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Write a paper addressing this ethical dilemma. Describe what your options are in resolving this scenario and determine what you would do. Frame the ethical considerations in terms of the company, the client, the individuals involved, and the entrepreneur. Support your decision based on ethical theory and industry practices.




This study focus on an art business that was introduced by an entrepreneur three year ago. Due to high workload, he is unable to give time to his family and that issue even got worse to the extent of divorce (Hui et al. 2015) ( The entrepreneur is already in tension because he needs to think of the improvement of the company that is possible if he can hire a new graphic designer. As it is a nonprofit organization, the fund is comparatively less as compared to others. Efforts have been made to promote as well as contact the employment agencies for the hiring purpose. But the entrepreneur goes through an ethical dilemma because he had to select from two candidates, one is his sister in law and another spouse friend who is begging for the job (Shani, 2011) ( The problem that arose is selecting from both without getting emotionally carried out.

Main Idea

The main idea lies between the decisions that are needed to be taken without being partial. Business ethics is important because efforts should be made in order to recruit the right person for right job rather getting emotional over personal issues.


As in the case study, it was found that the person was in ethical dilemma as to whom to select for the benefit of his company, whether to consider spouse friend or give a chance to sister in law. For getting out of the dilemma, one needs to follow the necessary steps that are listed below with proper justification:

Firstly, it is required to analyze whether the given scenario comes under ethical dilemma or not (Udgata&Das,2011)( Especially, this symptom takes place when there is difference in opinions in the values, morale or principles benefits.

The second step will be breaking of the dilemma into small component parts that include identification as well as description of the accurate questions that required proper justification. It is also required to identify the most appropriate principles that are needed to be implemented in the near future.

The next step is to seek the maximum of information from both the person concerned that will help in the decision making process.

As the company needs growth in shorter amount of time, it is required to hire professional who can manage the situations in better way (Lo, 2012)


Critically, the matter should be solved by the entrepreneur without getting indulges into emotional side. The decisions that have been taken by the entrepreneur should be justified to the extent that there is relevant evidence that can be produced for future reference even.


The entrepreneur should be able to analyze between the two different alternatives and that is possible if they can manage with applying some of political philosophy that are listed below with proper justification:

Unitarianism is one of the approaches that literally mean it is helpful for the managers to provide guidelines to employees (Menezes, 2011) ( In the given case study, the entrepreneur can use this approach by informing both the candidates about the outcome of joining the company and decide on their answers given. It is one of the user’s friendly approaches where entrepreneurs are free taking any decisions keeping aside the ethical dilemma.

Justice is another way that can get rid of the ethical dilemma because it means that to treat everyone equally. It is essential that the entrepreneur should think of giving chance to both the deserved candidate to showcase their capabilities. By conducting on the job training session, it is possible to know the potential of both the individuals at the same time.

Another way to resolve from the ethical dilemma can be to have thought of long term basis in order to achieve the goals of the company (Tollestrup, 2011) ( In this case study, the entrepreneur should consider the fact that company needs further improvement, and this can only be possible if he can hire a deserved candidate for the position who is capable of taking strategic decisions for the company.



At the end of the study, it can be noticed that the entrepreneur was in ethical dilemma of selecting between the two candidates. This study covers all the relevant ideas that this entrepreneur should follow in order to get the best candidate for the sake of the job. As it is a nonprofit organization, efforts need to needed to conduct promotional activities so that individuals are aware of the art business, this will help in getting more deserving candidates whose interest are being creative, this person will be helpful in providing good source of creativity in the business activities.


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