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Job Redesigning in TK Ceramics

Discuss about the Human Resource Management in TK Ceramics.

Internal facing jobs ensure that business runs more efficiently. These include jobs in the planning and budgeting sector whereas customer-facing jobs involve those in the sales and marketing sectors. Redesigning these jobs include restructuring the tasks, responsibilities and other elements of the job to fit new specifications of the business (Cranford, 2013).  Job redesigning can lead to more satisfied employees and more job satisfaction. The process of job redesigning in TK Ceramics will involve the following steps.

The process of job redesigning will involve recollecting and reviewing information related to internally facing and customer facing jobs. This will help to establish changeability between the job and the best fit.

Since the new jobs will be performed in a new environment, the information on the job content is analyzed and the differences involved. This will help to establish any barriers that employees may encounter in performing the tasks and also evaluate why an employee might not be able to deliver in the new environment.

After analyzing the information, the next step involves, modifying the elements of the jobs to be performed in Jakarta Raya. Modifying these elements will include an addition of the responsibilities to be carried out in Indonesia and inclusion of more accountability. This will also involve altering the jobs as done in TK Ceramics to fit the job responsibilities that will be carried out in Jakarta Raya.

After the modification step, there is need to make changes to the job specification to fit the new job. This will assist that the new employee placed in Indonesia will be able to perform the expected task in the manner required.

The final step in job redesigning is to allocate employees to their new positions both in Melbourne and Indonesia. This may be performed through job enrichment, job enlargement, job rotation, job enrichment, autonomous teams and work simplification (Parker and Wall, 2015).

Therefore, the best process of job redesign in TK Ceramics is first to be able to learn on what job and task that need to be performed in the new opportunity and establish any shortcomings that employees are likely to face in the new environment. Secondly, evaluate the skills of the employees and if they fit the new positions to be created. Thirdly, allocate the skills to employees to assess if they match their interests. Finally, train the new employees to acquire the required skills for their new position.

The Process of Job Redesigning in Jakarta Raya

The best approach for redesigning in TK Ceramics is the classical approach. This approach works to ensure that productivity is increased more efficiently through efficient planning in improving the skills and efforts of the employees (Harmon, 2017). There are various methods in the approach fit for redesigning in TK Ceramics; job enlargement and job rotation. Job enlargement involves expanding responsibilities to employees in the same job. This means that the head of marketing and sales in Melbourne can be required to be the same head of marketing and sales in Jakarta Raya. This will reduce operating costs for the organization as well as motivate employees to yield better results for the organization. Job rotation is the process of transferring employees to another job but in the same organization. In this case, employees working in Melbourne will be offered different tasks in Indonesia. This helps to perform the job in the organization through internal sources.

Internal hiring involves filling a business vacancy through picking from the existing workforce in the organization. Internal recruitment is beneficial to an organization in various ways

Internal recruitment is considered cheaper to fill a new position. This is because the organization does not incur extra cost in advertising for the vacancy and paying recruiter’s fees. The selection process is usually quick due to the limited number of candidates to select.

Internal recruitment is beneficial to the organization because a recruiter is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of existing employees and can predict how they are likely to perform for the new role.

Internal recruitment acts as a motivational tool for the employees. This sends a message of being rewarded which leads to satisfied employees who increase their efforts while working in the organization, leading to more productivity (Kimball, 2017).

The internal workforce of the organization is familiar with the operations of the business thus they are faster in adapting to new roles. Existing employees relate well to the new teams and understands the organizational culture making it easier to blend in. The rate of transition among existing employees is high.

There is less paperwork when carrying out internal recruitment such as tax paperwork, insurance, and new passwords. All that is needed is simple human resource papers to change.

There is limited talent in the organization as there are no fresh candidates. This cuts down the choice of applicants to choose.

Internal hiring does not allow new energy into the organization hence there is lack of new ideas in the business. This creates a stagnation state for the business, which risks the business for competitive disadvantage because of not allowing new ideas in the business (Decenzo et al., 2013).

