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Implementing PRINCE2 Project Methodology in Organization A


Discuss About The Implemented In Organization To Get Job Done?

In this scenario depicted, A is a small company and wants to adopt the widely used project methodology model, B is a large company and they follow their own methodology, C is also a large organization which does not follow any project methodologies and use CMMI (Cooke 2016). All three of them want to adopt a project methodology in their organization to enhance their business activities; however, they are in dilemma that whether the project methodology will work for them.

The report will highlight whether implementing PRINCE2 (Refer to Appendix A) model, the widely used project model will help them in the long run or not. This report also focuses on the issues that the three organisations can face while implementing the PRINCE2 project methodology in their premises, this report will also address the procedures to detect the issues with regards to implementation of the methodology. The report also detailed the benefits of PRINCE2 as well.

The organisation A must implement a project methodology to enhance their business activity, the management team along with the employees must get involved in the project methodologies then only the project can get successfully executed (Krysi?ski and Miller 2016).

PRINCE2 can be effectively implemented in the organization to get the job done. The implementation plan must follow the principle; these principles can help the organization A to successfully conduct the business activities (Tomanek and Juricek 2015). The following principles are the business case, organization, quality, plans, risks, change and progress.

The business case infers whether it is pliable to take up the PRINCE2 project, this area states that why project activities need to be attempted according to the PRINCE2, in this area it is also considered whether investment should be made on the project or not. The roles of the individuals must be clearly defined for the project and they should be given the responsibility according to their capabilities, this will ensure the accountability and make the team work in an agile and effective way (Hughes, Dwivedi and Rana 2017). PRINCE2 contain some standards and if organization A follows those principles they can get numerous benefits. This can fetch them high productivity. The plan is the main part of the methodology; it basically outlines the procedures for design and developing a product. Planning for the project requires time, deadline and the proper resources to undertake the project (Saad et al. 2014). While taking up the PRINCE2 methodology they can face various risks and threats thus while executing the project they can learn to cope up with the risks and threats that will come in their way. During the development, stage changes will have to be made to get the job done. PRINCE2 claims that if changes occur that changes must be managed to get the project back on track (Matos and Lopes 2013). PRINCE2 helps to monitor the entire project activities and thus it is ensured whether the project will meet the objectives and eventually become successful or not. Following these principles, organization A being a small company can be successful in executing the project without complications.

Issues Faced During PRINCE2 Implementation in Organization A

The implementation of the PRINCE 2 can be a huge burden for the organization A initially as they have to adopt it as quickly as possible and there are risks associated with it as if they fail they will have to suffer a lot, can suffer financially as well. The companies generally at startup do a risk management. Organisation A is no exception, they do the risks management for their premises, perform a marketing campaign, apply for a loan, conduct business partnering with the large companies (Bentley 2015). However, if they adopt the project methodologies they can have to spend more money and they will have to hire more employees to manage all the sections, thus they can mess up taking that responsibility to manage all the excess employees.

The employees and the managers must be knowledgeable of the PRINCE2 methodology and the managers should give time to the employees to get used to the methodology. Thus they have to face initial loss in the market share initially. To implement project methodologies they have to shed the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority – Regulator Performance Framework methodology, so they will have to bear the heavy burden of expenses (Coppola, D'Ambrogio and Gianni 2016). Being a small company they can face issues initially but see the benefits of PRINCE2 they must not step back. They have to make a whole lot of changes internally within the organization that is quite hectic and time-consuming (Bentley 2015). Lack of professionalism and adoption of project methodologies can lead to disaster, they can completely mess up.

PRINCE2 provides the following benefits that are delivery confidence, PRINCE2 is more customer focused, it delivers reliability, it also supports cross functional operations, it exactly delivers what is exactly required for the business. PRINCE2 is scalable, adaptable and flexible in nature (Coppola, D'Ambrogio and Gianni 2016). Thus, organization A can be beneficial from the PRINCE2 methodologies.

Organisation B chooses varied project methodologies for various projects for their organization. They develop an internal methodology and they used that methodology for every project (Kang and Kim 2016). They are in dilemma, whether they should implement a particular methodology for all the projects, whether that will be beneficial or may cause harm to them.

The organisation should implement the PRINCE2 methodology to embellish their business activities. The organization B is a large company and they must take the risk of adopting the PRINCE2 technology for all the projects. Though adopting different methodologies for the different projects can be fruitful but can be disastrous at times. They follow their own project methodology which can be fatal at times (Vardy 2015). The employees and the management team must work together to successfully execute the project.

Benefits of PRINCE2 for Organization A

Organisation B must implement PRINCE2 methodology in their premises and must apply for all the projects, applying PRINCE2 methodologies can bring in the following advantages-

Adoption of PRINCE2 can bring in the following advantages – The whole team of organization B can work effectively if they follow the same principle for all projects all the time (Jamali and Oveisi 2016). Additionally, PRINCE2 assists in helping whether a project is viable to undertake or not, whether it is useful to invest on the project or not. The managers can get a more exact overview of all the project activities and there is less chance of messing up. PRINCE2 will ease the role of the managers as they have to handle the less complicated scenario. A report can be generated to show the progress of the entire project thus one can get a glimpse of the report of all the projects at a time rather than a report per team (Vardy 2015). Also, PRINCE2 facilitates plan via which the project outline can be generated. The procedures for maintaining the project and detecting of risks get much easier and simpler. PRINCE2 will provide them with the best methods to handle the issues related to risks and help in mitigating the negative aspects of the project (Graham 2013). All the projects can work in an agile and effective way. PRINCE2 have quality standards and principles thus a project can be executed in a more efficient way.

