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Human Resource Management: IT And Finance

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Discuss about the Human Resource Management for IT and Finance.




Human resource management is one of the most important sections in running an organization. The expansion of the organization quite naturally depends on the strategies that the human resource managers make for the organization and its employees. As the employees are the hearts of the organization, it is the responsibility of the HR management to secure the rights of the employees within the organization. In case of the international expansion, the HR management has to make sure that the proper facilities are provided to the employees, the rights of the organization are also secured, the best employees are being hired and their talents are being developed in the right ways (Hendry 2012). These are the elemental things that need to be implemented within the organization. The HR strategies have to taken and applied in its functional areas properly so that the organization can get the profits. The HR management should ensure the higher authorities that the HR policies are on the right track and in line with the success of the organization. The HR policies should be aligned with the overall business strategy. The HR management decides upon the organizational culture as well and how this culture might be affected by the proper execution of the plans and policies.


Major functional areas of HR management

The HR management has a lot of responsibilities in their array of work and the proper performance in those areas helps the organizations to thrive (Beardwell and Thompson 2014). The human resource strategies reflect the basic culture of the organization and through it, a person can get a glimpse of the functional areas of the organization. Some organizations have divided these functional areas into four major categories are-culture, people, and organization and the human resource systems and policies. These policies should be highlighted in order to address the responsibilities that the human resource management has to perform in case of the international expansion of the organization (Verbeke 2013).

Leadership strategies of the organization

The HR management has to develop the leadership strategies of the organization. This is a very serious concern how the organization is being run in this modern competitive business environment (Cai and Yang 2014.). The corporate strategies have to be fixed properly in order to address the corporate social responsibility of the organization. Actually the leaders of the organization determine in which the employees will be controlled. The employees can feel free to communicate with the higher authorities if the leaders are quite friendly and inspiring (Bhatti et al. 2012). On the contrary, the employees will fear to address the higher authorities if the leaders are very strict. The HR managers should interfere in this scenario and give a push to the higher authorities if they find anything out of the context in running the organization.

The HR has a huge responsibility in selecting the company executives as they gain respect from the decision making team of the organization (Blankenship 2017). They should always conduct effective searches for the better staffing and proper advocating of the services of the organization. The HR professionals should take the pioneering role in decision making for the organization. They should also be communicating with the organizational leaders and recommend them strategies on how to make the organization a better place for business (Cameron 2012).


Talent finding strategy

One of the most important aspects that the human resource managers deal with is the human capital talent. It is the human capital that makes the organization a successful one and they should play a major role in communicating with the Director level about the needs of more employees in expanding the organization to an international level (Burke and Noumair 2015). They should recommend the management about the selection process of the interview process and what should be the minimum qualification for the employees. They are also responsible for hiring, recruiting and retention of the best employees (Mowday, Porter and Steers 2013).

They should implement such plans by which they could be able to retain the top talents of the organization for a long time. The job competencies should also be identified by the HR management and recommend the ways the organizational learning for the employees through the course. The HR managers are responsible for the induction process of the employees and providing them with proper training and development of the employees (Argote 2012). The competencies and responsibilities of the HR managers have to be performed to attain great results in HR management territory.

High Performance Culture strategy

This is another strategy that the HR managers should focus on implementing them for the betterment of the organization and getting a better place in the overall international sphere. The organizations have to aim at being high-potential organizations that should focus on major performance measures. The top managers and leaders of the company influence the employees about the workplace behaviors in the organizations. This is a basic thing that the HR managers have to perform and that is to support the leaders to plan for proper organizational culture within the organization and fostering to eradicate the cross-cultural differences among the employees. The organizational culture should be such that only the work performances should be the measure stick to judge an employee and not his caste, creed, ethnicity or nationality. This way, the work performance of the organizations should also flourish in a big way. The employees should foster innovation and creativity within their work fields and this should help the organization to gain a better performance level (García-Morales, V.J., Jiménez-Barrionuevo, M.M. and Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, L., 2012).


Strategic Planning

Some other issues in the success of the organizations can be interpreted as strategic planning. The strategic planning should be appropriate for success of the organization. The strategic plans should be very important in the overall success of the organization because the HRM professionals have to decide and determine the plans in which the organization will carry out its plans in an effective manner. The HRM professionals have to arrange for the employee satisfaction survey and identify the kinds of challenges that the employees will be facing in case of working for the organization (Abraham 2012). This is how they can gain the top talents of the organization for a long duration. They ask to the employees about their opinions on how they could better serve their needs and cater to their better future.

