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Human Resource Management Of Constructive Relation At Top Trucking Company

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Discuss about the Human Resource Management of Constructive Relation at Top Trucking Company.



This report takes into consideration the inference of Human Resource Management and its relevance through the comprehensive examination of the case study of ‘Constructive relation at top trucking company’. The process of HRM assists organization in collating the available resources and distributing it in the productive track. This paper would be analyzing the significance of HR management in an organization that is challenging in nature, the practices, theories and models practical in similar sort of situations. Moving on, this paper would provide in-depth information of various practices of Human Resource Management, labor laws, transport workers union and along with behaviors. The case study would be properly analyzed with proper discussions on the same, highlighting the workplace observations initiated by the management for increasing productivity and proper coordination between workers and managers. It would also focus on the imperative role participatde by the new manager and the associated risks with the association and acceptability of union with its flexibility to such changes.

Human Resource Management Role:

Human resource management can be defined as a method that is being used by the organizations where human capital, an important resource is being cautiously managed, resourced and allocated to areas where it is required. The HR management in the trucking organization related to the case study was in the phase of transition. The company’s Wollongong yard was the most popular in the area with a high performance manager having difficult nature. Within that particular region, the yard was getting enough admiration and the most significant provider of its high routine was George Psaros, their union delegate. He has been the main witness to the phase of evolution of the organization, offering support to both the union workers as well as the management. The organization was a popular one, though working there was an issue, as the manager who was positioned there was demanding along with being autocratic and dictating. The management’s unwillingness to fund the infrastructure of the company led to it being acquired by a big national group transport.

As per Caligiuri, (2014), the company was facing many dispute under the previous management with due respect to the approach of the manager who was authoritative and reluctant to recognize the perspectives of others. The drivers were unenthusiastic in changing that resulted in lack of participation along with causative to changes. Once acquisition was completed, the new management procuring numerous changes in the model along with practices at workplace within the company.


HRM Model:

The trucking organization established ‘The Harvard Framework’ inside the organization with this model symptomatic of the line managers needing to admit more related to responsibilities in ensuring harmonization of individual policies and strategies related to competitiveness (Anurose & Subrahamanyam, 2013). The model takes in the policies that are being positioned to govern the expansion of personal activities along with the implementation and the ways they can be allied with the objectives of organization. This model highlights employees as the key stakeholders other than the shareholders and customers. The Harvard Framework generates a source of four policies related to human resource which are human resource flow considering selection, recruitment, termination and promotional facet of the employees within the organization. Work system takes in scheming and administration workflow among the people and the Reward System that is being accomplished through motivating employees with respective rewards along with recognition (Ahlvik & Björkman, 2015).

HRM Model Application:

The management approved the Harvard Framework model, keeping prime focus on their workers and espousing various workplace observations in creating a prolific surroundings for them. The prevalent dispute faced by workers was with the line manager who was oppressive in nature and not willing to recognize critique.


Appointed New Line Manager:

As part of the flow of human resource, the administration recruited a new manager having the knowledge about the precedent behavior and conflict between the union and the old manager. The new line manager was open-minded unlike the previous one, appealing new ideas along with the worker’s perspectives. His selection was based on the competence level of handling tough situations and incensed union members along with their entrust George who has been the part of this system for long. The new line manager insisted on open conversation with drivers who were showing reluctance to change. He tried discovering issues realistically and allotted responsibilities to each depending on their ability.

Infrastructure Change:

The new management showed enough interest in investing capital in the infrastructure of the organization like purchasing new trucks unlike the old management. The truck drivers were adamant in discussing this major issue with their new manager. The new manager bought new uniforms for their drivers and invested added capital in the implementation of new computer system at Wollongong warehouse yard (Meijerink, Bondarouk & Lepak, 2016). During the initial stages the workers did not accept these changes, but later on they did seeing the betterment of such changes.

Health, Hygiene and Safety:

The new manager strived hard in developing the health and safety related issues of the workers that would enable him to win their confidence. The management was constantly investing money in clearing out the dockyard for creating disinfected working conditions for workers.


Training & Development:

The drivers along with the union delegates and the workers have been the part of the organization for long. From the company’s perspective, it was significant in nurturing their talent and enhancing their skills of new progression and systems initiated in the organization. Therefore, the manager brought in certain developmental programs along with guidance for drivers, on the both technical aspect as well as the segment of customer service.

