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Identifications And Preventions Of Ethical Breakdowns Add in library

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Discuss the favoritism policy, corporate corruptions, recognizing the “Slippery Slope” and prevention of ethical breakdowns?




The ethical breakdown is considering the effective maintaining of responsibilities by the employees and other internal stakeholders. Moon (2012) stated that the responsibilities maintaining is the key to contribute success, values, visions to the organization. The ethical standards provide the justification about the rights and the wrongs regarding the value sharing of the organizations, which enhances the productivity as well as the profitability of the organization and work as a driving forces for leading towards success. The essay will be reflecting the different steps concerning the ethical breakdowns and the process of preventing them for the development of the companies. This is even subject to develop both the personal and the professional skills of the employees working together under the same organization.

The Favoritism Policy

For considering the business ethics, it is very much important to maintain the standards with the proper implication of the moral developments. Tolchin & Tolchin (2011) suggested that in churches, school or work, it is required to maintain the ethical behavior for bringing the progressive attitude. It has been seen in today’s date, the practices on media, televisions and other related sources have been indulged into unethical implications. Even in the business organizations, the act of favoritism also portrays the unethical concerns more specifically. For example, the management of the business sometimes faces several troubles while favoring any particular group, team or person. The problem arises mostly when the other teams or groups are aware of this favoritism policy. Campbell (2014) mentioned that it can be named as ‘circle of influence’, while on the other hand, a group of people considered it as ‘untouchable group’.

Corporate Corruptions

Friedland (2012) explained that the business managements are more likely maintaining the business ethics for making the progressive approaches for the business organizations. However, some of the business corruptions have spread out in wider way. Some of the leaders get special preferences direct form the top management, which affects the work performance of the employees. Some of the leaders even are so biased that they do not even keep eyes on the rules maintaining of the employees considering the ethical standards. The corporate corruptions have become much prominent in few more business cases. For example, in the year of 1970, the car production company by Ford Pinto faced such accident for the collision of leaked fuel, which exploded into flames. Many people were killed as well as injured without being recalled for the correction. The further investigation on such cases revealed the direct competitions with Volkswagen and other several cars manufacturing companies, Ford had to rush in indulging the poor material in manufacturing such automobile products. This was the callousness, dishonesty and greed of the leaders of Ford, which harmed many people’s lives.  


Recognizing the “Slippery Slope”

In most of the cases, the management leaders fail to recognize the gradual erosion of the employees’ ethical standards. Miller (2012) opined that this leads the organization towards the increasing level of the major infractions and in most of the cases, it gives the rise to the violations. For example, the accountant of a large organization is assigned with the entire auditing purposes and has to present the financial statements. They can approve the high estimate in accordance with their profits.  On the other hand, as mentioned by O'Leary (2014), the act of exaggerated increment of the estimation, they can be charged $5. In such cases, the changes in slippery slope make them blind and lead them towards dishonesty of increasing the estimation.

Prevention of Ethical Breakdowns

According to Tolchin & Tolchin (2011), such closeness to the top management can create the internal conflicts among the employees since the management is treating not everyone equally. The differentiation in building the transparent relationship between the management and the employees give rise to the unethical behavior within the business scenario. Therefore, for preventing such breakdown of ethical behavior, the management of the organization needs to take the initiative and needs to maintain the equality (Friedland, 2012). The proper training session regarding the business ethics can also prevent the act of disobeying the ethical standards. The necessity of maintaining the ethical standards can assure the personal and professional skills development and lead the employees acquiring the honest approaches while working under the organizations.


It may be concluded by considering the essential approaches of the ethical behavior maintaining in workplaces, schools and other institutes. The corporate corruptions, favoritism policy, slippery slope recognition can be prevented by considering the maintenance of ethical standards and both the management and the employees are expected to follow the rules accordingly.



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