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ICTICT511-Enterprise System Redesign Project Report

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  • Course Code: ICTICT511
  • University: Community College Of Rhode Island
  • Country: United States


The owner of the company EnglishForYou plans to develop a new website to further help the online sales of the company’s English educational books.
The owner is very old-style and new to technology.
A former employer developed a very basic site. Unfortunately, neither the owner nor his team of three people (Secretary, Logistics Officer and Payroll Officer) knows how
to make modifications or access this site.
The owner and his team of three are thinking about either somehow using and modifying the existing website or developing a new one.
In either case, the company’s staff will require training. Time and cost will be central.

For this assessment task, you are required to complete the following:

1.Develop a report regarding the impact of IT developments by comparing information related to current operational practices and strategic plan to determine possible IT gaps and improvement opportunities.

2.Compare and document advantages and disadvantages of the current and proposed IT system

3.Determine required changes, the objectives and implications of introducing changes and submit findings to the client (assessor role-play) for feedback

Once documents are completed, you must submit to assessor (role-playing the client).



In order to fully prepare recommendations for EnglishForYou enterprise website redesign, we must effectively evaluate the strategic direction of the organization and find out the needs for introducing the new changes in the organization’s website. As a move to venture into this critical aspect of the organization’s business, this particular document seek to solve the dilemma that has consumed the EnglishForYou management as to whether coping with the current technological trend will be helpful to the corporate or not.  

The current state of EnglishForYou enterprise

EnglishForYou is an enterprise which sells English educational books. In the current state of the EnglishForYou enterprise website, the website is a basic one which was developed by the former employer of the organization. Besides being ancient, accessing the site is a problem to the organization personnel. Due to the fact that one of the core anticipations of EnglishForYou enterprise must be to have as many sales as possible so as to achieve its business goals, the website must generate a considerable traffic. This means that the enterprise must keep the pace of the evolving technology and have their website redesigned in a manner which commensurate with the current technology trend; this will lead to overreaching impacts on the business operation (Riggs, 2017).

Probably, EnglishForYou must have been doing phenomenally well without a modern website; to keep the business going, the enterprise must have been making considerable sales. However, how much more sales can EnglishForYou make by implementing a more advanced website? A more advanced website, in this case, means a well-thought-out legitimate website that is designed to inform, engage and convert both prospective as well as current customers of the enterprise (Murray, 2017). The following section presents the potential impacts of implementing a more advanced website for EnglishForYou enterprise.

Impacts of implementing a more advanced website for EnglishForYou

To determine the impacts EnglishForYou may experience in future on the off chance that the organization keeps the strides of the current technology, two frameworks were examined. The first framework will compare the site traffic statistics with various e-commerce websites which offer the same services as EnglishForYou including Amazon. This was done by comparing the monthly users of the organization and the frequency at which the Amazon users visit the organization’s online platform. The second framework, on the other hand, involves the use of data obtained through site intercept study in order to have a framework which can enable modeling of the potential usage of the site. The purpose of the second methodology is to gauge the potential impact of increased satisfaction which may result from the improvement of the website content. This approach takes into account the increased frequency of the website use that may originate from the modified services and better website layout including navigation, content, and database among other features which can be modeled (Thomas, 2012; Prabhugaonkar, Nagvenkar, Prabhu, & Karmali, 2012). The model shows a good estimation of the increased usage that EnglishForYou website would experience by redesigning the website.

A significant impact can be derived on basis of this comparison. The site redesign will enhance its accessibility and users experience. There is a rapid change in technology, the advancements in technology make websites to naturally fall out of sync (Piccoli, Lui, & Grün, 2017). As such the website redesign will help EnglishForYou enterprise to modernize the brand of its current website and allow the organization to meet the needs and behaviors of its customers. This alone can expand the potential audience of the organization and increase the customer outreach. Another noteworthy impact is increase in conversion rate. Upgrading the website will give the EnglishForYou organization opportunity to change the presentation of its value positions and improve the alignment of offers (Scarborough, 2016). Most importantly, the redesign will help EnglishForYou to build trust with its customers. A new website shows growth and makes clients see the organization as viable, relevant and vibrant. This impact may seem soft but the change in perception has the capability of increasing trust which can afterward lead to a direct impact on the lead generation, the number of sales as well as the competitiveness of the organization.   


