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Describe about the Implementing TQM in small & medium-sized organizations?



Business organisations must consider various reasons that described “Why it is essential to consider the quality issues for producing the quality products for their customers. “Total Quality Management” has been considered as a philosophy with several core values and principles that are centred over a continuous improvement of quality of the products along with services. A continuous product and services development is essential for every organisation for the very reason that customer demands are never stagnant and in order to meet the demands and needs organisation must implement continuous development in their products and services (Brown 1994).

The Principles of TQM (Total Quality Management)

It is essential for business organisations to consider the never ending expectations of customers; moreover organisation cannot deny their customer’s demand because it is essential for organisations to have a clear grip over their group of customers. For implementing quality management system within the organisation, they must follow five fundamental principles, they are described below:

Produce quality effort at once: This particular principle can help an organisation to encourage their workforce to start considering the factor of quality from the very first step of the production procedure. The organisation would also implement continual improvement measures for ensuring the competitive advantage.

Focus must always be on the customers: Customers tend to grow a mentality that “Anything that outweighs their expectations, are quality products”. Thus the organisation must always consider this fact so that they can grow the tendency to produce and provide quality goods and services to their customers.

Implement a competitive strategy for the improvement of products: Organisations must implement strategic approach for ensuring quality products are being produced. Strategic approaches will always help and organisation to meet their aims and provide best quality goods and services.

Implement a continuous improvement: For producing quality goods it is essential for the organisation to evaluate their production on a continuous basis. An evaluation will help them to understand the areas that need continuous attention. This will help the organisation to gain popularity among various groups of customers (Chase, 1991).

Support team work and mutual respect: Often a work station experience clashes within; the organisation must encourage the mutual respect and team work. For producing quality product a team effort is essential.

Management structures that can lead to an effective quality organisation

For producing quality goods and services it is essential for organisations to implement appropriate quality oriented strategies and policies so that teams responsible for producing goods and services concentrate over producing quality. The management structure will consists of appropriate tools and technologies that are dedicated towards producing goods complying with the standards of quality. It also is essential for organisations to evaluate their performance; a continuous evaluation will help them understand the requirements and needs that will help them to understand the requirements of production.

The Application of TQM techniques in an organisation

The TQM (Total Quality Management) has been categorized among various essential tools and techniques organisations can use ensuring a better quality of their products and services. Through TQM technologies organisations can focus on various aspects of production and concentrate upon producing quality product (Creech, 1994).

Overall total quality control can be managed with the help of several essential tools and equipments. The TQM technology can be achieved by improving a better technology among various organizations. The team management can control TQM prospects by implementing appropriate technologies and tools that are so essential for organization to understand the basic requirements of the employees which can fulfil the production requirements.  They can implement several mechanisms to support the entire team work and their manual aspects with the help of competitive strategy to overcome the organization problems.


The Key factors necessary for implementation of a QA system

The system of quality assurance or the (QA) is a system that ensures the quality of products that organisations produce. In a “Quality Assurance” system organisations process a continuous checking using a system of continuous monitoring of worker’s performance and through the gathering of solid evidence that will help the organisation to check if the quality is improving or not.

Initially the organisation must develop a generalized idea or a framework that will help the workers to understand the policies for maintaining the quality of product but then the organisation must ensure that they implement the entire idea throughout the steps of production (Flood, 1993).

Internal and External quality audit for control purpose

There are third parties to ensure the standards of quality are maintained properly for ensuring products are being adhered properly. The auditing officials will inspect and ensure that the quality of product is maintained properly. The management can ensure quality prior to the production by ensuring effective staffs is employed.

Factors affecting Costing

There are various factors that affect the quality of products, they are mentioned below:






Machines and Methods

These are the factors that can put a major affect on the quality assurance of products.

It can be observed that customer can understand the basic requirements of an organization within their expectation. Customer can manage for their money and materials to manage different types of people in the whole market by implementing different machines and new methods. These controls are coming from both internal and external quality management audit.

Applications of quality control techniques

There are various applications available for assuring quality control of products to be developed. These applications are equipped with various scales and standards that help organisations to ensure the quality of products are being maintained according to the standards of quality right from the very beginning stage of production. Organisations invest on various applications available for checking the quality of products and services; it is vital for organisations to implement the right kind of computer applications that will help them to ensure a high level of accuracy (Hodgetts, 1996).

Quality control techniques to determine process capability

A process is a distinctive combination of various materials, tools, appropriate method and the workforce for the purpose of producing desired output. There are various techniques available for controlling quality of production procedure. It also is essential to determine the capability of the process for ensuring quality factor of products.

Software packages for collection and analysis

For attaining the competitive advantage it is essential for organisations to produce goods that are of higher quality and must have the potential to attract customers from all round the globe. Organisations must control their quality for producing quality products so that they can attain the unique point where the cost will be lowest and revenue will as well be at the highest point. There are various software packages available for controlling quality of products like:

MasterControl Quality suite Demonstration

MasterControl suite Overview

MasterControl Documents

MasterControl Process

MasterControl Training

MasterControl QMS & QEM Systems

These are the software packages that organisations can use for ensuring the high level of quality of the products (Sashkin and Sashkin, 1993).

In the given excel sheet it can be observed that the excel sheet is useful and essential to measure quality check control by managing their units. Different types of measurement tolls are analyzed in the given excel sheet. So the excel sheet is perfect or this particular report.



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