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Write an exploratory essay on illegal immigration?




According to Greenfield & Gilchrist (2011), migration is the movement of people from one part of the world to another. When people cross, any political boundary of any particular country is termed as the migration of people. All people follow some rules and regulation regarding migration. When people adopt some illegal procedure in the migration is termed is illegal migration. At present, it is becoming a serious problem for every country. The problem in USA is the illegal way of immigrating workforce. Some countries have millions of immigrants. The concept of illegal migration is very much high in underdeveloped countries as compared in USA. As documented in a report by Michael Banks, the migrating workforces from Mexico are in search of better money and socio-economic status in the broader spectrum of industrial sectors in USA. In context, it is stated in the article that the immigrant workers are in a bad socio-economic status in home countries.   Mainly all the people of the majority of the countries in Asia face the illegal problem migration. There are several economical factors of illegal migration. The basic two factors of illegal migration are cost and shelter. As compared to an Asian country, people adopt the concept of illegal migration in search of better shelter and food. However, the concept of illegal migration is not restricted to the underdeveloped country only. At present, this particular concept found in many developed countries. In recent time, the biggest example of a developed country, which faces the impact of illegal migration, is the United States of America. As per the latest statistical report, the number of illegal immigrants in the United States remains very high. At present, it is one of the diverse issues in the United States (Schiller, 2012). A huge number of workforces migrating from the Mexico are in search of better security in life and because of that, they migrate illegally without any documentation. Now, the most desirable social context is that the improvement of the lifestyle of immigrant workers in outside country discussed by the author. As per the latest, survey report the percentage of the total population in the United States of illegal immigration is nearly reached about 4% of the nation’s population.  The majority of the people reside in California with legal residential status. All the immigrants not directly identified in the national surveys and, on the other hand, the related information, which provided, is on the basis best available estimates.

As per Hansen (2012), the majority of the illegal immigrants which in reside in the United States migrate from Latin America. The latest statistical report proved that the majority of the total people in the group of illegal immigration are from Mexico. Around 60% of the total populations are Mexican and the reaming 40% are from other Latin American Country such as from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Nearly one million people who reside in the USA are from Asia and other from Europe and Canada. To solve this particular problem, the Government of United Stares adopted many legal procedures. The United States Government increased the number of enforcement at the US-Mexico border (Kaminski, 2012).


There are several factors, which handle this illegal migration. The three main factors of illegal migration are Political factors, Social Factor, and Demographic factors. Inflation considered as the primary factors of the migration. Inflation is termed the sustained level of rise in the price of the general goods and services. It creates an unfavorable environment in the country. It also sometimes becomes very much unfavorable for the people to reside in that particular country. In case of the underdeveloped country, people adopt the concept of illegal migration in search of better lifestyles. At present, this problem is not restricted only in the underdeveloped country; people also adopt illegal migration in developed countries also (Lane 2014).

Illegal migrates is poorly educated. The age limit varies from in the age group of 725 years and 60 years. People adopt the concept of illegal migration in search of a better standard of living. The majority of the people who are found in the group of illegal migrants are all in the labor class. Overall, one in 20 workers in this country is an illegal immigrant working in the various sectors of the economy at a very low cost. About half of the total nation’s framework is illegal immigrants. Generally, in United States people reside from different countries. Not all the people who maintain the paperwork for residing in a particular country properly are termed as the illegal migrants. On the other hand, people who reside in any particular country without adopting any kinds of legal procedure are termed as illegal migrants. The job of the government is to adopt different kinds of steps to stop illegal migration.

At present, the US Government has adopted different kinds of stick rules and regulations to stop illegal immigration. When the greater part of immigrants believe that, the possibility of effectively migrating is greater than the risk and cost illegal immigration becomes a choice. The benefit that is taken into relation not include only better living condition and ensures at the same point of time about potential future residential permits (Manning & Trimmer 2013).


This particular assignment mainly deals with the concept of illegal immigration and its effects on the country. There are several factors of illegal migration, which are discussed in this particular assignment.


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