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Describe about the Human Resource Management?


Executive Summary

This report deals with the PBL process that is essential for the co-founders to go through. This is because, it helps them in understanding the problems that may face and find solutions regarding this. This report has analyzed the problems that the three co-founders are likely to face and handle that situation through facts, ideas, learning issues as well as action.
According to Brown (2010), HR Planning refers to a systematic process that involves usage of appropriate skills, knowledge as well as abilities among the employees whenever needed. It is essential within the organization since this forecasts the requirement of human resources in the future (Ingham, 2010). This report will be dealing with the facts, ideas, learning issues as well as actions that Vivienne, Stephen and Walter will be adopting for employing the staff members according to the requirements of the restaurant.

Miller (2013) commented on the fact that through this research, the researcher has came across the PBL process or Problem Based Learning process that helps the students to develop self directed learning, intrinsic motivation and flexible knowledge. This is a process of active learning that supports the students in self learning as well as developing the interpersonal skills and ability for working in a team (Noe and Noe, 2012). Refer to Appendix [facts], it can be said that they should follow the PBL process to attain success.

Problem Based Learning process

Figure: Problem Based Learning process

(Noe and Noe, 2012)

Through PBL, they can understand about their prior knowledge, elaboration of the acquired knowledge, working in a group and also about sharing the knowledge among each other. In this context, Nolan (2008) had an opinion that while making multiple iterations regarding the PBL, the researcher also came to know about other facts that also are essential for opening this restaurant and running this restaurant successfully.

Again, refer to the appendix [facts], it can be said that, for opening the restaurant, the requirement of enough knowledge is also essential along with placing the right person in the right position. According to Page and Tosh (2005) PBL also helped the researcher in knowing about the requirements of setting up the restaurant such as- demand forecasting, supply forecasting, keeping a well balance between the demand and supply along with action plans.

According to Langley (2013), the employees that will be engaged and hired for the positions in the restaurant also need to be motivated for getting their maximum participation for the ultimate success of the business. Refer to Appendix [ideas], it is to be mentioned that they also need to take steps for motivating the employees. McKenzie and Aitken (2012) had an opinion that it can be discussed through theory X and Y where Theory X depicts that there are employees who are laid back and dislike their work. For them, different schemes of motivation need to be used. The Theory Y people are committed towards their work, are responsible as well as have higher degree o imagination, creativity as well as ingenuity etc.

In addition to this, Brooks (2004) had commented that through a proper and methodical job analysis, the co-founders initially have to understand the content of the job, the requirements of the job and the context of the job. According to Gegax et al. (2007), they also need to understand the objective of the job that describes the activities, design and specifications that are involved in it. Along with this, a vivid analysis of skills and knowledge of the required employees are also essential. At certain intervals, feedback from the employees also need to collected that will be helping the co-founders in improving their quality of work, leadership as well as process of development. McEwan (2013) had a view that since this step is a brainstorming step, so, the researcher has a broad as well as creative thinking process that ensured to look after all the relevant topics regarding the issues that may arise.

Nolan (2010) commented on the fact that the cofounders initially need to understand that this section will be dealing with what the researcher had learnt from the PBL process which is a self learning process. According to Phillips (2012), the idea of setting up the restaurant requires many problems and issues such as place, accounts, marketing, advertisings and promotions. These all need special concern and attention to cover up all the problems. While facing these problems, the researcher will come to know about the things that need to be done for reducing these problems. Ulrich et al. (2012) commented that this is the practical implementation of PBL process. Moreover through this process, the researcher will come across the different problems that will help in understanding the problem and find the solution all by him.

HR planning and analysis model

Figure: HR planning and analysis model

(Phillips, 2012)

In addition to this, Quartey (2013) had a view that through PBL the problems, resources, objectives, behavior, motivation as well as self directed learning are discussed.

The last stage of the plan is the stage of execution or action that needs to be implemented for the business to run successfully. Morton (2014) commented on the fact that in this stage the co-founders put into action the knowledge that has been gained through brainstorming process and learning process.

Phillips (2012) had a view that the co-founders can also fill up the gap through extensive involvement in the organization workings. They can use whatever they have learnt in the PBL sessions and can implement it in their business. They also need to understand the psychology of the employees, the kind of job they are providing, forecasting the demand and their supply. In addition to this, Rhodia (2010) had an opinion that the different theories of motivation that are learnt in PBL sessions can also be implied for motivating the employees. This is because, it is to be remembered that the employees are the essential part of the organization which if can be directed in a positive way can bring success to the organization (Gegax et al. 2007).

Thus to conclude, it can be said that this report deals with the four sections that include facts, ideas, learning issues as well as actions that help the researcher to have a good knowledge regarding the PBL as well as setting up new business ventures. In addition to this, the different knowledge and experience that the researcher has gained from this sessions are also discussed vividly. After that, the learning parts are put into action for having a practical experience of the business setting.



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