Risk of Supporting Changes if manager or Union delegate move:

An important facet that is being managed by the Human Resource Department is shifting to a new organization or to a new height in the same organization. This shift or movement is generally seen as the integral part of career growth or expectation of any sort of financial upliftment (Veloso, Tzafrir & Enosh, 2015). In the given case study both George and the manager was a significant key source to the company. The manager was being assigned with a challenging task and he was successful in achieving that, whereas George was an older part of the system without any sort of promotion. Losing out on any of these two persons would jeopardize the performance and existing coordination among the various work flows within the company (Moore, Grunberg & Krause, 2014).

Risks with such decision are:

-Sense of Insecurity: The manager was relatively new to this organizational system, though he worked hard in winning the workers’ confidence. His faction a bring in some sort of insecurity among workers in expecting future growth along with smooth operational flow between the workers and management.

-Lack in confidence: In organization labor unions, the union delegate is considered with high respect with workers pinning their hopes on him. His movement can generate issues unsolved and not conversed to the needy channel in time.

-Unbiased communication: It was in the habit of the line manager to share information related to the performance of the yard with the drivers, with this concept being a new one that enhanced greater level of synchronization among each other (Armstrong & Taylor 2014). He kept the communication level straight and simple for everyone to prosper.

In organizations, one of the important jobs for the HR management is retention of employees. It guarantees the staying of best talent within the organization as introducing a new member involves costs and time, lowering productivity. There may be various reasons on ways a person might opt for moving forward or moving out to a new level inside the company. The reasons for this might be better compensation, opportunities for working in challenging venture, dissatisfaction of employees and higher designation.


Compliance of Workplace modifications- Blue Collar Union:

The HR management journalism proposes that the transport workers are much acclimatized towards the changes in the workplace than as compared to the Service sector. The Blue Collar Union has been known as the workers union working as drivers, fire fighters and workers at shop floor. These workers in support of the union enjoy work life more as compared to people involved in private and service sector.

The main categorizations of blue workers are those having manual skills with lower academic acquaintance (Form, 2015). These workers are regularly paid on the hourly basis or at times in weekly or monthly basis depending on the structure of the work. They are closer and more concerned about the union as an alternative of the management of the company they have been working. The job they perform have greater degree of demand in the market as their job needs more manual labor as compared to the workers in the service or private sector where importance is given on knowledge (Anurose & Subrahamanyam, 2013). In some of the countries, it has been witnessed that the employees or workers working under the blue-collar union receives more payments than their white-collar counterparts do. Such people are mostly selected for the production department, having minimal management interface. A union representative gets chosen who negotiates and communicates with the top level executives on their behalf.

Employees those who have been working in the service and public sector can be classified among professionals related to their core academic along with experience professionally. Their professional degree plays a supporting role in their compensation and job responsibility designed in the organization. Such people do not enjoy much support from the union and their contribution and participation in union is minimal. Their views and opinions are varying regarding changes at workplace as compared to people in union, like the organizational workers union or transport workers union. The people those who are working for the public sector are much nearer to management and gets involved in the decision making process as balanced to transport union workers (Creese, 2015). For transport union, the administration has the power of bringing the changes similar to what was done in the top trucking company with prior consultation with the line manager, with union mostly agreeing to it along with the little availability of scope. Transport union workers acclimatize to the changes at the workplace in an accepting manner than those who have been working for service sector.


According to the case study analysis performed on the “Constructive relation at top trucking company”, the accessing part has been on the new management’s adoption of the Harvard Framework model in revamping the organization, implementing changes at workplace within the company. The manager was replaced along with bringing in of uniforms, new computer systems and training for required workers. The two important resources behind the trucking company’s success is the new line manager and George, the union delegate. The contribution of both has been immense along with the risk associated with their shifting and movements that was evaluated in this paper. HR management’s job retention has been restirring the best possible resources available within the organization, have been briefly analyzed in avoiding risk. It can be concluded that the workers who have been functioning for the transport union were much adequate with the workplace changes instigated by the executives. The line of conclusion have been drawn on the basis of categorization of blue collar worker related to their set of skills and differences in wage, having a say in unions along with their immediacy with management.



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