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Human Resource Management for Training and Executive Development?




Human resources department is the most essential department of an organization, as it provides the perfect structure to the organization and also provides ability to the organization to manage the most valuable resources of any organization that is its employees (Dessler, 2013). The major functions of HR managers are to look after the selection and recruitment process of an organization by selecting the right people for the right job, providing safety to all the employees of an organization, to maintain the employee relations and also to avoid employee conflict within the organization and also to provide training to new employees and to provide various benefits and compensation.

Differences Between Generalist And Specialist Hr:

From the journal article ‘Is the HR specialist function becoming obsolete?’ the difference between generalist and specialist HR functions can be determined. HR includes both the HR generalist functions and HR business partner. These functions align with the C – suite or it can also be said to get a ‘seat at the table’ (ERE Media, 2015). Presence of a HR generalist or HR business partner in an organization indicates the organization to be strategic. Depending on the structure of the organization, the various roles of HR handles from succession to recruitment plans. Traditionally there were various levels of HR according to their specific area. But now a day, HR business partners and HR generalists are embedded in different departments, thus conversations take place with HR generalists instead of HR specialists. Therefore, HR generalists resolve the issues within organization, thus there is no need of HR specialists.

From the journal article ‘Building a Better HR Team’, the author suggested that recession has increased and created the demand of HR. This new demand is met based on the design of the organization of the Generalist model rather than Specialist model (, 2015).


Generalist Is Superior To Specialist:

According to both the authors of the two articles, generalists are superior to specialists, because HR generalists provide a well-rounded, professional HR experience. Generalists possess excellent consulting skills and strong business knowledge. These competencies allow to make partnership with C-Suite and also help to resolve conflicts between people and process issues which create obstacle in doing work effectively and efficiently (Mondy & Mondy, 2012).

Importance of generalists and specialists in an organization:

HR Generalists mainly deal with staffing and recruitment, providing training and development to employees, look after benefits and compensation of the employees, personal procedures and policies, relation between employees and also look after security and safety in the workplace (Rothwell et al., 2012). All these duties can be handled by the theoretical knowledge of a human resource manager. On the other hand, large companies need specialists HR who are having knowledge of special areas as the specialists deal as a specialist in the HR development, total rewards, risk management, employee and labor relations, metrics management, workforce employment and planning, human resource information systems, global human resources and organizational development (Truss, Mankin & Kelliher, 2012). Thus, here practical knowledge regarding the authority in a particular field is necessary.  Thus both types of HR functions are essential for any large organization.


Analysis Of Principles Of Personnel Administration:

Principles are universally applicable to all organizations. But policies vary from one firm to other. These policies help to solve vexing problems. Some of the personal principles are:

Individual development principle offers equal and full equal opportunities to every employee to utilize his full potential.

Scientific selection principle helps to select the right person for the right job.

Free flow of communication principle keep all communication channels open and also encourage formal, informal, horizontal, upward and downward communication (Werner & DeSimone, 2012).

Participation principle represents association of representatives of employees at every level of decision making.

Fair remuneration principle pays equitable and fair salaries and wages commensurating with jobs.

Incentive principle rewards good performance.

Dignity of labor principle treats every job holder with respect and dignity.

Labor management co-operation principle promotes cordial industrial relations.

Team spirit principle promotes team spirit and co-operation among employees.

 Contribution to national prosperity principle provides higher purpose of work to all employees and also to contribute to national prosperity.


Contribution Of Personnel Administration To Personal And Organizational Behavior:

The principles of personnel administration greatly affect the behavior of both the organization and the employees of an organization. For example, as Individual development principle provides equal opportunities to all employees, it highly motivates each and every employee to perform better. Scientific selection helps the organization to choose correct person, thus the development of the organization generally takes place. Free flow of communication allows communication freely from the management levels to the employees or even workforce and vice-versa. Thus, the organization would able to run smoothly without any obstacles due to communication barriers. Participation of the representatives of the employees would help the management levels to take any decision, thus the employees would also be satisfied with the decisions (Werner, Schuler & Jackson, 2012). Fair and equitable salaries and wages would make the employees and work forces happy and satisfied, thus they would perform better and would work hard for the company. The method of providing incentives highly motivated the employees to work and perform well. However, if respect and dignity is provided to the employees and the work forces of an organization, they would better satisfy and would perform better. This would also reduce the conflict within the organization.  Promotion of cordial industrial relations would also enrich the performance of the employees within the organization and thus, the organization would expand more. Bonding between the employees are the most important part in the systematic regulation of an organization, thus, co-operation and team spirit between the employees are essential for the growth of the company.



Thus, it can be concluded that the function of various human resource managers would vary in various organizations, depending on the organizational structure. But the most important noticeable fact is to apply and implement the correct human resource function in the correct organization based on the structure of the organization. For better performance of both the employees and the organization, the human resource manager has to look after the implementation of the various principles of the personnel administration which would lead to the growth and expansion of the particular organization.



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