They should make sure that the employees are valued and respected at the workplace. The benefits, amenities, insurance policies and career development aspects should be viewed once in every year and see if any amendments can be done in this scenario. The customer interviews can be taken as well to ensure that their interests are served to the best. Presenting rewards and punishments to the employees is another way of retaining the best employees and satisfying their needs as well. The employee satisfaction has to be put more focus on and this will be so important for the organizational success (Kaufman and Guerra-Lopez 2013).

Employee engagement

If an organization wants to expand itself to an international sphere, it must opt for employee engagement (Anitha 2014). This is a very important aspect in the development of the organization as well as the career development of the employees as well. The proper facilities should be provided to the employees so that they can progress in their professional careers. The mission and vision of the organization has to be determined by the HRM professionals as well as the higher management of the organization.

Strategic implementation

Strategic implementation is one of the major things that has to be accomplished by the people who are working as the HR professionals (Daley 2012). Every organization has to make certain strategies to expand into another domestic or international market. The HRM professionals should make long term and short term objectives for the organization and thus make the proper initiatives to implement them properly. The HR managers should always look to make sure that the strategic implementation is done properly. The system and process of the chosen strategy has to be applied in the perfect ways. The best strategy that could help the organization to achieve its objectives should be implemented. The decision making has to be done by the HR managers and see if the plan can be effective for the organizational success. The top managers have to be responsible for communicating with the HR managers and help them to guide the project properly (Daley 2012). The organizational strategies will have to be in same line with the organizational structure and its objectives. The leadership strategy has to be decided and implemented by human resource managers that can effectively be helpful for running the organization smoothly.

Strategic management

Strategic management is also one important responsibility of the HR professionals. They have to play the role of the perfect strategic managers who can choose the best strategies for the success of the organization (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher 2012). The strategic processes have to formulated and evaluated by the HR managers and test its effectiveness. Then the appropriate business strategies will have to be applied in the business process. As the HR managers provide inspiration to the employees, they always cheer them for innovation and creative ideas to be formulated. The various aspects like the problem perception, divergent thinking, decision making, and substantial resources should be looked after the HR managers. The HR managers are also responsible for identify the potential risks in the business processes and seek for the solution of those risks. The impact of the strategic planning should be positive in every aspect (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher 2012).

The HR managers should take the proper managerial actions by which they would be able to mitigate all the potential risks. The HR managers should monitor the effectiveness of the activities that are performed by the workers. They should look after the matters if the employees are given proper wages and holidays and other employment benefits. The Hr managers should also identify the strengths and weaknesses of the particular organization. They should look to emphasize on those points and improve upon the weak points of the organization (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher 2012). They should also utilize all the opportunities that are in front of them for organization’s betterment. They should motivate the employees for better performance because that is quite aligned with the organizational success. The cross-cultural differences should be removed from this organization. This will help to make all the employees stay and work together, This, in turn, will cater to build a better communication and understanding between the employees who belong to different races and cultures. The HR managers should also take care of the fact that their actions should lay down the fact of the organization’s success (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher 2012).  


Other responsibilities

In case of expanding the market to other places, any organization should put excess pressure on the HR activities. The goals of the organization should go hand in hand with the HR activities. The better the organizations should be able to implement the HR policies and strategic planning, the more will be the chances for the company to be successful in their expansion ventures. The HR managers should plan the strategies according to the strengths and weaknesses of the organization (Yeh and Hong 2012). This will help them to organize them and solve all the risks that will be put in front of them. The key issues within the organization will have to be identified by the HR professionals and then they will take actions according to that only. They should make sure that the employees are focused to the goals and objectives of the organization.


This paper can be concluded by saying that human resource management is one of the most important aspects of an organizations’ growth. The HR managers have to play a huge role in the growth because the plans and policies implemented by them has to deal with the risks and challenges faced by the organization. HR managers have to perform at their best every time so that the organization gets the profit. The various kinds of works to be performed by them include hiring and recruiting the employees, retain them, providing them the best wages and benefits, initiate policies to grab the competitive advantage and many other things. Thus, the role of HR is indeed one of the most important in terms of the employee growth and their career development as well as the organization’s growth.



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