Advantages and disadvantages of the current and proposed IT system


While both current and proposed websites of EnglishForYou are convenient for the organization’s customers, the proposed website will make it easy for the customers to purchase goods than the current system (Lee, 2012). Many people will choose a website which is more attractive than an old, less attractive website. Additionally, the proposed IT system enhance more trust and viability compared to the current site, which will render the suggested site much more leads than the current site.

Both current and proposed IT system can contribute positively towards the enterprise’s sales. However, since the proposed website will have more visitors due to its new brand, it will lead to more potential sales than the current system. This is due to the fact that more visitors will be driven to the site by consistent updates of the content of the system (Halvorson & Rach, 2012). The more up to date a site is, the greater the chances of increasing sales through the site.   

Unlike the current IT system, the proposed website will lead to a better relationship between EnglishForYou enterprise and its customers. The proposed website will have a section for product review and feedback section, which are the features of all successful organization’s online platform like Amazon. The proposed system will, therefore, enable EnglishForYou to send a message directly to its clients via email or Dropbox within the system, it will also enable the customers to review products and leave feedback for the organization which is essential for building a good relationship with customers (Sheikh, & Mills, 2012).


Like everything else, both the current and proposed system has limitations. One limitation is that both systems can diminish the reputation of an enterprise when they have a bad design layout and poor details concerning the services offered by the enterprise when they are not well organized (Liu, Li, & Hu, 2013). Another drawback is that both systems are time-consuming and relatively expensive to develop. However, the current system is less expensive and consume less time than the proposed system as it is not as detailed as the proposed site.  

The required changes

To redesign the organization’s system, some changes will be made along with additional features as shown:

The navigation of the system needs to be changed to a modern navigation which is more appealing.

Content Management System CMS needs to be implemented.

All contents which are outdated will be removed as the relevant content are added.

A section which enables customer registration and login needs to be designed.

A database record and a section for customer feedback should be created.

EnglishForYou System Project Action Plan

Action step

Person responsibility



Resources involved


Risk mitigation

On track

Redesign page layout (including navigations)

Project manager and a designer

25th October 2018


Adobe Photoshop,

Sketch software for visual design,

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, GitHub

The client might have no idea on the desired layout as the client is new to technology.

Start by the most needed features to design a modern website.

Spend more time with the client discussing the client’s needs and budget.



Update visuals

Designer, developer

3rd November 2018


Sketch Software for visual design,

Adobe Photoshop

The client might change his mind.

Ask the client to suggest the visuals he would like to use in the website.



Design login and registration systems

Designer, developer, project manager

10th November 2018


Visual studio,

jQuery plugins,


Scope creep

Utilize agile approaches to reduce the vulnerabilities regarding scope during the start of each interaction and ensure estimation of change continuously throughout the project development.




Developer and project manager

20th November 2018


TextPattern software, Radiant CMS


Developer and the project manager may not get the right access to a CMS administrator panel.

Test all access data on the first day before executing the project



MySQL database

Developer and project manager

3rd December 2018


Visual studio, MySQL programs

Possibility of data breach

Installing security plugins




Project manager

15th December 2018


Time, enterprise personnel

System functionality may be misunderstood

This can be mitigated by clear explanation on how to manage the system and provide the system operation manual for further reference




To conclude, this article has shown the potential benefits of having an up to date website for EnglishForYou enterprise. In doing so, it has presented the impacts of implementing a more advanced website and it has been found that updating online brand has far reaching impacts including but not limited to increase in conversion rates, building trust with new customers among others. We have also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a new brand. While the proposed site might be accompanied with some drawbacks like security issues, the advantages of implementing it overweigh the disadvantages. Besides, security countermeasures can be put into place to mitigate major risks as the productivity of the organization is increased. The organization therefore need to update its brand if it has to meet its business goals.    



Halvorson, K., & Rach, M. (2012). Content strategy for the web. New Riders.

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Liu, Y., Li, H., & Hu, F. (2013). Website attributes in urging online impulse purchase: An empirical investigation on consumer perceptions. Decision Support Systems, 55(3), 829-837.

Murray, S. (2017). Interactive Data Visualization for the Web: An Introduction to Designing with. “O’Reilly Media, Inc."

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Thomas, P. (2012, December). Explaining difficulty navigating a website using page view data. In Proceedings of the Seventeenth Australasian Document Computing Symposium (pp. 31-38). ACM.

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