Organisation B will have to spend more money to adopt the new methodology while they are having their own project methodology working. This approach will certainly reduce the cash capital. The PRINCE2 model can slow down their progress as PRINCE2 model focus heavily on the project performance and project testing. To adopt PRINCE2 model they need experts who are skilled in this arena. Thus the manager can mess up while taking all the heavy responsibilities (Kruger and Rudman 2013). These are the issues which organization B will have to face if they adopt PRINCE2. Besides they work with other companies, so working with PRINCE2 only can create conflicts.

The organisation B is used to use their internal project methodology; they can face issues while implementing PRINCE2 all of a sudden (Barker 2013). They need time to adopt the methodology. They can financial issues at the beginning but they have to understand that PRINCE2 can help them in the long run. The managers and the employees should have complete knowledge of PRINCE2 methodologies otherwise it will hamper the business flow of the organization (Vargas 2016). The organisation B will have to bear heavy costs for implementing PRINCE2 in their premises, but they must understand that PRINCE2 is used worldwide and is much better compared to the internal project methodology they are currently using at their office premises.

Implementing PRINCE2 Project Methodology in Organization B

The organisation B follows various methodologies, instead, they must opt for PRINCE2 for all their projects since PRINCE2 uses common project knowledge and language, so they can adopt with PRIINCE2 in quick times. The organisation B can monitor all the projects’ ongoing progress and can measure them well, handling multiple methodologies is not a smart option as it invites more complexities (Bentley 2013).  PRINCE2 can enhance the work flow of the business process and it will help them organisation B to take critical decisions with ease.

The organisation C should follow a project methodology as that will help them in the long run. Since PRINCE2 is used worldwide and the organisations all over the world have been benefitted from this model organisation C can follow their footstep. CMMI focuses on certain development regions of the project and leaves the vital aspects associated with a project like a contract management, human resource management and other business development regions (Al Matari 2014). Thus integrating CMMI with PRINCE2 can give organization C benefits to cover up the gaps. Like organisation A and organisation B, organization C should follow the PRINCE2 methodology for good.

CMMI only focuses on the software development aspects while PRIINCE2 is not limited to software development procedures they are applicable to handle all kinds of projects. It focuses on the various aspects of a project and asks the people to follow what they should do while PRINCE2 give a detailed insight what needs to be done for successful execution of the project (van Eck et al. 2015). CMMI does not support any innovation and so it does not encourage any changes. PRINCE2 offers the opportunity for making changes. Organisation C will have the liberty to make certain changes in the project execution procedures (Al Matari 2014). PRINCE2 will detect the changes and will suggest organization C the procedures to get them back on track.

Organisation C has already implemented CMMI for their business now the implementation of PRINCE2 will cost them too much. They will have to bear the heavy expenses which they can utilize in other project works.  The employees will have to face various kinds of problems as they will have to learn new things, have to adopt various methodologies which they are not accustomed to (Coppola, D'Ambrogio and Gianni 2016). The manager will face a hell lot of problems dealing with PRINCE2 initially and also they can face problems integrating PRINCE2 with existing CMMI. This approach will certainly reduce their market share initially and their business process may slow down. These risks are associated while adopting the PRINCE2 model.

Issues Faced During PRINCE2 Implementation in Organization B

Only the project managers remain aware of the PRINCE2 methodologies. Thus it is an issue. The managers, as well as the employees, should be aware of PRINCE2, the employees should be knowledgeable of the methodologies in details, otherwise, misunderstanding and conflicts are bound to happen between managers and his or her subordinates (Bentley 2015). The organization C will have to set particular standards for their enterprise, otherwise, all the employees will interpret the methodology in their own way. Moreover integrating PRINCE2 with CMMI is not an easy task, thus there is a possibility of messing up completely. Adoption of PRINCE2 requires a lot of time and patience and additionally, they will have to integrate the procedures with CMMI as well (Kruger and Rudman 2013). They can gain financial losses initially. The project managers often force and take rigid steps to incorporate methodologies in their business process and make blunders. Organisation C may overlook the benefits of PRINCE2, but they must understand CMMI is not applicable for most cases and thus they need PRINCE2 for long term benefits.

PRINCE2 is free to use and is flexible thus any organization can use irrespective of size for their overwhelming success (Jamali and Oveisi 2016). PRINCE2 works on the widely recognized project methodology knowledge and thus enhances communication. PRINCE2 uses common project method knowledge and language. Organisation C can monitor the progress of each project daily in details which were not possible before.

It can be concluded from the above discourse that all the three organisations can be largely benefitted from the PRINCE2 methodology. A being a small company can be benefitted from PRINCE2 as every organisation can be facilitated irrespective of size. Similarly, in case of organization B and C, PRINCE2 has lots to offer. PRINCE2 is certainly better compared to Australian Prudential Regulation Authority – Regulator Performance Framework and the benefits have been discussed in details in the report. All the three organisations are in a dilemma whether the proposed methodology will enhance their business activities or not, and this report will ensure they can be benefitted from the approach. The report showcased whether this widely used project methodology can help them in mere future. The report also highlighted the issues they can face while implementing the PRINCE2 methodology. The report also detailed the techniques and process to identify the problems associated with the implementation of PRINCE2. Lastly, the benefits have been discussed for better understanding of the impacts of PRINCE2.


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