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Human Resource Management: Promising Practices In Leadership

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Discuss about the Human Resource Management for Promising Practices in Leadership.



Similarity and difference between the Leadership Academy Approaches of Trinity Health and Catholic Healthcare

The successful leadership academies incorporate different best practices for the development of potential leaders. However, there exist similarities and dissimilarities between the best practices followed in the leadership academies of the two organizations Trinity Health and Catholic Healthcare.

The Trinity Health conducts leadership development programs and persistently emphasizes the significance of the leadership development. The corporate office of the Trinity Health also finances different leadership development program for the purpose of development and improvement of leadership skills. Trinity in association with Price Waterhouse Coopers developed a set of 10 leadership skills and added it to the curriculum. In addition to this, the leadership academy of the company also devised the system of periodic review of diverse desired behaviour as well as competencies that are consistent with the priorities of the company. Furthermore, the company focuses on different entry level programs for leaders, critical skill development program, physician development programs in association with the Healthcare Advisory Board. In addition to his, the company also incorporates strategic leadership program, advanced leadership program for senior leaders and concentrates on realistic activities and action learning (netfiles.umn.edu, 2016).  

Correspondingly, the corporate office funds the academy expenses of the Catholic Healthcare Partners (CHP). However, the company also conducts rigorous process of selection of the potential leaders and makes use of the instrument (CHOICE) of the top scoring leaders. The process of the development of the curriculum of Catholic Healthcare Partners is also similar to that of the Trinity Health that is essentially based on competencies. Again, there exists another difference in the leadership development practice of Catholic Healthcare Partners that incorporates intensive face to face sessions of learning that is non-existent in Trinity Health netfiles.umn.edu, (2016).

CHP also adopts a different approach of leadership development that focuses on Post-graduation support. However, the practice of the review and assessment of the performance in CHP is similar to that of the Trinity Health. CHP uses Balance Scorecard for evaluation of the performance and assimilates the same for incentive compensation. However, Trinity Health uses the 360 degree process of the assessment of the performance of the employees. Both the organizations also carry out the process of periodic review of the performance and different desired behaviour (netfiles.umn.edu, 2016).


Appropriate practice for organization

The appropriate practice for the leadership development in the organization therefore calls for the need of proper system of financing the academic expenses (Dessler, 2013). The best practice also needs to incorporate the procedure of development of the curriculum for training leaders based on desired competencies. In addition to this, the learning sessions for the development of the leadership can focus on different segments such as the entry level programmes, advanced leadership programmes and the strategic leadership programmes.

Critical Elements of the successful leadership Development Program

The critical elements of a successful leadership development program include the following:

  • Proper system of funding the academic expenses
  • Commitment and support of the senior leaders
  • Development of appropriate curriculum based on desired competency
  • Periodic assessment of the performance and the desired behaviour (Simpson, Green, & Scott, 2011)
  • Specialized entry level as well as advanced learning sessions for the leaders (Dessler, 2013)
  • Use of appropriate system for evaluation of the performance and integration with the system of incentives

Measurement of the success of Leadership Academy

The success of the leadership academy can be analysed by using different metrics and dimensions for enumeration as evidences. The leadership academy can succeed d developing the skills and competencies of the employees as leaders (Mayo, 2012). The percentage of the employees undergoing training needs to move to higher positions in the organization. Longitudinal analysis can help in analysing improvement in the skills important to leaders. A survey can also be conducted for evaluation of the effectiveness and leadership competencies on job.



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