adapting to new situations (Wilton, 2013). Management in the department of human resources can be developed through the analysis of my strengths. I have developed my internal strengths, which has further helped me to focus on my aims and aspirations (Oh, 2014). My internal management capabilities have helped me to understand the different problems that an employee can face in a particular organization. With the ground of management as the role of human resource, executive or manager there comes a number of key aspect and responsibilities. I look forward to give my best and to channel most of my work in the right direction with the fulfillment of the expectations of the organization (Ozkut, 2015). There are certain responsibilities, which the management would shoulder on me, and it is my concern to move in prominent and efficient way.


I have concluded that with the human resource management course I can learn many of the important aspects of management in the organization. I can make use of mu academic course in gaining the professional position that I long for in life. In many of the cases, I have found that my academic prospects would help me in securing a job as human resource manager that would be suitable for the organization and me. I have found out that I have grown a developmental instinct and the application of the ideas in the most perfect and efficient way. This is one of the prime aspects to know the fact that I can inspire most of the employees in the organization. In all the above-mentioned terms, I would like to add that I would try my best to incorporate all my learning in the organization and would try to make the best out of the employees. This would be beneficial for the organization along with the prosperity in my career.


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