Benefits and Drawbacks of Internal Hiring at TK Ceramics

When one internal staff is promoted to a new role, a new vacancy that needs to be filled is created. This will require the organization to recruit a new person to fill the position.

Candidates who are not chosen may feel resentful, reducing their morale in the organization. Additionally, potential hatred is likely to develop in ranks creating conflict among the workforce.

There is a tendency for managers to have a candidate in mind before the recruitment already. These frustrate the employees who are not well connected to the manager and miss the chance.

How would you create job descriptions and person descriptions for jobs in the shops that do not yet exist?

A good job description and person description is an important aspect of finding the right candidate for the job. A job description is essential in that, it outlines the skills needed for specific roles, states the position of the role in the organization hierarchy and acts as the foundation for an employment contract. A job description needs to be clear and concise as well as sufficiently detailed (Bertelsen, 2012).

There are some steps to consider when creating a good job description and a personal description of the jobs of the shops that do not exist.

The job title is the first important aspect, is the job description. A good job title should be specific, explaining the nature of the job concisely. It should be self-explanatory without the use of exaggerated phrases to describe the role. The job title will also include the ranking order among other jobs in TK Ceramics.

A job description should contain a strong summary that grabs the attention of the job seeker. The summary constitutes a short overview of the organization and the expected results of the position in the description (Coxe, 2012). The summary will also include the job location so that prospects are aware that they will be working in Indonesia.

An effective job description should list the duties to be performed in the position. It further states the time that should be used to handle the task, either daily or weekly. The responsibilities should be a maximum of two sentences in length. This duty should be less than 15 in the description.

When writing a job description, the skills and attributes should be created separately. The skills are those activities that a candidate is qualified to do as well as those learned from experience. Attributes are the personal and professional traits that candidates should portray in the role.

Creating Effective Job Descriptions and Person Descriptions for Shops That Do Not Yet Exist

This includes writing reporting lines in the job description. This part tells the candidate on whom they will be reporting to in the line of duty as well as those who will be reporting to them. This portrays the hierarchical structure of the business.

This will also include the department in which the position falls.  Charts are best used to portray reporting lines in job descriptions.

When writing a job description for shops not yet opened, quote a range of the salary for the position that is quite competitive when compared to the same position in other organizations. The salary range should agree to experience and education variations.

The best job descriptions and personal descriptions for the new positions in TK Ceramics will focus more on what makes the role and TK Ceramics to stand out from other roles in other organizations. It will also include, the precise requirements of an employee and the concise duties of the position.

Field sales representatives are responsible for the supply and distribution of tiles to TK Ceramic’s customers. The sales representatives in Melbourne have similar vital skills and abilities requirements as those needed for the new shop in Indonesia. This representative will be majorly involved in the supply of tiles to new customers. Sales teams will pose the same skills because their work is similar to the intention of achieving results for the company.

The work of sales representatives in TK Ceramics involves selling tiles, identifying customer needs, creating solutions and ensuring that the process of sales is smooth. The sale representatives, also ensure to get new prospects into the business and convince customers to stay loyal to the products.

TK Ceramics supply products to the Melbourne market. The new sales representatives in the new shops in Jakarta Raya will supply the products to Indonesia and Melbourne. The nature of the job of the field sales representatives is the same, and the qualifications will be similar. the tone, pace and volume of the speech during the sales process or while making calls is an essential aspect of sales marketing in the organization.

According to Fisher (2013), every sale representative should be a good listener to capture the attention of the customer. Listening helps to identify and understand the buyer’s need and emotions. Listening involves a sharp focus as well as following it up with intelligent questions to understand the needs of a buyer and their specifications. People love to be listened to; listening may attract potential customers to TK Ceramics.

The field sales representatives will be supplying the same product, that is tiles, but from different sources. This means that they share a similarity in their line of work and so will their skills and abilities in the job.


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