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1.List the major differences between a server and a stand alone or client workstation. Include an example of the different operating systems as part of your answer.

2.Describe some of the distinguishing features of the Linux server environment compared to a Microsoft Windows Server environment.

3.Discuss some of the different server applications and services available.

4.Describe a Domain server and how it can be used to implement security in a business environment.

5.Describe a HTTP/Web server and when it might be used in a business environment.

6.Describe a print server and how it might be used to benefit a business.

7.Describe the role DHCP plays on a business network.

8.Why is it important to consider the business need in deciding what type of server solution to implement?

9.What is likely to constitute user data, and why is it important that you back it up? Give some examples of the sort of data that should be backed up.

10.Why is it important to have a client management plan in place when setting up a server? What sort of information should be included in the client management plan?

11.List at least five different types of file access permissions and describe what they allow users to do.

12.Define the following file systems:FAT32 ,NTFS ,EXT

13.How can permissions on shared network resources be used to control network access to specific users or groups?

14.Write a simple login script that removes any existing mapping on the K: drive, and then maps the K: drive to the shared folder ‘accounts’ on the server known as SNOWWHITE.

15.Describe at least three different methods for testing server functionality.

16.Describe and discuss why is it important to keep Security patch up to date.

17.What are security groups and how can they simplify implementation of network access policy?

18.What sort of features would you look for when selecting server and/or network monitoring software?

19.What are three of the main areas of network security that should be considered part of a company’s network security policy? 

Differences Between a Server and a Client Workstation

1.The major difference between a server and a standalone client is that the server is responsible for all the actives that are taking place in the system and the client responds to the activities in the system. The server is in control of the system and monitors the whole network. It is the authorized node in the system and the client machines seeks the authorization from the servers. The Windows Server R2012 is an example of a server operating system and Windows 10 is the client side operating system that responds to this server.

2.Both the Windows Server Operating system and the Linux Server Operating System are used for the enterprise Application servers. The Windows server was introduced by the Microsoft Company that is very important in picking up the head role in the software solutions. Whereas the source code of UNIX was thought to be open and was easily available to public. Most of the CGI programs that are developed on the UNIX platform are easily available online and are very easy to incorporate, but the programs from Microsoft are not so.

3.Some of the Different Server Applications are: 

R/3 applications provide by the Hewlett-Packard, SAP, and Qwest companies.

In addition to this, the Microsoft Company also provides SQL server, Exchange and Windows NT.

The different types of services provided by these applications are Database Services, Platform as a Services, Storage Service and Security Service.

4.The domain server is the sever that control all the different aspects in the network and monitors the different sectors of the system. The sever holds the information related to the clients, the time and session of the log in and has the access to the root directory of the system. They manage all the security related details of system. Hence, they are very useful for the security of any kind of business.

5.The HTTP/ Web Server is basically a process that requests the World Wide Web with the help of the HTTP or the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is one of the fundamental protocol of the web and is used for the connection to the other protocols. They perform various type of task such as uploading, downloading and sending emails. Hence, they are very useful in businesses.

6.The print server or the printer server is a server machine that connects to the all the other clients that exists in the system or the system of networks. This helps the clients to send the print requests directly to the server and the system accepts the print jobs from all the clients. This is very helpful any kind of business as this eradicates the requirement of having a printer at each department of the company. The printer sever queues the jobs one after another and allows the next task to enter once the previous task is completed.

Server Applications and Services Available

7.DHCP is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol that helps in the management of the network of any type of organization. This is also used for the assignment of the Internet Protocol to all the devices in the network. Hence, this is very important for any type of business network. The DHCP server automatically manages these configurations and manages the tasks that take place within the network. They can be implemented easily on small local networks as well as on the networks of the large enterprises.   

8.It is very important for any kind of organization to decide on the type of server solution that is required to be implemented on the network of the organization. This because different type of servers have different type of functions and different type of responsibilities. In addition to this, not all the servers support the purpose of the large scale enterprises and the smaller enterprises. Hence, the organization needs to decide upon the type of sever they need to host and implement them accordingly.

9.The constituents of the user data are usually the id of the users and other details such as the contact information of the user, the addresses of the user. In addition to this other personal details such as the financial and the professional details such as the salary and the bank balance of the user can also be stored easily on the systems. The data such as the contacts of the users and some important commotion lists of the users can also be stored in the systems.

10.Client management for any type of server is very critical for setting up the network. The server is one of the main nodes in the network and hence the performance of the network depends on the performance of the server. Therefore, it is very important for the server to be set up accordingly in order to perform efficiently and ulitilize the network to its maximum potential. The different type of authentication and authorization information for the different group of clients and the access level of the different type of clients in the system should be stored in the server.

11.The four different types of file permissions that are granted or restricted to the users are:

  • Read: This feature allows the reader to only read the file.
  • Write: this feature allows the user to read the file as well as write the file.
  • Update: In addition to reading the file, the user can also alter the contents of the file and save them.
  • Execute: This feature allows the user to execute the file but doesn’t permit them to alter the contents of the file.
  • Delete: The feature allows the user to delete the file from the system.

12.FAT32 is one of the version of the file allocation table. FAT32 increases the number of bits that are used to address the cluster and reduce the size of each cluster. This supports larger disks and provides better storage efficiency. 

Benefits of Domain Servers for Implementing Security in Businesses

NTFS is New Technology File System. It is propriety file system that is developed by the Microsoft Corporation. NTFS is basically a more developed version of the FAT32.

EXT is also known as the Extended file system. This file system is used generally for the Linux Operating system. The system has metadata structure that is inspired by the traditional file system but can overcome various limitations of the previous file systems.

13.The server can assign different passwords for the different level of users. In addition to this the server can set different level of permission for the different layers of the users. The server can also set up the roles for the different level of users very easily and this would enhance the control over the network by the server. The admin should be given the scope of install, configure and uninstall any file from the system. In addition to this, each user have a space of their own and any user on the same level should not be allowed to log into an existing user.



15.While the workstations are connected to the network the users is able to perform the following activities:

  • Use Windows explorer to browse the network to try and ‘see’ the server in the browse window.
  • If the server is connected to a network that is part of the internet then the user can try and browse the internet.
  • For testing a DHCP server the user can use IPCONFIG to test the IP address and domain settings. If IPCONFIG returns a 163 address then it is known that the DHCP is not working.

16.The security patches can be used for resolving the issues regarding the software. They are the ideal problem solvers for the operating systems. It is advised to the  keep the security patches up to date so that the threat of data loss and corruption can be minimized to a great level. 

17.The security groups are used in a network to provide security to the users that are in a same group of the network. The system provides similar settings for the users of similar network access.

18.The features that would be ideal for a server or a monitoring software are:

  • Easy and flexible install options
  • Customizable monitoring options
  • Easy to use interface
  • Real-time active network monitoring
  • Wide range of platform support
  • Automatic alert service
  • Good after sales support
  • Intuitive graphical representation
  • Simple targeted restore facility
  • Ability to schedule automatic backups
  • Support for multiple media types


  • protection against liability caused by inappropriate software use
  • security management
  • training and development 

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